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Effectiveness of Intervention Strategies to Increase Adolescents' Physical Activity and Reduce Sedentary Time in Secondary School Settings, Including Factors Related to Implementation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

A Contardo Ayala, K Parker, E Mazzoli, N Lander, N Ridgers, A Timperio, D Lubans, G Abbott, H Koorts, J Salmon

(2024), Vol. 10, pp. 1-20, Sports Medicine - Open, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Substituting passive for active travel-what is the potential among adolescents?

V Loh, S Sahlqvist, J Veitch, A Carver, A Contardo Ayala, R Cole, A Timperio

(2022), Vol. 16, pp. 84-93, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Do residents with a 20-min neighbourhood walk more? Findings from ProjectPLAN

A Contardo Ayala, K Lamb, V Loh, M Daniel, N Coffee, L Oostenbach, L Thornton

(2022), Vol. 76, Health and Place, England, C1

journal article

Understanding Australian adolescent girls' use of digital technologies for healthy lifestyle purposes: a mixed-methods study

K Parker, L Gould, M Nand, J Rawstorn, A Contardo Ayala, R Maddison, K Toffoletti

(2022), Vol. 22, pp. 1-12, BMC public health, London, Eng., C1

journal article

"Everything kind of revolves around technology": a qualitative exploration of families' screen use experiences, and intervention suggestions

L Arundell, L Gould, N Ridgers, A Ayala, K Downing, J Salmon, A Timperio, J Veitch

(2022), Vol. 22, BMC Public Health, England, C1

journal article

Classroom-based physical activity interventions

Jo-Ann Salmon, Emiliano Mazzoli, Natalie Lander, Ana Contardo Ayala, Lauren Sherar, Nicola Ridgers

(2020), pp. 523-540, The Routledge Handbook of Youth Physical Activity, New York, N.Y., B1

book chapter

Does light-intensity physical activity moderate the relationship between sitting time and adiposity markers in adolescents?

A Contardo Ayala, J Salmon, D Dunstan, L Arundell, A Timperio

(2020), pp. 1-7, Journal of Sport and Health Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

The impact of height-adjustable desks and classroom prompts on classroom sitting time, social, and motivational factors among adolescents

B Sudholz, A Contardo Ayala, A Timperio, D Dunstan, D Conroy, G Abbott, B Holland, L Arundell, J Salmon

(2020), pp. 1-9, Journal of Sport and Health Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Longitudinal changes in sitting patterns, physical activity, and health outcomes in adolescents

A Ayala, J Salmon, D Dunstan, L Arundell, K Parker, A Timperio

(2019), Vol. 6, Children, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Exploring when and how adolescents sit: Cross-sectional analysis of activPAL-measured patterns of daily sitting time, bouts and breaks

L Arundell, J Salmon, H Koorts, A Contardo Ayala, A Timperio

(2019), Vol. 19, BMC Public Health, England, C1

journal article

Adoption, implementation and sustainability of school-based physical activity and sedentary behaviour interventions in real-world settings: A systematic review

S Cassar, J Salmon, A Timperio, P Naylor, F Van Nassau, A Contardo Ayala, H Koorts

(2019), Vol. 16, International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, England, C1

journal article

The impact of height-adjustable desks and prompts to break-up classroom sitting on adolescents' energy expenditure, adiposity markers and perceived musculoskeletal discomfort

A Ayala, B Sudholz, J Salmon, D Dunstan, N Ridgers, L Arundell, A Timperio

(2018), Vol. 13, PLoS ONE, United States, C1

journal article

Impact of an 8-month trial using height-adjustable desks on children's classroom sitting patterns and markers of cardio-metabolic and musculoskeletal health

A Ayala, J Salmon, A Timperio, B Sudholz, N Ridgers, P Sethi, D Dunstan

(2016), Vol. 13, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, C1

journal article

Validity of self-measured waist circumference in adults at risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

A Contardo Ayala, G Nijpels, J Lakerveld

(2014), Vol. 12, BMC Medicine, England, C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Transform - Us ! Secondary Schools pilot

Prof Jo Salmon, Dr Ana Maria Contardo Ayala, Prof Anna Timperio, A/Prof Harriet Koorts, A/Prof Nicky Ridgers, Dr Kate Parker, A/Prof Natalie Lander, Dr Emiliano Mazzoli

DETVic Grant - Research - Department of Education and Training Victoria

  • 2022: $150,000
  • 2021: $250,000

Industry and Other Funding

Transform-Us! Saudi Arabia: adapting and testing a physical activity program for primary school children in Saudi Arabia

Dr Emiliano Mazzoli, Dr Ana Maria Contardo Ayala, A/Prof Mezna AlMarzooqi, Prof Jo Salmon

Prince Faisal bin Fahad Award for Sports Research

  • 2023: $35,573
  • 2022: $132,725

Other Funding Sources

Equipment - activPAL4+ and GT3XP-BTLE 4GB Activity Monitors

Dr Ana Maria Contardo Ayala

NHMRC - Equipment Grant - Not R&D income countable (2017-current)

  • 2024: $6,828


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