Affiliate academic appointments at Deakin

The Faculty of Health acknowledges the enormous contribution to student learning and to research made by medical and health professionals employed within hospital and community practice settings.

Affiliate academic appointments

The affiliate academic titles Deakin confers on externally-employed health professionals are a formal acknowledgment of our many talented supporters who enhance the success of our students and faculty through teaching and research contributions.

The award of affiliate titles and associated benefits to health and medical professionals include:

  • expanding Deakin's academic and clinical teaching and research capacity and influence
  • affirming Deakin's commitment to supporting health and medical professionals
  • strengthening the relationships between Deakin and its health sector partners.

Affiliate academics may collaborate with us to support health professional student learning including through clinical supervision, curriculum development, student mentoring, assessment and examination. We also confer affiliate titles to those who support the Faculty of Health through active research collaboration, higher degree research supervision and research grant success. Some affiliate title holders will also contribute to the University in the areas of service and leadership or a combination of collaboration in teaching, research and service.

Our affiliates enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with the Faculty of Health. Through their tangible contributions in teaching and research, they are recognised as affiliate members of the Faculty of Health and Deakin academic community.

Qualifications and experience for affiliate appointment types

Qualification and experience typically required for each level of affiliate academic appointment and potential collaborative contributions. Note that affiliates may contribute to the University through collaborations in teaching, research, service or a combination of these domains.

Affiliate Associate Lecturer

Applicant experience

Health graduate currently undertaking postgraduate professional training (e.g. a medical intern undertaking PGY1 within the health system, or another health professional currently completing requirements for full registration or recognition for practice.)

Minimum qualifications

Bachelor's degree in a health-related discipline or education.

Potential teaching contribution

Primarily clinical supervision, small group tutorials, learning sessions or resource sessions and assessment.

Potential research contribution

Participation in research projects, particularly of clinical or educational nature.

Potential clinical services, professional leadership and administration contribution

Peer and near-peer support and mentorship, liaison with student and junior practitioner organisations.

Affiliate Lecturer

Applicant experience

A registered health professional or research fellow (e.g. a medical practitioner who has completed PGY1, or health practitioner with an entry-level professional qualification).

Minimum qualification

Bachelor’s degree in health-related discipline or education.

Potential teaching contribution

Same as an Associate Lecturer, plus regular scheduled teaching or clinical supervision, as well as a role in curriculum development and organisation of learning and assessment activities.

May supervise postgraduate research students or projects and be involved in research training.

Potential research contribution

Participation in research activities resulting in publications in refereed journals, and carrying out independent or team-based research.

Potential clinical services, professional leadership and administration contribution

Some involvement in local professional or administrative committees. This could also include administration within the postgraduate training programs of the discipline.

Affiliate Senior Lecturer

Applicant experience

  • A medical practitioner with relevant specialist qualifications (including in general practice); or
  • A health professional with additional post registration qualifications; or
  • An experienced and established health or medical researcher with some leadership responsibilities.

Minimum qualification

Bachelor’s degree plus Fellowship of Specialist College or equivalent post-registration professional recognition or postgraduate award (e.g. a masters degree).

Potential teaching contribution

Same as a lecturer but would usually also be significantly involved in curriculum and assessment development and the organisation of learning programs.

Potential research contribution

Provision of leadership in research, including research training and supervision. Will usually make independent and original contributions to research that have a significant impact on their field.

Potential clinical services, professional leadership and administration contribution

Involvement in local professional or administrative committees. Some involvement in regional or state professional or health committees. This may include participation in the state committee of a relevant discipline or a primary healthcare network.

Affiliate Associate Professor

Applicant experience

As for Senior Lecturer level but with a significant leadership role within the health system and local and national leadership within the affiliate’s profession; or
A senior health or medical researcher with an established track record and at least national standing.

Minimum qualification

Same as a Senior Lecturer level but, in addition, would usually have a doctoral degree by research or have undertaken an equivalent coherent body of scholarly work.

Potential teaching contribution

Taking a lead role in developing, organising and implementing learning and assessment activities for students and/or supervising research higher degree students.

Potential research contribution

  • Playing an outstanding role in fostering the research activities of others, and in research training.
  • Lead significant research and research collaborations, with publication in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Will make major original and innovative contributions to their discipline in research that are recognised as outstanding nationally or internationally.

Potential clinical services, professional leadership and administration contribution

Professional leadership through representation on state or national committees. Senior leadership of a substantive clinical service with which the University collaborates. Broad service contributions outside day-to-day clinical practice.

Affiliate Professor

Applicant experience

  • Same as the Associate Professor level but with a senior leadership role in their profession at national level or a major role within the state health system; or
  • An international research reputation in one or more discipline areas.

Minimum qualification

A doctoral degree by research (or evidence of an equivalent coherent body of scholarly work). This requirement might be waived where there is evidence of significant national and international impact in other areas.

Potential teaching contribution

Significant leadership of design and delivery of learning and assessment programs. Supervision of research higher degree students where appropriate.

Potential research contribution

Same as an Associate Professor with recognition of their research contributions at international level and extensive involvement in the development of other researchers.

Potential clinical services, professional leadership and administration contribution

Same as an Associate Professor and leadership activities with national and international impact.

Support and regular engagement with affiliate academics

As a valued contributor to the success of the Faculty of Health and the University, affiliate academics are encouraged to connect regularly with the Head of the relevant school (or their nominee) to ensure their needs and the need of the University are being met during their appointment.

At the commencement of an appointment, Heads of School (or their nominee), will discuss with the affiliate academic:

  • mutual goals and planned contributions for the appointee in areas including teaching, research and service; and
  • development opportunities and support able to be provided to the affiliate academic.

The Affiliate academic Appointees Contribution and Development Support Plan Form has been prepared to assist with this process.

Evaluation of contribution of affiliate academic title holders

The Head of the relevant school (or their nominee) will review the contribution of each affiliate academic appointees periodically throughout the duration of their appointment.

The University will collect information from affiliate academic appointees at the time of renewal of appointment related to:

  • contributions to student learning
  • publications
  • research grants
  • awards received
  • service to the University and to the broader health sector.

The University reserves the right to review its award of an academic title to an affiliate academic at any time and may alter the category or revoke the title where it is in the best interest of the University to do so.

Decisions to alter or withdraw an affiliate academic title are made at the discretion of the Executive Dean (or nominee), taking into consideration the affiliate’s level of contribution, any concerns related to conduct or professionalism, research outputs and any other relevant matters.

Affiliate academic appointment procedure

Learn more about the affiliate academic appointment procedure and how to apply.

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