Deakin Accelerate

Deakin Accelerate is a distinctive VCE higher education program. If you're a high-achieving VCE student, it allows you to study two first-year university subjects during Year 12. Studying one subject per trimester, Accelerate gives you a head-start into university studies and also provides a potential boost to your ATAR.

About Deakin Accelerate

Are you a high-achieving Year 11 student who’s looking for an enriched VCE experience and a unique pathway to university life?

Enrolling in Deakin Accelerate means you’ll have a head start at the end of your VCE studies. With the opportunity to boost your ATAR, you can make an early start to your university life and polish your resume. It’s a standout program, with the potential for lifelong study and career awards.

Boost your ATAR

Your results at Deakin contribute to your ATAR as a fifth or sixth study, but only if you complete the two units successfully. You’ll be eligible for the following increments.

Increment Score
5.0 Averages 90 and above
4.5 Averages between 80–89
4.0 Averages between 70–79
3.5 Averages between 60–69
3.0 Averages between 50–59

Earn university credit

If your Deakin Accelerate subjects (units) are related to the Deakin course you enrol in after you graduate secondary school, you’ll gain credit. That’s two units ticked off your degree.  

Even if your Deakin course is unrelated to your Deakin Accelerate units, in many cases you’ll still be able to gain credit by using those subjects as electives. 

This means you can lighten your first-year study load or fast-track your degree by going straight into second-year units. 

If you enrol at another university you may still be eligible for credit, but this is subject to the requirements of the institution and its courses.

How and where you can study

You’ll study one unit in Trimester 1 (March–June) and the next in Trimester 2 (July–October).

You can study these units at Melbourne Burwood Campus, Geelong Waterfront Campus, Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus or via Cloud Campus. You'll have access to review your classes online at a time that suits you.

You’ll have full access to the Deakin library, both on campus and online. You’ll be studying with Deakin University students but there’ll be special online discussion groups just for VCE students.

If you choose to study online at Deakin's Cloud Campus, your classes, seminars and assignments will be delivered to you via CloudDeakin, Deakin’s innovative and interactive learning environment. Your resources be instantly accessible and you can communicate and collaborate with your academics and other students online in real time.


The Deakin Accelerate program is for students who are:

  • high-achievers with above-average Year 11 results 
  • self-starters who can work independently
  • motivated to achieve a higher ATAR score 
  • keen to make a head-start on a university degree.

There are a limited number of places available in each of the VCE higher education studies units. You’ll be ranked for offers based on information you supply in your application and recommendations from your school.

To be considered for the program you will need: 

  • above average results
  • a recommendation from your school
  • permission from a parent or guardian.

For those units with prerequisite subjects, you must be completing these prerequisites this year, or you may complete them next year concurrently while studying the Deakin Accelerate units. See downloadable brochure for more information on subjects and prerequisites.

Applicants are able to submit up to five pages of additional information to assist the selection committee in making its decision.


You won’t have to pay any tuition fees as part of this program. The only cost you may incur is if you need textbooks. Generally materials are provided online via Deakin's Cloud Campus, so you can access lectures and other materials via the web.

Available subjects

Deakin offers a selection of VCE higher education subjects that have been approved by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) to offer to VCE students. These subjects are:

  • Accounting (pending VCAA approval)
  • Business analytics
  • Criminology
  • Disability, diversity and inclusion
  • Economics
  • Health practice and research
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Psychological science.
  • Download our Deakin Accelerate information booklet (PDF, 1.6 MB) to learn more about the subjects on offer. This includes prerequisite VCE units for some Deakin Accelerate units.

Benefits of Deakin Accelerate

Aside from the potential boost to your ATAR and gaining credit towards your degree, there are other benefits to getting involved with Deakin Accelerate.

Stand out from the crowd

As a high-achieving student in a rewarding and challenging program, your resume will have a distinctive edge over others. Listing this achievement highlights your commitment to success and differentiates you from your VCE peers.

Convenient study options

Deakin is one of the world’s leading universities for the flexible delivery of education, and in most cases our students are offered the choice to study either on campus, online or a blend of both.

If you choose to study online, your classes, seminars and assignments will be delivered to you via Deakin's Cloud Campus – the University’s innovative and interactive learning environment. Not only will all your resources be instantly accessible, but you’ll also communicate and collaborate with your academics and other students online in real time. While you will be studying with other Deakin students, there will be special online discussion groups just for VCE students.

Find out about Deakin's Cloud Campus

Experience life as a university student

Being part of the Deakin Accelerate program immerses you in university life. Taking higher education studies while still at school, gives you an exceptional opportunity to experience university life ahead of your peers.

Find out about student life at Deakin

Join Deakin's student association

Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) has many clubs and societies and as a Deakin student you’ll be welcome to join many of these and be part of our dynamic student community. It’s a great way to make friends with students who share your interests.

Find out about DUSA

How to apply

Before applying, make sure to download and read the Deakin Accelerate information booklet (PDF, 1.6MB). It includes subject details, including information about the units associated with each subject and any required VCE prerequisite units.

It also includes information on the application process, the supporting documents you need and other general information about the program. 

Note: Closing date for the Deakin Accelerate program is Monday 12 December 2016.

Download the application pack

Download the application pack, which contains parental and school endorsement forms.

PDF Deakin Accelerate information and application pack -789.1 KB

Apply online

Applications for 2017 have now closed.

Should you have any queries about your application please contact us at

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to include my Semester 1 and 2 reports to apply for this program?

No – we ask you tell us in Section 4 about your education history, and then your school will be required to attach a copy of your details from the VASS system.

By applying, do I gain automatic entry?

Because the Deakin Accelerate program is a high-demand, exclusive opportunity, places in the program are limited and automatic entry is not guaranteed. Deakin selects only the highest-performing VCE students, but we encourage you to submit up to five pages of supplementary information to assist our assessors in their detailed review of all applications. This supplementary information should provide evidence such as your capacity and motivation to work independently and at a high academic standard, your contribution to your school and/or community and your reasons for applying for the program.

Can I choose to study both trimesters or a single trimester only?

Yes, you can choose to do two units of study or just one. Please note if you only complete one unit then you will not be eligible for an increment for your ATAR.

If I study one unit, will this count towards my VCE?

No, you will not be awarded credit when you only complete one of the two units of study. You will still be able to apply for 'credit for prior learning' for the unit of study, once you receive an offer from a university (the outcome of your application will depend on your course structure and unit equivalency). For those students applying to Deakin, if you are made an offer you are very likely to receive credit for your VCE Higher Education Studies towards your Deakin degree.

What if I fail or withdraw from a subject?

If you fail a Deakin Accelerate subject you will not receive the ATAR increment. You must pass both Deakin Accelerate subjects to receive the ATAR increment.

Once I complete the units, how do I get an Academic Transcript from Deakin?

You will just need to contact Customer Service, and you will be able to request a transcript: +61 3 9244 6333, +61 3 5227 2333 or +61 3 5563 3333. Please note this attracts a cost.

Will I be required to pay any fees as part of this program?

You will not be required to pay any tuition fees as part of this program. The only cost you may incur is if you need a text book for either unit of study. Generally materials are provided online via Deakin's Cloud Campus, so you can access lectures, readings and other materials via the web.

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