DUELI study tours

Learning a language doesn't just happen in a classroom. That's why we offer fantastic English language study tours for university and private groups.

Groups can either be integrated with our regular DUELI programs or be tailor-made to suit your needs. The study tours range from one month up to one year and can be English language or study abroad programs.

Who can take a DUELI online study tour?

Study tours are available to universities, private professional groups, educational and government organisations that are seeking to improve the English of their students or staff.

Tell us what you need

In response to requests from our partners during the COVID-19 pandemic, DUELI will be offering a range of online study tour programs.

Let us know what you want to achieve through your online English study tour program, we are able to tailor our study tours to meet the needs of your group. You can choose from many options.

For example, programs can be developed for groups interested in

  • English and tourism
  • English and teaching
  • Integrated English – for a true international study experience, students can participate in regular online DUELI classes with students from all over the world.

Study tours can be designed to complement almost any area of interest and can be modified to suit local time zone.

Digital is in our DNA

Life as we know it has changed. What hasn't changed? Studying online at Deakin.

Integrated study tours for University partners

Online study tours can be organised for students from partner universities who join our regular DUELI programs. Students will be placed in online classes based on their English level and will study with students from all over the world and then transition to face-to-face classes once travel restrictions have been lifted.*

The opportunity

Study tours can be an excellent opportunity for groups of students or staff to engage in short-term international programs that will improve their English and cross-cultural understanding. You can choose to participate in integrated classes with other students from all around the world and/or closed programs that are supported by DUELI's excellent English classes.

Course length and prerequisites

Applicants should be over 18 years old. A minimum of 8 participants are required for online closed programs.

Contact us

For more information about how to arrange a study tour, please email us.

*Studying online does not guarantee students a place in on-campus study. Transition to on-campus study is still subject to Australian Government visa and genuine temporary entrant regulations. Please contact us if you require further information.