A/Prof. Clare Farmer



Associate Professor, Criminology


Faculty of Arts and Education


School of Hum & Social Science


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


+61 3 522 72823

Biography summary

Associate Professor, Criminology, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Deakin University

Deputy Chair, Deakin University Appeals Committee

Chair, Human Ethics Advisory Group (HEAG), Faculty of Arts and Education

Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Adult Parole Board, Victoria (Community Member)

Research interests

The challenge of balancing the competing interests of offenders, victims and the wider community within/across the criminal justice system.

Responses to anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related disorder.

Police powers - the expansion of discretionary powers to punish, exclude and prohibit.

Police militarisation and the use of force.

Human rights.

Sentencing principles and practices. Scrutiny of the application of sentencing principles and outcomes in the context of the 'instinctive synthesis'. 

Criminal justice processes and procedures; due process and procedural protections.

Police and patron banning; examining legislation, data and ongoing scrutiny. Joint project with the School of Psychology


Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology

Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association

Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association - Trauma Informed Policing Special Interest Group

Teaching interests

The Criminal Justice System

Victims of Crime

Crime and the Media

Criminology Research Approaches

Units taught

ACR702 Criminological Policy and Criminal Justice Practice (as Unit Chair): MCrim Unit.

ACR302 Criminology Research (as Unit Chair)

ACR203 Crime, Victims and Justice (as Unit Chair)

ACR102 Introducing Crime and Criminal Justice (as Unit Chair)

ACR201 Issues in Criminal Justice

ACR204 Crime, Media and Justice

ACR101 Understanding Criminal Justice


March 2023: The Re-integration Puzzle, Perth

November 2022: Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology, Darwin

October 2022: Exceptional Policing: Evidenced-based policing conference: Online

November 2021: Online

December 2018: Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology, Melbourne

November 2016: Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology, Hobart

November 2015: Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology, Adelaide

June 2014: Crime Prevention Initiatives, Melbourne

April 2013: Human Rights and Policing, Canberra

Professional activities

2021: Appointed to Victoria's Adult Parole Board (Community Member)

2021: Awarded a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)


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Victoria's 'vital new measure.' School Community Safety Orders: procedural fairness, accountability, and the potential for heightened risk

Clare Farmer

(2024), Vol. 36, pp. 99-113, Current Issues in Criminal Justice, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Do patron bans reduce crime? An examination of assault offences in Western Australia, before and after the introduction of police-imposed barring notices

C Farmer, P Miller, N Taylor

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journal article

Reproductive coercion and abuse: the potential protective scope of existing family violence legislation in Australia

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journal article

'A little bit of a toothless tiger...' Police banning powers in Western Australia: key informant perspectives and implications for the administration of justice

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journal article

Facing death gave him new life : On screen police gun violence and weapon project placement

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book chapter

Spatial Exclusion, Due Process, and the Civilianization of Punishment in Australia's Night-time Economy: A Mapping Review of Patron Banning Policy, Practice, and Oversight

C Farmer, R Clifford

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journal article

Key informant perspectives on 3 am last drinks legislation in Queensland, Australia

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journal article

How long should a patron ban be: an examination of police-imposed barring notice records in Western Australia

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journal article

Key informant perspectives on the enforcement of police-imposed barring notices and prohibition orders in Western Australia

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journal article

Do patron bans affect subsequent behaviour? An examination of pre‐ and post‐ban offending for barring notice and prohibition order recipients in Western Australia

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journal article

Mandatory Networked ID Scanners in Nightlife Precincts Across Queensland, Australia: Key Stakeholder Perspectives on Policy and Practice

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journal article

Policing & Firearms: New Perspectives and Insights

Clare Farmer, Richard Evans

(2023), Cham, Switzerland, A7

edited book

A civilianised summary power to exclude: Perceptual deterrence, compliance and legitimacy

C Farmer

(2022), Vol. 11, pp. 143-158, International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, Brisbane, Qld., C1

journal article

Do patron bans act as a deterrent to future anti-social offending? An analysis of banning and offending data from Victoria, Australia

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journal article

Learning from alcohol (policy) reforms in the Northern Territory (LEARNT): protocol for a mixed-methods study examining the impacts of the banned drinker register

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journal article

Heteronormative assumptions and expectations of sexual violence: language and inclusivity within sexual violence policy in Australian Universities

Emma Gretgrix, Clare Farmer

(2022), pp. 1-16, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Patron banning policy and practice in Queensland, Australia: key informant perspectives

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An Examination of Community Awareness and Understanding of Patron Banning Provisions in Western Australia: Implications for Policy Development and Success

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journal article

Do police need guns? Policing and firearms: past, present and future

Richard Evans, Clare Farmer

(2021), Singapore, A1


The Doctrine of Minimum Force in Policing: Origins, Uncertainties, and Implications

Richard Evans, Clare Farmer

(2021), pp. 1-29, Police Behavior, Hiring, and Crime Fighting : An International View, New York, N.Y., B1

book chapter

Australia's discretionary police-imposed banning powers: oversight, scrutiny and accountability

C Farmer, R Clifford, P Miller

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Family violence homicide in Australia: the effect of victim/offender gender on social media commentary

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Do Police need guns? The nexus between routinely armed police and safety

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WA Police Patron Banning Evaluation Project. Executive Summary & Overview of Findings

Clare Farmer

(2021), Geelong, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

Primed and ready: does arming police increase safety? Preliminary findings

Clare Farmer, Richard Evans

(2020), Vol. 7, pp. 47-56, Violence and gender, Rochelle, N.Y., C1

journal article

A Unique Power to Punish: An Examination of the Operation, Scrutiny, and Attendant Risks of Licensee Barring Provisions in Victoria, Australia

Clare Farmer

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Invisible powers to punish: Licensee-barring Order Provisions in Victoria and South Australia

C Farmer

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Should Australia's police-imposed public area banning powers be subject to independent oversight and review?

C Farmer

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Discretionary police powers to punish: a case study of Victoria's banning notice provisions

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The steady proliferation of Australia's discretionary police-imposed patron banning powers: An unsubstantiated cycle of assertion and presumption

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An empirical analysis of sentencing outcomes for assault offences in Victoria and the implications for the sentencing methodology

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Community awareness of patron banning in Australia: a brief report

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Sentencing Inconsistencies: A Case Study

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journal article

Upholding whose right? Discretionary police powers to punish, collective 'pre-victimisation and the dilution of individual rights

C Farmer

(2017), Vol. 50, pp. 493-509, Australian & New Zealand journal of criminology, London, Eng., C1

journal article

The disparity between human rights policy and parliamentary practice in australia: A victorian case study

C Farmer

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Inconsistencies in sentencing of theft offenders in Victoria: implications for the 'instinctive synthesis'

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Mental illness and gun violence: Lessons for the United States from Australia and Britain

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Victoria's banning notice provisions: parliamentary, procedural and individual vulnerabilities

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Is a 24 hour ban such a bad thing?

C Farmer

(2014), Vol. 20, pp. 39-61, Australian journal of human rights, Chatswood, N.S.W., C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Motor Vehicle Crime Research Project Project - Hoon Drivers' Experiences and Motiviations.

A/Prof Clare Farmer, Prof Peter Miller, Dr Ashlee Curtis, Dr Kerri Coomber, Dr Richelle Mayshak, Dr Travis Harries

Department of Justice & Community Safety

  • 2023: $115,299

Co-design, development and evaluation of state-wide model for victim advocacy service and model of an integrated response to sexual assault

A/Prof Mary Iliadis, A/Prof Lata Satyen, Prof John Toumbourou, A/Prof Clare Farmer, Dr Stefanie Sharman, Dr Elizabeth Clancy, A/Prof Jessamy Gleeson, Dr Renee Fiolet, Dr Bianca Klettke, Miss Jane Green

Department of Justice and Attorney-General - Queensland

  • 2024: $74,067


Associate Supervisor

Sally Kennedy

Thesis entitled: Extradition, transnational justice and domestic judicial decisions: A comparative analysis

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences