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Located in converted wool stores at Deakin's Geelong Waterfront Campus, The Project Space is a contemporary and experimental exhibition space

Exhibitions are varied, but share a focus on the University community, the Geelong region and the promotion of Deakin as a centre for excellence and experimentation in the arts. The Project Space is managed by a team of staff, students and volunteers from Deakin's creative arts department.

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Current exhibitions

Laszlo Romer: Lunar Module in Gentle Ruin

Exhibition dates: 16 July–3 August 2019

The Lunar Module, an enigmatic emblem of technology falling into gentle ruin, is set against a seemingly arid but enduring Australian landscape. Meanwhile, a young family prepares to depart from Vienna airport for a new life in a country on the other side of the earth. I was too young in 1969 to fully register the first Apollo Moon Landing, but in retrospect, it serves as a powerful allegory for broader issues extant today, including discovery, displacement and invasion.

Image supplied: Laszlo Romer, 2019 'Red Banksia' 60 x 60cm

Pamela Bain: The Apollo 11

Exhibition dates: 16 July–3 August 2019

An inventive video homage to the moon landing event, THE APOLLO 11 features 11 artists creatively responding to its 50th anniversary. It took many thousands of people working behind the scenes to engineer Armstrong and Aldrin's journey to the lunar surface. In that spirit of collaboration, THE APOLLO 11 includes video works from two American artists to reflect upon the teamwork between countries and facilities in 1969.

As the moon landing was almost beyond comprehension and pushed boundaries to achieve a milestone goal, so too does THE APOLLO 11 push boundaries – creative boundaries – to present a film of originality, excitement, fanciful play and philosophical reflection.The video anthology is conveyed via a multitude of screen perspectives including stop-motion animation, video montage, rotoscope, bimanual coordination drawing and motion graphics. Engaging the mind and imagination, THE APOLLO 11 pays tribute to a moment in time when a footstep made history.

Image supplied: Pamela Bain and James Josephides, 2019 'Apollo Dreaming'

Exhibit at The Project Space

We are now taking expressions of interest for exhibiting at The Project Space in 2020. We encourage proposals for:

  • solo, curated or group exhibitions
  • public programs including talks, workshops and launches
  • screenings
  • performances
  • literary readings.

To apply, contact The Project Space for an EOI application form.

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Past exhibitions

The Project Space exhibits a range of exhibitions each year, including artworks by current and graduating students.


Space, Place and Light

Exhibition dates: 18 June–14 July 2019

Students from The Institute of Koorie Education at Waurn Ponds, together with second year Lighting Design students from Waterfront and Burwood campuses, bring their work together for this specifically curated exhibition, ‘Space, Place and Light’.

Students include: Masud Ghungarie Sanders, Joanne Hamilton-Cassady, Rhubee Neale, Mary Nariama Daniel, David McCormack,  Amanda Cole, Julie Morton, Leinahtan Sison, Lauren Board, Deirdre Carmichael, Myanda Butt, Olivia Park, Coleen Caday, Alexandra Jupp, Emma Canaway, Sally Freeman, Shelley Taylor, Emmet Davies, Primrose Wohlers, Jessica Wiseman, Luna Nauli Sihombing, Ip Chi Wang, Alys Mckenna and Jediah Shue.

Guest Honours Student: Ursula Morgan, and guest students Kitty Wicks and Emily Belyea.

Left: Install view, top: Jediah Shue, bottom: Luna Nauli Sihombing

Student Assessments

Exhibition dates: 20 May–14 June

Student assessments within The Project Space is, and has been, a unique opportunity for students to present their work to the public, peers and lectures for assessment, both formally – to be graded and informally – to be critiqued, in a professional environment.

Image: Student installations for assessment in The Project Space

Lighting Analysis: Works on Paper

Exhibition dates: 24 April–17 May 2019

Lighting Analysis is a collection of student work that showcases the work in progress from ACI205 Photographic Lighting 1: Natural and Artificial Lighting.

The material of light is examined in a series of technical exercises and realised in the form of a photographic image. Students utilise ambient natural and artificial light sources to explore the genres of film noir, landscape urban photography and classic portraiture.

Image: The Project Space, 2019

Testing Grounds III

Exhibition dates: 24 April–1 May 2019

​Testing Grounds III is an open space for testing and trialling works. Students can use The Project Space to test their ideas in a gallery setting in preparation for assessment.

Image: students testing and trialling works for Testing Grounds II

Eclectic Dreams Curated by David King

Exhibition dates: 8 March–9 April 2019

Eclectic Dreams showcases a wide range of styles and techniques of film and video art from Australia and around the world. Originally screened in Drysdale from November 16–18 for the 2018 North Bellarine Film Festival, it showcases a number of Australian and International artists.

Featured artists working with digital media include Matt T. Helme (USA), Silo Portem (UK/SCT), Hanul Kim (KOR), Pierre Ajavon (FR), Bașak Demirbaș (TR/AUS, Jessica Fenlon (USA), David King (AUS), Jose Canepa (CL/DE), Richard Tuohy (AUS), and using 16mm film are two Australian artists Dirk de Bruyn and Richard Tuohy. Special screening of The Animation + Experimental + Avant Garde Film Program Saturday 6th April 2pm - 4pm.  The North Bellarine Film Festival prides itself on an open-minded approach to film and video and new artists are encouraged to enter works for the 2019 Festival. Entries close early September, 2019. Successful entries will be screened mid-November.

Email all enquiries to David King

The Island by John Syme

Exhibition dates: 8 March–9 April 2019

The Island is a collection of photographs with a common thread running through them: in each photo there appears a section of the horizon. The horizon as we experience it – earth meets sky – is an intangible perception, a trick of the eye, there is no place where that line exists. Except in photos.

To think of a photograph as an object, rather than just an image, is an idea I was made aware of by the work of artist Patrick Pound, whom I studied under. The horizon, an abstract visual concept, is rendered by photographs into a physical object. This isn’t overly complex, but it seems to get to the heart of photography’s strange nature, why we look at photos and find them compelling, and why I keep collecting them. The horizon is usually a bit player in these images, an afterthought. Things, people, places are the intended stars of each little scene. When you bring the horizon to the fore though something odd seems to occur. The accumulative effect of many horizons rolling into one creates a sense of familiarity. They are, after all, the same horizon. Suddenly that point that represents the furthest reaches of our senses seems close and known, staring back as you stare across at it.

Old-friend horizon, always there, always at a distance, always looking back.The island forms from you to the horizon, with everything in-between.

Echo in the Echo Chamber

Exhibition dates: 17 April–3 May 2019

'Echo in the Echo Chamber' is a photographic project undertaken by first year, “Digital Photography’” students from the Deakin Waterfront campus. Responding to curator James Lynch’s current exhibition "Echo Chambers", currently on display at Deakin Burwood Gallery, Library and at Deakin Downtown, the students have made a series of photographs that reflect upon the ideas of identity, duplicates, and representation explored by James Lynch's show.’ Ross Coulter - Lecturer in Art and Performance and ACI102 Unit Chair, Deakin University.

Image: Installation of Echo in the Echo Chamber

Having a Say Art Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 4th February–1st March, 2019

In conjunction with the VALID Having a Say Conference 2019, the Valid 20th anniversary exhibition showcases the works of more than 20 artists and 10 years of acquisitions from the Valid Art Prize.  Alongside the anniversary exhibition is a local project from Art Gusto and Arts Access Victoria, The Together Project. The concept of ‘Wrap Art’ has been adopted in workshops around the region to have conversations between people with disability, family members, friends and people who work in disability services.

That’s twenty years of speaking up, making friends, working together to influence change and having loads of fun!

Caption: Having a Say – Valid and Art Gusto

Creative Occupation

Exhibition dates: 10 January–31 January 2019

A remote man-made fort and a group of artists out at sea, where ideas are developed into projects and together they make discoveries. The island is imbued in the centre of every project as the artists grapple with themes of remoteness, artificiality, entropy, collective consciousness, fear-related architecture, and the possibilities of a radical creative (co)production.

Artists include: Marita Batna, Michael Morgan, Scott Welsh, Jennifer McElwee, Lance  Youston, Ingrid Petterson, Adie McDermott, Jess Williams, Laine Hogarty, Zac Schubert-Youston

Send//Receive by Marita Batna


Pipe Dreaming: A Tale of Two Rivers and Two Artists & Yarning Art 2

Exhibition dates: 3–21 December 2018
Opening hours: Wednesday–Friday, 10am–4pm (or by appointment)

Pipe Dreaming: A Tale of Two Rivers and Two Artists is a collaborative installation project by Tracy Wise and Sean Loughrey.

Both Artists will be highlighting their connection to the Rivers and Ocean by telling their story through video, painting, photography and sculptural elements.

Tracy Wise a proud Barkindji woman and artist, living in Mildura Victoria, where the Mighty Murray meets the Darling River and where Tracy was born, near Canoe Tree and Snake Island in NSW.

Sean Loughrey is an artist living in Barwon Heads a coastal township on the Bellarine Peninsula near Geelong, Victoria in Wadawurrung Country. Sean will highlight his experience of living close to the Barwon River where it intertwines through to the Ocean.

"Pipe Dreaming" is an idea developed to acknowledge the future distribution of water while simultaneously referring to river systems and the containment of the natural world inflicted by Western society.

A Tale of Two Rivers incorporates three parts. Part one focusing on Tracy's personal history with the Murray and Darling Rivers. Part two focusing on Sean’s personal history living close to the Barwon River where it meets the Ocean. And part three focusing on the unification of both artists histories to highlight a common concern for the environment.

Current discussion around river systems is complex. In a time of global warming and related environmental issues regarding water consumption it seems pertinent to creatively explore the related concerns. From such discussions has evolved the concept "Pipe Dreaming: A Tale of Two Rivers and Two Artists".

Yarning Art 2 is an Indigenous and Non-Indigenous student exhibition between Institute of Koorie Education (IKE) and Deakin Waterfront students.

Exhibiting artists include David McCormack, Ursula Morgan, Masud Sanders, Anjella Roessler, Miranda Jarvis and Anthony Allardyce.

A Tale of Two Rivers, Image by Tracy Wise

Testing Place

Exhibition dates: 17–28 November 2018

Testing Place is a multidisciplinary exhibition by current Deakin research students, Amber Smith, Anindita Banerjee and Jane Bartier.

Through multifarious and individualised practices, the artists aim to test how they are thinking about place and consider the role it has in their lives. Their varied approaches to location, whilst divergent, convene in a shared understanding of its importance and implication on self.

Jane Bartier

Honours 18

Exhibition dates: 17 October – 7 November 2018

Deakin University’s Creative Arts Honours Show.

Honours 18

BCA Graduates; Manifestation + Eventual

Exhibition dates: 9–12 October 2018

Third year Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Art) and Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) students present their final works together in an exhibition at The Project Space.

Manifestation showcases works from the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Art) students; Amie Dick, Casey Brady, Deirdre Carmichael, Harriet Waters, Jack Herd, Kiri Wicks, Pippa Griffiths, Sara Rainey, Sari Bullock, Simon Simpson, Whitney Khan.

noun | man*i*fes*ta*tion
an event, action or object that shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical

Eventual showcases works from the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) students; Paddy Britt, Mikayla De Pasquale, Melissa Rolfe, Leonie Smith.

Kiri Wicks, Endospore

Co.Lab + inspireD

Exhibition dates: 2–5 October 2018

70 3rd year design students students helped to solve 17 not-for-profit organisations communication design problems. Co.Lab is a showcase of what can be achieved through collaboration and design for real clients over the course of a trimester.

Learn more about Inspired x Design

Inspired. Designed. Together. Co.Lab design

Capture Art and Performance Prize

Exhibition dates: 7 September–26 September 2018

Deakin University’s Capture Art and Performance Prize each year gives 16 finalists the opportunity to have their work exhibited in a professional environment at The Project Space, Deakin University Waterfront Campus gallery.

Prizes are awarded based on the decision of a panel of esteemed judges who are artists from the fields of art and performance. The panel is chaired by Dr Anne Scott Wilson, Lecturer in Art and Performance at Deakin University.

All Capture entrants have one of their works exhibited on digital screens alongside the 16 finalists.

2018 Capture Art and Performance Prize Winners:
1st Place Winner: Alex Webb
2nd Place Winner: Gary Hunt
3rd Place Winner: Leonie Amerena
Honourable Mention: Jemma Hunt
Honourable Mention:Jonathon Homsey

Selection of the 2018 Capture finalists

Keith MacDonald – The Beholder's Share: The Artist, Viewer and Varieties of Realism

Exhibition dates: 17 July–27 July 2018

In today's world of globalised image networks, what might the 'beholder's share' be said to mean? The production of a creative work is integral to the acquisition of knowledge and the understanding achieved when one investigates 'realism' rests upon what we and others also report perceiving.

Keith MacDonald

Sandra Minchin – Delohery

Exhibition dates: 17 July–27 July 2018

Minchin's current work deals with the role of the non-ideal sick body, beauty, pain, performance, re-appropriation, bio-matters, illness and legacy.

Sandra Minchin-Delohrey (detail)

Ilona Jetmar – Missing

Exhibition dates: 17 July–27 July 2018

These works extend on PUNCTUM (Deakin University Gallery Library Space, February 2018) – a previous exhibition of painting that explored 'that hidden element in images that causes us to react'. As a part of an ongoing enquiry into ideas of home and belonging in a world of mass displacement and migration, these new works seek to understand the relationship between that sense of home and belonging and our ideas of cultural and ethnic identities.

Ilona Jetmar, Bozse Nenye (detail)


Exhibition dates: 7 August–31 August 2018

Screened highlights a small selection of experimental screen-based work, both locally and internationally. The exhibition presents six screen-based artists who explore the realm of the image in time and space.

The work by: Victoria Armitage, Dirk de Bruyn, Başak Demirbaş, Faiyaz Jafri, David King and Mike Hoolboom all embrace an experimental and innovative approach to the medium, in which the preconceived viewing of images is challenged, disrupted and subverted.

This is Not a Drill Collective (TiNaD)

Exhibition dates: 25 June–11 July 2018

This is Not a Droll (TiNaD) Collective invites the public to observe and engage in conversation with students and artists who have come together to collaborate, challenge and extend their own creative practice.

TiNaD Collective plays host to performance, photography, site specific sculpture, digital media, live drawing, musical escapades and projections and experimental media.

Aime Brulee, Anne Magnus-Smith, April Brown, Archer (Sing Song Man), Fiona and Isis Crosby, Gary Light, Geoff McArther, Ian Smith, Judith Bennett, Luke and Marika (Synth.Service), Marita Batna (Telematic Café), Matiss Schubert, Melissa Smith, Michael Morgan, Nathan Green, Scott McPherson, Scott Welsh, Sean Loughrey, Victoria Armytage, Wayne Jury, and more.

Nathan Green, Melissa Smith, Sean Loughrey. Works in progress.

Studio Fallout

Exhibition dates: 31 May–22 June 2018

Following on from a recent Student Testing Ground event, where students utilised The Project Space to test and trial their work and receive feedback before assessment, Studio Fallout presents the works from Deakin Waterfront students studying a variety of disciplines within the creative arts degrees.

Most outstandingly, these works are the result of an intense experimentation with materials, ideas, forms and processes. Through critical engagement, the students reflect ideas of trial, failure and the identification of new trajectories.

Through the direction of curator Sean Loughrey, Studio Fallout presents a survey of differing themes, explored various connections and offers a fresh perspective on the development of student ideas and individual creative practice.

Jeane Blackert, installation in process

Geelong After Dark – Tread Collective

Exhibition dates: 4 May–15 May 2018

Works from Tread Collective and Anne Wilson are included as part of the Geelong After Dark event. The exhibition from these artists then continued in The Project Space until 15 May.

Learn more about Geelong After Dark

Tread: Your City – Tread Collective: Merinda Kelly, Soraya Mobayad, Riley McDonald and Eben Greaves

Tread Collective explores ideas and possibilities of relevance to space and place. Inviting the community of Geelong to co-produce and collaborate, Tread Collective encourages meditation on the relationship to the items we collect, capital, labour and spectacle within the context of the de-industrialising city.

Components of our installations are found, donated or made in Geelong and are eventually recycled and re-dispersed back into the community. Tread has evolved to include the voice of artists poets and performers, mechatronic engineers, photographers and graphic designers. Members of the collection have individual practices, which span a broad ecology of creative possibility.

The Tread Collective, installation detail

Geelong After Dark – Anne Wilson

Works from Tread Collective and Anne Wilson are included as part of the Geelong After Dark event. The exhibition from these artists was displayed in The Project Space until 15 May.

Learn more about Geelong After Dark

Rich Man Poor Man: A Game for all – Anne Wilson

This work explores what interactivity is in a gallery context through observations of viewer engagement of an artwork that combines algorithmic and natural light sources designed to trigger a viewer’s experience.

Geelong After Dark has a theme of ‘earth’ and this work brings together a testing ground building upon existing works currently on show.

Anne Wilson, installation detail

Transoceanic Visual Exchange

Exhibition dates: 9 April–27 April 2018

A collection of recent films and videos from artists practicing in the Caribbean, Oceania and their diasporas. Transoceanic Visual Exchange aims to negotiate the in-between space of our cultural communities outside of traditional geopolitical zones of encounter and trade, intending to build relations and open up greater pathways of visibility, discourse and knowledge production between regional art spaces and their networks.

Learn more about Transoceanic Visual Exchange

Installation view

Spectaculum – ArtGusto

Exhibition dates: 3 March–20 March 2018

This exhibition displayed the latest works from the ArtGusto studio including animation, film, drawing and mixed media.

ArtGusto is a supported art studio full of energy, vibrancy and original ideas. It's a studio for artists self-motivated to create. At ArtGusto, artists can access support from qualified practising artists, working with them in a professional studio to assist their artistic practice.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to develop a social network of like-minded people who can share time together being creative. We see ArtGusto as an essential link for these artists within Geelong’s arts community. ArtGusto enables access to a range of artistic opportunities locally and further afield.

While our artists have genuine creative talent – they are living with disabilities and the challenges this brings to their lives every day.

Learn more about ArtGusto

Liam O'Neil, Duke & Duchess, acrylic paint on canvas, 2017


Yarning Art – IKE & SCCA

Exhibition dates: 29 November–12 December 2017

Indigenous and non-Indigenous exhibition by Deakin students from the Institute of Koorie Education and the School of Communications and Creative Arts.

A Yarning Art Conversation Event took place between exhibiting artists on Friday 8 December.

Exhibiting artists: Melanie Valentine, Elly Chatfield, Brandi Salmon, Paula Reeve, Michael Ryan, Helen Demetriou, Melissa Smith, Felicia Sowinski, Mai Le Thi Ngoc, David McCormack, Ursula Morgan, Michael Nona, Masud Sanders

Yarning Art

Denouement: Deakin Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) Graduate Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 19 October–8 November 2017

Denouement: The outcome or resolution of a doubtful series of occurrences.

This was a graduate exhibition of Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) students: Michael Ave, April Brown, Amelia Chapman, Alicia Dickson, Kody Eygenraam, Annaliese Glatthor, Nathan Green, Gary Light, Mark Mcquillan, Angela Moody, Natalie Polizzi, Hannah Reivers, Anjella Roessler, Melissa Smith.

April Brown, Ephemeron, 81x43cm, 2017

Exposure & Capture Photography Prizes

Exhibition dates: 19 October–8 November 2017

Exposure is a national, inter-university photography competition supported by Deakin University.

The Capture Photography Prize was open to all VCE students and emerging artists aged 17–25.

Exposure and Capture finalists exhibited their work alongside Deakin’s 2017 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) graduates from the Waterfront Geelong campus.

Our esteemed judges included:

  • Lisa Sullivan – curator of the Geelong Gallery
  • Kate Robinson – contemporary photographic artist
  • Anne Scott Wilson – Lecturer Art and Performance at Deakin University

2017 Capture finalists: Jazmyn Wellington, Nikeo Schmidt, Shari Storey, Kayley Kennedy, Jake Jalsovec, Marek Dague, Indiana Greer, Maddison Cairns, Sam Biddle, Madeleine Kuklych, Jamie Tung, Isabella Penzi.

Indiana Greer

Art and Performance by Research

Exhibition dates: 26 July–24 September 2017

Art and Performance by Research, curated by James Lynch.

Photography by Simon Peter Fox

Art and Performance by Research was an ambitious exhibition that surveys current PhD candidates from the School of Communication and Creative Arts. Co-curated by Professor David Cross, Dr Patrick Pound and James Lynch, the exhibition featured over 50 artworks by 13 artists in four locations presented simultaneously across the University. It reflected upon the strong research cultures at Deakin University in the fields of the visual arts and performance, and the interdisciplinary practices of our leading artists and thinkers.

The Project Space Geelong Waterfront Campus
Artists featured: Sandy Gibbs, Merinda Kelly, Raffaele Rufo, Amber Smith, Dario Vacirca, Sorcha Wilcox.

Deakin University Art Gallery Melbourne Burwood Campus
Artists featured: Anindita Banerjee, Jane Bartier, Bindi Cole Chocka, Shane McGrath, Monique Redmond.

Deakin University Burwood Library Gallery Space Melbourne Burwood Campus
Artists featured: Shelley Jardine

Deakin University Downtown Gallery 
Artists featured: Jem Noble

Works by Amber Smith (foreground) and Dario Vacirca (background)


Exhibition dates: 2 February–25 April 2017

This was an exhibition of staff and researchers from Deakin University’s School of Communication and Creative Arts.

Daniel Armstrong, Bradley Axiak, Wendy Beatty, Cameron Bishop, Torika Bolatagici, Danica Chappel, David Cross, Warren Fithie, Bill Hay, Jessie Imam, Shelley Jardine, Todd Johnson, Annika Koops, Sean Loughrey, Tonya Meyrick, Donna McRae, Sean Payne, Anne Scott Wilson, Linda Tegg, Sorcha Wilcox, Joel Zika.


Anthropoid: Geelong Emerging Artists Collective

Exhibition dates: 11 November–10 December 2016

The Geelong Emerging Artists Collective is an initiative that allows a select group of recent school leavers the opportunity to gain first-hand experience within the creative industries. With a focus on founding a relationship between established and emerging artists, the program endeavoured to aid school leavers to develop their individual artist identity, encouraged and guided them through the process of developing their own exhibition and body of works and integrating themselves within the artistic community.

Pascalle Bailey, Jack Grayson, Kirraley Hardman, Nay Bu Soe Htoo, Paris Smith, Anabelle Stonehouse.

Exposure and Capture Photography Prizes

Exhibition dates: 29 October–6 November 2016

First prize: Ben Macri, Georgia n Dad

Second prize: Koko Di Sciascio, Ruby

Third prize: Zachary Taylor

High commended: Klari Agar

Highly commended: Meg Tully, Observation

Finalists: Jack Cannon, Curls, Jordon Kaye, Rhiannon Gamble, Jessica Phillips

Exposure and Capture photography competition 2016

Honours Graduate Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 10 October–21 October 2016

This exhibition featured the works from Deakin’s Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) students Anindita Banerjee, Jane Bartier, Maddison Finley, Stephanie Garner, Meghan Black, Eric Harvey, Jessika Schwientek, Amber Smith, Cathy McDonald.

Honours Graduate Exhibition 2016

16/15: Bachelor of Creative Arts Graduate Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 7 October–12 October 2016

Deakin Waterfront visual arts students celebrated their completion of the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts). Exhibition was opened by Lisa Sullivan, Curator at Geelong Art Gallery.

Koby Allen, Natalie Anderson, Kellie Bartle, Susan Brooks, Faye Colls, Sian Davies, Emily Finlayson, Liz Flaherty, Debbie Haines, Clare Johnstone, Tina Mose, Josh Rainey, Elizabeth Taylor, Jaymelee Payne, Matilda Purcell, Annette Wilkinson.

Beat the Drum – ArtGusto

Exhibition dates: 24 September–1 October 2016

Works from the ArtGusto studio collection: animation, film, drawing, sculpture, installation, painting and mixed-media.

Landscapes – Wendy Beatty

Exhibition dates: 14 September–20 September 2016

Wendy Beatty is a Melbourne-based visual artist whose recent photographic works explore themes of place, duration and an ecological response to the landscape. Her photographic work embraces conceptual strategies and tactile responses to the materiality of the medium, using multiple post-processing darkroom techniques that respond to the layering of self, place and medium.

The photographic works are all hand-printed in the darkroom on black and white silver gelatin paper. Each image and large format negative goes through a number of material, bodily and visceral processes, resulting in unique markings and editions of one. (landscapes) 1.1 aims to address and reconfigure critical discourse relating to representational figuring of landscape. It moves towards revealing and communicating an experimental, visual and affective response to place. The body of work builds upon and incorporates my own sense of bodily engagement with the Tasmanian wilderness. The proposition of an 'imagined landscape' that emerges through a multisensory, process-driven creativity.

Wendy Beatty, Untitled #4, Landscape Series, gelatin silver print, 110x153cm, 2016


Exhibition dates: 5 August–22 August 2016

Nine emerging artists came together in an exhibition at The Project Space, at the Deakin Geelong Waterfront campus. Identikit tests responses to the global movement of people and an ongoing questioning of what makes up our identity. The artists have responded to migration, upheaval and colonisation, and bring a range of ways that attempt at framing identity. Identikit has been explored through the connection to land, site, sexuality, psychology, religious and cultural experiences and childhood memories, diasporas, the contemporary condition of the selfie, through to gathering and the meaning that identity can give.

An exhibition by Honours students in creative arts at Deakin University: Anindita Banerjee, Jane Bartier, Jessica Byrne, Maddison Finley, Stephanie Garner, Meghan Black, Eric Harvey, Jessika Schwientek, Amber Smith.

Jane Bartier

Deakin University Art Gallery

As well as Geelong Waterfront Campus' The Project Space, Deakin also boasts an art gallery at our Melbourne Burwood Campus.

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