Study data science – the new corporate currency

Deakin Webinar Series

Wednesday 12 February at 12pm AEDT

Hone the skills to give you an invaluable edge in the workplace

The growing volume and complexity of data has cemented its place as the new corporate currency, and arming yourself with the skills to understand and drive the science behind the data, will push you ahead in your workplace.

Whether you're already making your mark in the field of data science, or looking to equip yourself with the skills to go further in your industry, a postgraduate data science course at Deakin offers deeper knowledge into machine learning, AI and programming solutions for big datasets, giving you a competitive advantage in any field.

Join Professor Peter Eklund and student, Noorain Zaidi as we discuss:

  • how data science differs from the more traditional area of business analytics
  • which of Deakin's wide suite of data science courses will suit your background and needs
  • how Deakin's data science courses prepare you for tomorrow's data challenges
  • industry links offering practical experience with real data and real issues
  • entry pathways for those without an IT background
  • the career benefits of studying data science at Deakin.

Don't miss your opportunity to engage with an industry expert and have your questions answered.

Webinar presenter

peter Eklund headshot

Professor Peter Eklund
Associate Head of School, Development
Professor of AI and Machine Learning
School of Information Technology

Peter Eklund is Professor of AI and Machine Learning in the School of Information Technology at Deakin University. Peter is an Elected Fellow of The Australian Computer Society and has convened and taught 50 subjects in 21 years, grading over 6,800 students and supervising 18 PhDs.

Noorain Zaidi
Master of Data Analytics student

Noorain is a final year student, who after being a professional software engineer has returned to study to become a Data Scientist. Currently completing an internship at Ford Motors within her Master’s degree, she can provide an inside look into what a data science degree at Deakin entails.

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