Parking Infringements

Parking Infringement Notices may be issued for any illegally parked vehicles.

Appeal an infringement

A parking permit is not valid unless it is clearly displayed, except for permits purchased using the CellOPark and vPermit app, where Parking Officers will access your permit electronically.

Infringements may be issued for:

  • Parking permits not electronically purchased (vPermit or CellOPark)
  • Expired parking permits
  • Vehicles that do not have a valid permit for the Zone in which the vehicle is parked
  • Vehicles parked in areas other than a marked parking bay

Instructions for paying infringements are noted on the reverse side on the Parking Infringement Notice.

The person issued with the parking infringement notice, or person acting on his or her behalf, may apply to have the decision to serve the parking infringement notice internally reviewed by the enforcement agency under the Act.

Deakin University considers all requests for review, which are facilitated by Bartels, Taylor and Associates.

To lodge an appeal for internal review, visit Bartel, Taylor and Associates and include Deakin University as the Agency Name.

Written requests are also accepted and must include full particulars of the infringement, your name and address and are to be sent to:

Deakin University Contesting
PO Box 577
Melton VIC 3337

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