At Deakin, collaboration underscores everything we do. We have a rich history of developing partnerships linking academia with industry, government, research institutions and NGOs, and connecting with likeminded universities around the world.

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We collaborate with organisations within Australia and across the world to provide better, more accessible educational outcomes, assist employers with recruiting graduates for their organisations, and provide and work with communities to positively contribute to their growth and sustainability.

Industry and business partnerships

Our collaborations with industry and business have led to the successful launch of commercial products, healthcare innovations and new technologies in industries as diverse as automotive and agriculture.

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Employer services

We have a strong reputation for producing highly skilled, work-ready graduates. Whether you're a local or international organisation, an SME or a new start-up, our three-times AGRIA award-winning recruitment services team can help you.

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Community partnerships

We work with organisations and community groups within Australia and internationally to develop activities and initiatives to help support and enhance the communities we serve.

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International partnerships

Deakin builds international partnerships to provide global research opportunities for industry, to help our students gain international experience for their future careers and to collaborate with world-class teachers and researchers.

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University partnerships

We develop meaningful partnerships and connect with universities around Australia and the world. These partnerships provide pathways for learning, and allow the sharing of ideas and experiences.

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