Dr Jack Li





Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Info Technology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Swinburne Univ. of Technology, 2019
Graduate Certificate of Science (Applied Statistics), Swinburne Univ. of Technology, 2014

Research interests


Internet of things

Edge computing

Future generations of communication networks

ICT education


IPMA 2005

First Prize of Huawei Global ICT Competition 2017 ANZ


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Securing Smart UAV Delivery Systems Using Zero Trust Principle-Driven Blockchain Architecture

C Dong, S Pal, Q An, A Yao, F Jiang, Z Xu, J Li, M Lu, Y Song, S Chen, X Liu

(2024), pp. 315-322, Proceedings of the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain 2023, Danzhou, China, E1


Query-Efficient Black-Box Adversarial Attacks on Automatic Speech Recognition

C Tong, X Zheng, J Li, X Ma, L Gao, Y Xiang

(2023), Vol. 31, pp. 3981-3992, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, Piscataway, N.J., C1

journal article

Wide & deep generative adversarial networks for recommendation system

J Li, J Li, C Wang, X Zhao

(2023), Vol. 27, pp. 121-136, Intelligent Data Analysis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

A Secure and Efficient Renewable Energy Sharing Framework for Distributed Prosumers

Q An, C Dong, J Li, F Jiang

(2023), 2023 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technologies, GlobConHT 2023, E1


An Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling Method for CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Cloud

H Zhao, J Li, G Zhang, S Li, J Wang

(2023), pp. 1269-1274, HPCC/DSS/SmartCity/DependSys 2022 : Proceedings of the 2022 IEEE 24th Int Conf on High Performance Computing & Communications; 8th Int Conf on Data Science & Systems; 20th Int Conf on Smart City; 8th Int Conf on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud & Big Data Systems & Application Combined Conference, Hainan, China, E1


Adapting ICT Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education to a Changing World: A Case Study of Australian Universities

Jianhua Li, Sophie Mckenzie, John Yearwood

(2023), pp. 1-7, SIGITE 2023 : Proceedings of the 24th Annual Conference on Information Technology Education, Marietta, Georgia, E1


FLEAM: A Federated Learning Empowered Architecture to Mitigate DDoS in Industrial IoT

J Li, L Lyu, X Liu, X Zhang, X Lyu

(2022), Vol. 18, pp. 4059-4068, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, C1

journal article

Efficient Cache Consistency Management for Transient IoT Data in Content-Centric Networking

B Feng, A Tian, S Yu, J Li, H Zhou, H Zhang

(2022), Vol. 9, pp. 12931-12944, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, C1

journal article

Multi-objective optimisation based fuzzy association rule mining method

H Zheng, J He, Q Liu, J Li, G Huang, P Li

(2022), pp. 1-18, World Wide Web, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

A fast and scalable authentication scheme in IOT for smart living

J Li, J Jin, L Lyu, D Yuan, Y Yang, L Gao, C Shen

(2021), Vol. 117, pp. 125-137, Future Generation Computer Systems, C1

journal article

Too Expensive to Attack: Enlarge the Attack Expense through Joint Defense at the Edge

Jianhua Li, Ximeng Liu, Jiong Jin, Shui Yu

(2021), pp. 524-531, TrustCom 2021 : Proceedings of the IEEE 20th International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications, Shenyang, China, E1


Effect of the chain structure of self-emulsifying polyester sizing agent on ILSS of carbon fiber/unsaturated polyester resin composites

Z Wang, H Guo, H Zhou, X Ouyang, D Jiang, J Li, Q Guo, J Tang, C Yang

(2019), Vol. 11, Polymers, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Energy-sustainable fog system for mobile web services in infrastructure-less environments

Qiushi Zheng, Jiong Jin, Tiehua Zhang, Jianhua Li, Longxiang Gao, Yong Xiang

(2019), Vol. 7, pp. 161318-161328, IEEE Access, Piscataway, N.J., C1

journal article

Virtual Fog: A Virtualization Enabled Fog Computing Framework for Internet of Things

J Li, J Jin, D Yuan, H Zhang

(2018), Vol. 5, pp. 121-131, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, C1-1

journal article

A data-centered fog platform for smart living

J Li, J Jin, D Yuan, M Palaniswami, K Moessner

(2017), pp. 357-377, From Internet of Things to Smart Cities enabling technologies, Boca Raton, Fla., B1-1

book chapter

Latency estimation for fog-based internet of things

J li, T zhang, J jin, Y yang, D yuan, L Gao

(2017), pp. 1-6, ITNAC 2017: Proceedings of the 27th International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference, Melbourne, Australia, E1


EHOPES: Data-centered Fog Platform for Smart Living

Jianhua Li, Jiong Jin, Dong Yuan, Marimuthu Palaniswami, Klaus Moessner



Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Funding Sources

Sharing Cybersecurity Data for Australian Research (SCReeD).

Prof Jemal Abawajy, Prof Chang-Tsun Li, Prof Gang Li, A/Prof William Yeoh, Dr Shamsul Huda, Dr Frank Jiang, Dr Jack Li

Cyber Security Research Centre Limited

  • 2024: $25,000
  • 2023: $12,500
  • 2022: $10,320

Socrates: Software Security with a focus on critical technologies.

A/Prof Lei Pan, Dr Syed Wajid Ali Shah, Prof Robin Ram Mohan Doss, Dr Zubair Baig, Prof Jemal Abawajy, Prof Shiri Krebs, Dr Jayson Lamchek, Dr Shamsul Huda, Dr Muna Al-Hawawreh, Dr Naeem Syed, Dr Jack Li, Dr Ye Zhu, Dr Frank Jiang, A/Prof William Yeoh, Prof Chang-Tsun Li, A/Prof Lennon Chang, Prof Patrick Emerton, Dr Hourieh Khalajzadeh, Dr Van-Hau Trieu, Dr Yanjun Zhang, Dr Leo Zhang

Cyber Security Research Centre Limited

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  • 2023: $120,976


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