Building safe and secure communities

Strengthening community resilience, safety and wellbeing

Discover how researchers in the Faculty of Arts and Education are integrating societal, behavioural, political and technological innovations to meet and surpass our security needs.

Our research

Our research explores how we can minimise crime and mitigate its effects on communities. Through interdisciplinary methods, we deliver research that arms governments and front-line service providers with evidence-based approaches to strengthening safety in real life and online.

Across the faculty, we consider:

  • what impact crime has on society and what approaches can we use to prevent and manage it
  • strategies can we use to counter racism
  • the causes of global insecurity, conflict and political instability
  • how new technologies threaten the safety of individuals, communities and countries.

Our research responds to contemporary issues and has real-world applications. It influences policy and legislation, improves organisations and businesses, and fosters collaborations with governments and community organisations.

Research highlights

Our faculty strategic research institutes, centres and groups are leaders in addressing the issues facing our society and culture.

A phenomenology of racialised non-belonging

Racism is an urgent problem in Australian society, yet its existential effects and how the persistent experience of racism can engender a feeling of non-belonging, remain poorly understood. This project seeks to better understand the experience of racialised non-belonging through the conceptual frame of ‘home’, to help guide more robust anti-racist efforts in the pursuit of a more racially just society.

Regulating AI and algorithms in the Asia Pacific

This project provides an overview of the policy landscape governing AI and algorithms in the Asia Pacific region and engages in dialogue with, and contributes to, regulatory practices in the West. It explores the ethical, legal and social issues, concerns and debates on AI and algorithms.

Overall Deakin is becoming very well known in my fields as an emerging leader in research. It’s a wonderful place to be part of and it’s great to be part of something that has momentum and is growing.

Dr Jason Gibson

ARC DECRA fellow

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Our research groups

Now more than ever it is vital that we thrive together. At Deakin, we’re interested in how people learn, work and play, supporting communities across the world to be resilient, vibrant and inclusive. Our multidisciplinary research centres and groups in the Faculty of Arts and Education are aligned with the Building safe and secure communities theme.

Building safe and secure communities

No matter where people reside or work in the world, every citizen deserves to feel safe. At Deakin, we’re developing preventative approaches to complex global security threats.

Building safe and secure communities

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