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Explore the human mind by studying a psychology course at Deakin, while building the skills and knowledge to provide meaningful help and support.


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Take a look into the mind

Study the mind and its processes, behaviour and mental states. With increasing emphasis on mental health in modern society, a degree in psychology can propel you into almost any industry around the world. Equipped with professional recognition and hands-on work experience, our psychology graduates have embarked on a wide variety of careers, working for organisations such as Barwon Health, Cancer Council, Corrections Victoria and Monash IVF to name a few.

Disciplines within psychology

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Learn in the real world

Experience is invaluable, because in psychology  we draw on the 'human element': the ability to listen and empathise. At Deakin, we emphasise learning from real life, and we make this possible through our unique partnerships, peer-mentoring and transition-to-work activities.

Finish work-ready

You'll have opportunities to undertake work experience while you complete your course. The School of Psychology has valuable links with workplace partners, so you can graduate with a resume already full of real-life experience.

Get professional recognition

Our courses meet the requirements of
the Psychology Board of Australia and the Australian Psychological
Society, and are accredited by the Australian Psychology
Accreditation Council. Being professionally recognised means you’ll graduate with excellent career opportunities.

Research excellence

As a research student, doors will open to collaborations with our external partners including industry, hospitals, businesses, local communities and support centres. Our expert supervisors will  guide your enquiry into human behaviour and help you make your mark in the research world.

Undergraduate psychology majors at Deakin

We’re the only university in Victoria where you can study specialist psychology majors during your undergraduate degree. With Deakin, you can get a head start in your dream career with our three psychology-specific majors.

  • Learn to support the health and development of family systems with a child and family major.
  • Explore organisational behaviour, recruitment and change management by majoring in organisational studies.
  • Dive into criminology, forensic psychology and criminal justice issues with a major in forensic studies.

Specialise with our unique majors

Specialise in an area of interest from the start of your psychology journey by studying one of our three majors in your undergraduate psychology degree. Prepare yourself well for a career or further study in an area you're passionate about.

Shape your career

A psychology qualification can prepare you for many diverse, exciting career paths. While some psychology graduates go on to become registered psychologists, many others will apply their psychological expertise in roles in complementary professions or entirely different fields.

Learn more about careers for psychology graduates

We're here to help

If you're dreaming of an exciting and rewarding career in psychology, we'll help get you there.

  • What’s the difference between psychology and counselling?
  • The one year bridging course that leads to a career in psychology
  • Why study psychology at Deakin? How to choose the best degree for you

What’s the difference between psychology and counselling?

Do you have a passion for mental health? Find out the differences between studying psychology and counselling and the rewarding career pathways that await.

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The one year bridging course that leads to a career in psychology

Spend less time and money achieving the career change of your dreams.

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Why study psychology at Deakin? How to choose the best degree for you

The first step to building your dream psychology career is to find the course that's right for you.

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Victoria's only postgrad organisational course

We have the only course in Victoria where you can study organisational psychology, learning how to increase team effectiveness and workplace productivity.

Find out more about organisational psychology

I teach a unit that helps students understand the process behind behaviour change…who doesn't need to change at least one behaviour?

Dr Jaclyn Broadbent

Senior Lecturer


+Deakin references data from a range of government, higher education and reputable media sources. For more information, visit our list of media references.