Deakin makes a conscious decision to align with organisations that share our core values, commitments and aspirations for the future. By choosing to become members of key national and international organisations, we are actively working to improve opportunities for our students and staff, our enterprise and the community we serve.

Committee for Economic Development of Australia

Deakin is a trustee of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). The organisation provides thought leadership and policy perspectives on the economic and social issues affecting Australia. CEDA Trustees are senior representatives from member organisations and form the core of the CEDA network locally and nationally.

Being a CEDA Trustee provides opportunities for Deakin to network at senior levels. It also enables the university to gain access and contribute to CEDA research and participate in public policy discussions. We also offer our vision and ideas to advance Australia's economic development through forums that deliver lively debate and critical perspectives.

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Whitehorse Business Group

Deakin is an active member of the Whitehorse Business Group (WBG) – an independent business group assisting Whitehorse City Council in its development of local business and industry initiatives. 

The university regularly engages with and supports WBG and its activities. This includes staff representation on its board and committees, and business awards judging panel, as well as guest speaking opportunities.

Our membership enables Deakin staff and students to connect and network with other local business professionals, share information and learn from one another. Over the years we've hosted a number of important WBG events on campus, ensuring we play an active role in the Whitehorse business community.

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Engagement Australia

Deakin is a member of Engagement Australia, a professional alliance facilitating dialogue, scholarships and events focusing on the importance of community engagement by Australian universities.

As a member, Deakin can present at their annual conference and participate in the visiting scholars and experts program. It also provides a gateway to establishing links with thought leaders and international universities committed to the practice of university–community engagement.

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International Association for Public Participation

Deakin is a member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). IAP2 promotes community engagement by individuals, governments, institutions and other organisations. 

Membership allows Deakin to connect with a large network of professionals from across Australia and New Zealand. It also provides access to professional development training, resources and events.

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Talloires Declaration

In 2012, Deakin signed the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future’s (USLF) Talloires Declaration. Named after the city in France where the declaration was put forward, it’s the first official statement made by universities committing to environmental sustainability in higher education. 

By signing the declaration, Deakin joined with an international network of 430+ colleges and universities in 40+ countries committing to a sustainable future.

The declaration is based on the premise that universities educate most of the people who develop and manage society's institutions. For this reason, universities bear the responsibility to increase awareness, knowledge, technologies and tools to create an environmentally sustainable future. 

As a signatory, Deakin commits to incorporating sustainability and environmental responsibility in all its teaching and research practices.

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