Dr Amie O'Shea



Lecturer In Disability And Inclusion


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Social Dev


Geelong Waterfront Campus


Graduate Certificate of Higher Education Learning and Teaching, Deakin University, 2022
Doctor of Philosophy, La Trobe University, 2017
Master of Disability Studies, University of Newcastle, 2005
Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies, University of Newcastle, 2004
Bachelor of Education, Australian Catholic University, 2001
Diploma of Interpreting, TAFE NSW, 2001


+61 3 524 79273

Research interests

Disability and intellectual disability, including intersections with gender, age, location and sexuality.

Collaborative and representative approaches to research involving marginalised groups including people with intellectual disability.

Knowledge areas

Disability, intellectual disability, cognitive disability.

Auslan, interpreting and Deaf culture.

Qualitative research methods including ethnography, interviews, story/narrative work.

Inclusive and co-created research participation involving people with disability.

Poststructuralist work in fields of gender, sexuality, and critical disability studies.

Professional activities

National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (2002) Paraprofessional Auslan-English Interpreter


2019 Australian Social Policy Conference Early Career Researcher award

2018 National Awards for Disability Leadership, Inclusion category

2017 Nancy Millis Award for PhD Theses of Exceptional Merit, La Trobe University

2016 School of Health & Social Development Excellence in Teaching and Learning staff award


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Supporting occupational therapists to initiate conversations about sexuality with people with intellectual disability: Co-design by deliberative dialogue.

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journal article

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journal article

Kicking goals: Exploring the experiences of girls who play Australian Rules football

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journal article

Access to sexual health services and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities: an Australian cross-sector survey

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journal article

The Use of Photovoice in Research With People on the Autism Spectrum: A Meta-Synthesis of the Literature

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journal article

Gender, sexuality and relationships for young Australian women with intellectual disability

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journal article

A Critical Appraisal of Sexuality and Relationships Programs for People with Acquired Brain Injury

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journal article

"Where's the human dignity in that?": LGBTQIA + people with intellectual disability exploring sexual lives and respectful relationships

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journal article

Experiences of LGBTIQA+ people with disability in healthcare and community services: Towards embracing multiple identities

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Issues of sexuality and relationships

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book chapter

Peer education: a platform for sexuality rights advocacy for women with intellectual disabilities

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(2019), pp. 1-16, Global perspectives on disability activism and advocacy our way, Abingdon, Eng., B1

book chapter

'Nothing about us without us': sex education by and for people with intellectual disability in Australia

Patsie Frawley, Amie O'Shea

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journal article

Relationship education by people with an intellectual disability: An Australian peer educator model

P Frawley, A O'Shea

(2012), Vol. 56, pp. 726-726, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Inclusive Health Communication in Specialist Disability Accommodation

Dr Kate Anderson, Dr Joanne Watson, Dr Meredith Prain, Nathan Wilson, Prof Angela Dew, Patricia Frawley, Dr Amie O'Shea, A/Prof Melissa Bloomer, Prof Catherine Bennett

MRFF (DISER) - CRR Communications Strategies and Approaches During Outbreaks Grant

  • 2021: $109,047

Saying who you are: Identifying best practice to support positive identities for LGBTQ people with intellectual disability.

Dr Amie O'Shea, Prof Sharon Brennan-Olsen

NDRP Funding Round - National Disability Research Partnership

  • 2022: $29,937
  • 2021: $69,854

Other Public Sector Funding

National Disability Research Agenda

Prof Angela Dew, Dr Kevin Murfitt, Dr Joanne Watson, Dr Amie O'Shea, Dr Kate Anderson

Department of Social Services

  • 2022: $5,000
  • 2021: $34,910

Industry and Other Funding

Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships: SYNAPSE

A/Prof Patsie Frawley, Dr Amie O'Shea

Synapse Australia Limited

  • 2018: $333,750

Experiences of LGBTIQ people with disability.

Dr Amie O'Shea, Dr Joe Latham

Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia (GALFA)

  • 2020: $24,965
  • 2019: $49,931

Connecting young people with intellectual disability for improved wellbeing and community connection: a focus on relationships and sexuality

Prof Angela Dew, Dr Amie O'Shea, Miss Monica Wellington, Patricia Frawley

Endeavour Foundation - Research Award

  • 2020: $73,962

Inclusion Australia: Gathering the evidence

A/Prof Patsie Frawley, Dr Amie O'Shea, Prof Angela Dew

Inclusion Australia (NCID) Ltd

  • 2020: $50,000

Deafblind Connect evaluation.

Dr Amie O'Shea, Dr Joanne Watson, Dr Jennifer David

Community Disability Alliance Hunter Incorporated

  • 2022: $30,000

Thorne Harbour Health evaluation.

Dr Amie O'Shea

Thorne Harbour Health

  • 2022: $4,545

See It, Be It - Research and Storytelling to Promote the Growth of Deaf Friendly Workplaces.

Dr Amie O'Shea

Deaf Services Ltd (Deaf Connect

  • 2023: $20,000


No completed student supervisions to report