As a practising lawyer you can specialise in anything from commercial or criminal law to health or environmental and climate law. Our courses support your choice of direction into any area of contemporary legal practice, as well as a host of other careers that draw on a legal skillset.

Get work-ready

Our law programs focus on hands-on learning, which means you get to work with real clients, take part in a legal internship or volunteer and study abroad over the course of your degree. Learn with others who share your passion for the legal profession. Immerse yourself in an environment shaped by academics whose research and practice contributes to the evolution of the law and the legal system. Gain the skills to succeed in law and an array of global careers after graduation.


Undergraduate (your first degree)

An undergraduate degree is generally completed between two to four years, depending on the pattern of study and any recognition of prior learning you may have. Associate degrees, bachelor and bachelor with honours are all undergraduate degrees.


Postgraduate (further study)

A postgraduate qualification can be undertaken by students who have already completed an undergraduate degree or possess significant, demonstrable work experience. Postgraduate courses include graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, masters and PhDs, as well as specialist programs for industry professionals.


Higher Degrees by Research (supervised research)

Research degrees are research based master’s or PhD programs that focus on a single area of expertise. They provide students the opportunity to carry out highly specialised research under expert supervision.

Take your learning beyond the classroom

Embark on a study tour or trimester abroad in the UK or Europe and gain a global perspective by studying international law, human rights law or international commercial law. Contribute to a working community legal practice in the Deakin Law Clinic and provide legal advice to clients across criminal, commercial, family and employment law. Participate in mooting competitions with law students from around the world and know what it’s like to act as a barrister. Make your mark on the practice of law through submissions to bodies like the Australian Law Reform Commission in our policy advocacy practice.

Career opportunities

With a law degree under your belt, your career may take you anywhere, from a law-focused profession to industries like business, government service, industrial relations or public administration. You may work as a:

  • barrister
  • business manager
  • company administrator
  • corporate lawyer
  • lawyer in government service
  • lawyer with departments or authorities
  • legal adviser
  • public administrator
  • research officer in law reform
  • solicitor
  • university lecturer.

To have a lecturer come from court proceedings to teach a class is unique and amazing. The focus on practical learning is also great; my studies have been about the real world.

Jake Keogh

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Criminology graduate

It’s never too late to study law

Bring the benefits of your experience and prior studies in another field to the Juris Doctor, Deakin’s prestigious postgraduate law degree. Prepare for a first-class law career or pursue a range of roles that demand legal expertise. Deakin’s Juris Doctor is offered as a premium online course, ensuring that you can fit study around a busy life.

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Make law your own

Deakin Law School is a unique environment that provides all the learning and experience you need for a successful legal career, while nurturing your passion and personal growth. Combine experiences like the Deakin Law Clinic with learning from top-flight legal practitioners to make your studies your own.


Deakin’s Bachelor of Laws satisfies the academic requirements to practise as an Australian lawyer, as set by the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB). In addition to completing an approved Bachelor of Laws degree, someone seeking admission is required to work for one year as a legal trainee, or to undertake a practical legal training course.

Research with us

If you’re looking to further your research skills, we offer a PhD or masters by major thesis. We’ll help you develop research skills so you can grapple with and enhance your ideas and theories.

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Experiences you won’t find anywhere else

If you're dreaming of an exciting and rewarding career in law, we'll help get you there.

Deakin Law Clinic: a training ground for tomorrow's lawyers

Find out how Deakin’s Bachelor of Laws students are gaining industry experience and an edge on their CV’s by representing real-life clients at Deakin Law Clinic.

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What it’s like to study law with the 2020 Australian Barrister of Year

In 2020, Felicity Gerry QC was chosen as the Australian Barrister of the Year for her extensive contribution to the court room and legal profession.

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