Research and industry

At Deakin we're driven by the impact our research has on the real world. We work directly with businesses and entrepreneurs to turn our world-class research into real solutions for you. Thousands of companies – across a diverse range of industries – have benefited from our research.

Making a difference

At Deakin University our researchers make a positive impact on the lives and wellbeing of communities in Australia and throughout the world. We achieve this through exceptional innovation and research carried out at our world-class research institutes and strategic research centres.

Research that’s changing the world

Every research project at Deakin is geared towards making a difference in one of five themes.

Much of the research being carried out under these themes has recently been rated 'as above world standard' and 'well above world standard' in the 2015 results for Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 results.

Improving health and wellbeing

Improved health and wellbeing underpins the success of any society, and at Deakin, we’re driving research that impacts lives – globally and locally – in meaningful ways.

Learn more about improving health and well being

Creating smarter technologies

At Deakin, we’re developing practical technology with ethical foundations to support a sustainable, progressive society.

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Enabling a sustainable world

Our research is underpinned by an objective for sustainable outcomes.

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Advancing society, culture and the economy

We’re helping to strengthen society, culture and the economy through creative, contemporary and intercultural approaches to education, the arts and business.

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Building safe and secure communities

From strengthening community resilience to the development of cutting-edge cyber security, our cross-disciplinary research builds ethical and innovative solutions to global security problems.

At Deakin Research Innovations, we're the trusted and responsive conduit between industry and research. Our focus is on the innovative translation of world-class research to real business and community problems and opportunities.

Ben Spincer

Executive Director, Deakin Research Innovations

What can we do for you?

Large enterprises (Australian and global)

In a world of disruptive technology and business models, it has never been more critical that established enterprises engage new thinking and innovation. Deakin is the place to start.

The Deakin approach

To conduct successful research projects with large enterprises, we first develop a deep understanding of your organisation. We will always establish timings and expectations right at the beginning, and maintain strong alignment with your specific business problems throughout the project.

Engagement at all levels

Our team understands the challenges faced by large companies, such as the planning and reporting cycle, short timeframes and risk averse cultures. To alleviate this pressure we look to work with people across all levels – from executive decision-makers to engineers and operational staff. This also creates a future-proof structure that allows companies with fluid workforces to work closely with us beyond a single project.

Small enterprises

Develop faster than your competitors and attract global attention with cutting-edge research from Deakin.

Tailored support

We understand the support smaller businesses need. We work closely with business owners to develop an understanding of the business, as well as the broader context such as geography and economy. Using this information, we can ensure that the scope and cost of research is right for you.

Local connections

We have a strong reputation for supporting regional businesses around the University's Geelong campuses through research support, student internships and generating leads.


In today’s risk averse and low-growth world, cutting edge and commercial research offers investment opportunities to allow superior risk-adjusted returns. At Deakin we understand this and will support select opportunities through capital-raising processes.

Support for investors

We understand your expectations as an investor and ensure that the investments you make are beneficial to all parties. We also manage IP protection and licensing and we offer the opportunity to host your business on-campus.

We have a pipeline of new businesses requiring support from angel investors all the way to pre-IPO.

Innovators and entrepreneurs

Turn your ideas into commercial reality with our extensive research capabilities and our end-to-end support.

From prototyping to commercialisation

Deakin University has the scale and expertise to help with prototyping, developing advance manufacturing techniques and building intelligent systems. We can then help with the final step of full commercialisation including scaling your business and attracting capital.


Let us turn your inventiveness into commercial potential.

Connecting academics with industry

We want to ensure that researchers have a beneficial and frictionless engagement with industry. We're responsive to the needs of both parties and are able to reduce administrative costs by using a range of standard agreements (e.g. Letter of Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Collaborative Contracts and Multi-party Contracts).

Intellectual property arrangements are tailored to the specifics of each project, to meet the needs of both parties and to promote sustainable long term relationships.

Support from our expert team

We have a dedicated team of commercial research experts with a range of industry backgrounds. Whatever industry you're from, we have the expertise to understand your needs and find the right approach. We provide:

  • support with a full range of commercial research opportunities including: tenders, contract research, spin-outs and IP licensing
  • a single point of contact if you need to work across Deakin faculties
  • close alignment with other universities to ensure relevant specialist expertise is always available.

Dr. Minoo Naebe talks about Deakin's great platform for industry

Find out how researchers within Deakin’s Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) are working closely with industry partners to make exciting breakthroughs in carbon fibre research.

More funds and opportunities

In December 2015, the Federal Government announced a plan to increase collaboration between industry and researchers – as part of a National Innovation and Science Agenda. 

Designed to strengthen the country's economy through innovation, it will drive initiatives that will encourage and support research relationships between universities and businesses.

Find out more about the innovation agenda

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