Winners of 2019 Deakin Alumni Riddles Competition

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28 November 2019

Thank you to all alumni who entered our 2019 Deakin Alumni Riddles Competition.

Ten lucky alumni have each won a $200 sustainability prize pack including a keep-cup, drink bottle and many other great sustainable products.

A big congratulations to our winners:

Michelle C. Hollier

Spero P. Tsindos

Craig D. McGowan

Liam H. Rodger

Seamus Liddy

Amy S. Hunt

Brendan S. Eager

Steven N. Wiasak

Zac Di Lizio

Samantha Schnabel

If you are curious to see whether you guessed the riddles correctly, here are the questions and answers:

  1. What has hands but cannot clap? A clock
  2. What occurs once in every minute, twice in every moment, yet never in a thousand years? The letter M
  3. Susie’s mother had three children. The first was called April, the second was called May. What was the name of the third? Susie
  4. Ten ladies tried to fit under a small umbrella, none of them got wet. How did they do it? It wasn’t raining
  5. Two fathers and two sons are in a car, yet there are only three people in the car. How is this possible? One is the grandson, one is the son, and one is the grandfather (three generations)
  6. It belongs to you, but other people use it more than you do. What is it? Your name
  7. How many months in the year have 28 days? All of them
  8. You’re in a dark room with a candle, a wood stove, and a gas lamp. You only have one match, so what do you light first? The match
  9. I have cities but no houses, I have mountains but no trees, and I have water but no fish. What am I? A map
  10. I love to dance and twist and prance. I shake my tail as away I sail. I fly up into the sky. What am I? Kite
  11. Each morning I appear

To lie at your feet,

On a bright sunny day

We're most likely to meet.

All day I will follow

No matter how fast you run,

Yet I nearly perish

In the midday sun.

What am I? Your shadow

  1. If you want to go from point A to B,

You'll likely have to make use of me.

I have no wheels; I'm not a car,

In fact, I do not travel very far.

I'm free to use; you need not pay,

I'll be used by many in a single day.

I can decide whether or not you'll pass,

And sometimes I come with a looking glass.

What am I? A door

Make sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page and dKin Times for more fun chances to win!

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