First round offers: Deakin reveals top ten courses for school-leavers in 2021

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14 January 2021

Deakin University has made first-round offers to 6,004 school-leavers through the Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC), up from 5,500 offers last year.

The 10 most popular courses range across the University's four faculties, demonstrating the enduring popularity of arts and science and the continuing growth in business and health.

Nursing has regained its top spot, with Biomedical Science jumping from sixth to second place and Science moving from seventh in 2020 to third this year.

The interest in careers in health-related fields is no surprise given recent events and the increasing need for experts in these professions. Additional popular courses in health include Vision Science / Optometry, Psychological Science, Medical Imaging and Occupational Therapy.

Deakin University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Iain Martin said that while 2020 had been a challenging year for the sector and broader society, the increased appetite for university study showed that, more than ever, students and their families valued the future opportunities higher education could create.

"The experiences of 2020 reinforced the value of an education that prepares graduates for a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world. The jobs of the future will require a combination of specialist and transferable skills, entrepreneurialism and a mindset of lifelong learning," Professor Martin said.

"Deakin is an attractive destination for both students and researchers because we are accessible and engaged in work that is important both nationally and globally, including advancing society, culture and the economy, creating smarter technologies, and improving health and wellbeing. Purpose, relevance and opportunity are a feature of our course design and delivery.

"Deakin has always been an innovative university, pioneering distance and online education. We have renewed our commitment to this in our new 10 year strategy, Deakin 2030: Ideas to Impact, ensuring the education we provide is relevant, embeds employability across all our programs, and continues to champion digital delivery and innovation.

"We look forward to welcoming students back to our campuses and offering them an outstanding hybrid education that blends the best of learning on-campus, online and in workplaces. This is an exciting time for new university students, and we look forward to helping them realise their goals."

Professor Martin reminded potential students it was still early in the application process, with Round Two offers to come and further opportunities for potential students to apply directly to study at Deakin.

Additional offers for applicants including school-leavers, mature-age students and those coming from other non-school environments will be made in January and February, followed by opportunities for direct applications.

Deakin remains committed to a flexible and contemporary education, which considers the needs of learners at all career stages, including career starters, advancers and changers.

School leavers' overall most popular courses at Deakin for 2021:

1. Nursing
2. Biomedical Science
3. Science
4. Exercise and Sport Science
5. Arts
6. Business
7. Psychological Science
8. Commerce
9. Criminology/Psychological Science
10. Health Sciences

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