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Preparing you to become an adaptable global citizen. From criminology and cultural heritage to international studies and philosophy, apply your natural curiosity and creative instincts to pursue a career in humanities, social sciences and languages.


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See the world in a different light

Prepare for a truly international career with our industry-led humanities, social sciences and languages courses. With a broad range of disciplines to explore, your journey from curiosity to mastery is inevitable. Our workplace experience programs foster expertise and practical skills, meaning you’ll graduate with real employment outcomes. Experience first-hand the power of humankind through our strong industry partnerships with several high-profile NGOs. And embrace your inner adventurer and pursue a volunteering opportunity or trimester abroad – you’ll expand your social toolkit while gaining invaluable cultural knowledge.

Courses within Humanities, social sciences and languages


Associate Degree of Arts

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Arts/Master of International Relations
Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching (Secondary)
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Criminology
Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Cyber Security
Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Science
Bachelor of Forensic Science/Bachelor of Criminology
Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of International Studies
Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar)
Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies

Diploma of Arabic
Diploma of Chinese
Diploma of Indonesian
Diploma of Spanish



Gain the practical skills and experience for a successful and rewarding career

Make your mark in the world today through a rich career doing what you love. Humanities and social sciences is all about studying people, languages and the world around us, meaning you have a chance to change lives, perspectives and build a better future.

Courses that lead to careers

Study courses that are developed and reviewed with industry and professional input, providing career outcomes that are relevant now and in the future.

Gain industry experience

Gain a competitive edge in the workplace with real-world expertise developed through internships, overseas volunteering and mentoring opportunities.

Learn from leaders

Our teaching staff are passionate professionals, recognised as innovators and leaders in their fields. Our academic staff are active in the media and conduct important research, making a positive impact in Australia and around the world.

We're here to help

If you're dreaming of an exciting and rewarding career in humanities, social sciences and languages, we'll help get you there.

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Stories of life at Deakin and beyond

The Faculty of Arts and Education content hub features in-depth stories from students, staff and alumni about their experiences of studying at Deakin, their new careers and more.

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Global mobility opportunities offer students hands-on international experiences that open doors to possibilities they never thought possible. Studying on exchange in Italy and in Morocco were two of the most educating and eye-opening experiences.

Isabella D’Monte

Bachelor of International Studies

Get a world-class education

Many of Deakin’s disciplines are ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide***. They include: arts and humanities, philosophy, religious studies, politics and international relations, sociology and social sciences and management.

Study a language

We teach the world's most strategically important languages – Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish. Learning a language gives you insight into different cultures, develops your adaptability and communication skills, and can make you more employable.

Create a global network while you study

Study overseas as part of your course, embracing global mobility opportunities such as a semester exchange, study tour or international volunteering. You could find yourself in the US learning about America’s role in the international political system and the role of the United Nations, or in Tibet experiencing an intensive introduction to Buddhist philosophy and hermeneutics.

Bachelor of Arts

Course director, Dr Sarah Pinto, talks about the popular Bachelor of Arts.


***QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020