HEA Fellowships

HEA Fellowships demonstrate a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education.

DeakinHE Fellowship Pathways

Across four categories, from Associate to Principal, Fellowship provides individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning. HEA Fellowships are embedded in the UK and have been adopted by increasing numbers of higher education institutions globally, from the Americas to Australasia. There are over 124,000 HEA fellows across the world.

Teaching at Deakin is a collaborative, multidisciplinary activity and HEA Fellowships are a key way to recognise all staff who design, deliver, enable or lead teaching and learning at Deakin, including both professional and academic roles. Fellowships are organised around the Professional Standards Framework (PSF) areas of activity, core knowledge and professional values. These guide staff to reflect on their professional learning activities and also to help identify areas of practice that can be used for evidence for recognition of teaching and learning.

Deakin provides two pathways to help staff to reach the goal of HEA Fellowship:

  • the Graduate Certificate Higher Education Learning & Teaching (FHEA)
  • DeakinHE Fellowship Reflective Practice Pathway (AFHEA, FHEA, SFHEA).

The Community of HEA Fellows at Deakin

Deakin now has more than 60 academic and professional staff, who have been acknowledged as leaders of learning and teaching.

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education

  • Liz Johnson, Principal Fellow


Faculty of Arts and Education

  • Richie Barker, Fellow
  • Damian Blake, Senior Fellow
  • Rea Dennis, Senior Fellow
  • Monique Mann, Fellow
  • Jo Raphael, Senior Fellow
  • Cheryl Ryan, Senior Fellow
  • Matthew Thomas, Senior Fellow
  • Meghan Kelly, Senior Fellow
  • Chad Whelan, Senior Fellow
  • Cai Wilkinson, Fellow
  • Adam Brown, Senior Fellow
  • Danielle Ide-Tobin, Associate Fellow
  • Emma Hayes, Associate Fellow
  • Peta White, Senior Fellow
  • Sally Brandon, Associate Fellow
  • Cassandra Iannucci, Fellow
  • Clare Farmer, Senior Fellow
  • Emily Wade, Fellow

Faculty of Arts and Education, DLF Pod

  • Francesca Bussey, Senior Fellow
  • Iain Doherty, Senior Fellow

Faculty of Business and Law

  • Ameeta Jain, Senior Fellow
  • Christine Contessotto, Senior Fellow
  • Sharon Pittaway, Senior Fellow
  • Micaela Spiers, Senior Fellow
  • Leanne Bilinski, Associate Fellow
  • Mary Phillips, Fellow
  • Emma Simpfendorfer, Fellow

Faculty of Business and Law, DLF Pod

  • Puva P Arumugam, Senior Fellow
  • Harsh Suri, Senior Fellow

Faculty of Health

  • Alison Booth, Senior Fellow
  • Jaclyn Broadbent, Senior Fellow
  • Tamara Browne, Fellow
  • Angela Daddow, Senior Fellow
  • Lee Hamilton, Fellow
  • Michelle Harvey, Fellow
  • Kate Kloot, Fellow
  • Severine Lamon, Fellow
  • Shane McIver, Senior Fellow
  • Lauren McTier, Senior Fellow
  • Elizabeth Oldland, Senior Fellow
  • Sandeep Reddy, Fellow
  • Lynn Riddell, Senior Fellow
  • Kim Robinson, Fellow
  • Stefanie Sharman, Senior Fellow
  • Jade Sheen, Senior Fellow
  • Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Senior Fellow
  • Glenn Wadley, Senior Fellow
  • Andrea O'Hoy, Associate Fellow
  • Angela Hayes, Associate Fellow
  • Catherine Offer, Associate Fellow
  • Corrine Wiltshire, Associate Fellow
  • Janet McLeod, Senior Fellow
  • Julie Considine, Senior Fellow
  • Kelli Nicola-Richmond, Senior Fellow
  • Rachel Young, Associate Fellow
  • Sara Dingle, Associate Fellow
  • Amanda Douglass, Fellow
  • Emily Tomlinson, Fellow
  • Gunveen Kaur, Fellow
  • Luke Chong, Fellow
  • Rebecca Thornton, Fellow
  • Shaun Mason, Fellow

Faculty of Health, DLF Pod

  • Susie Macfarlane, Senior Fellow

Faculty of Science Engineering and Built Environment

  • Jillian Healy, Fellow
  • Siva Krishnan, Senior Fellow
  • Janine Mc Burnie, Senior Fellow
  • Kelly Miller, Senior Fellow
  • Joanne Smissen, Senior Fellow
  • Jan West, Senior Fellow
  • Nick Patterson, Senior Fellow
  • Madeleine Schultz, Senior Fellow
  • Jan West, Senior Fellow
  • Guy Wood-Bradley, Fellow
  • Karen Young, Senior Fellow
  • Abhirami Venugopal, Associate Fellow
  • Sarah Shuchi, Associate Fellow
  • Akari Nakai Kidd, Fellow
  • Bidur Kafle, Fellow
  • Chin Koi Khoo, Fellow
  • Imriyas Kamardeen, Fellow
  • Prue Francis, Fellow


  • Margaret Bearman, Senior Fellow
  • Joanna Tai, Senior Fellow

Deakin Learning Futures

  • Chie Adachi, Senior Fellow
  • Judy Currey, Principal Fellow
  • Marcus O'Donnell, Senior Fellow
  • Barbie Panther, Senior Fellow
  • Julia Savage, Senior Fellow
  • Lisa Milne, Senior Fellow
  • Darci Taylor, Senior Fellow
  • Danni McCarthy, Senior Fellow

Division of Student Life

  • Dawn Jones, Senior Fellow

DUELI, Deakin International

  • Sonja-Lina Sasse, Fellow

Graduate Employment

  • Sharon Berman, Fellow


  • Michelle Bendall, Fellow
  • Sharon Chua, Fellow
  • Blair Kelly, Fellow
  • Sabina Robertson, Senior Fellow
  • Simone Tyrell, Senior Fellow

Find out more

For more information about DeakinHE Fellowships in 2020 and 2021, please email the HEA team or visit www.dteach.deakin.edu.au/hea-fellowships.

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