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Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


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Geelong Waterfront Campus


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Predictive modeling for reforestation of cities to mitigate climate change impacts

Ali Jalali, Phillip Roös, Murray Herron, Paras Sidiqui, Emma Duncan

(2023), pp. 441-456, Resilient and Sustainable Cities, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, B1

book chapter

Management of city vulnerability to bushfire risk using advanced GIS-based spatial tools

M Herron, A Jalali, P Roös, P Sidiqui, E Duncan

(2023), pp. 553-567, Resilient and Sustainable Cities: Research, Policy and Practice, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, B1

book chapter

Modelling Coastal Development and Environmental Impacts: A Case Study Across Two Regional Towns in Australia

Ali Jalali, Phillip Roös, Murray Herron, Paras Sidiqui, Beau Beza, Emma Duncan

(2022), Vol. 17, pp. 491-501, International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, Edmonton, Alta., C1

journal article

Renewable energy sources and GIS models

Murray Herron, David Jones

(2020), pp. 39-42, Heal the scar: regenerative futures of damaged landscapes, Geelong, Vic., B1

book chapter

Coastal Scenario Planning Model: Point Impossible to Jan Juc Masterplan

Phillip Roos, David Jones, John Herron, Paras Sidiqui, Beau Beza, Aida Eslami Afrooz, Daniel Ierodiaconou

(2020), Geelong, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

Comparative Energetic and Economic Analysis of anaerobic digestion of organic and farm animal waste for regional digesters in Tasmania.

Murray Herron, Mark Dewsbury, David Beynon, David Jones

(2020), pp. 246-255, ANZAScA 2020 : Imaginable Futures: Design Thinking, and the Scientific Method. The 54th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association, Auckland, New Zealand, E1


Vegetation succession planning and resilience: digital visualization and modelling of the Adelaide Park Lands, Australia

Murray Herron, Colin East, Phillip Roos, D Jones

(2018), pp. 425-443, IFLA 2018 : Biophilic city, smart nation, and future resilience : Proceedings of the 55th International Federation of Landscape Architects World Congress 2018, Singapore, E1


Planning for growth management and environmental change: modelling options for the future of the City of Hobsons Bay, Melbourne

M Herron, D Jones

(2018), pp. 1-15, 2017 SOAC : 8th State of Australian Cities National Conference, Adelaide, S. Aust., E1


Geographic information systems and coastal planning in Australia

J Herron, J Herron, P Roos, P Roos, C Donley, C Donley, D Jones, D Jones

(2015), Vol. 8, pp. 79-108, Geography, environment, sustainability, Moscow, Russia, C1

journal article

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow : attempting to plan for coastal change in South West Victoria

M Herron, D Jones, J Rollo

(2014), pp. 179-193, UHPH 2014 : Landscapes and Ecologies of Urban and Planning History : Proceedings of the 12th Australasian Urban History Planning History Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, E1


Can a modelling exercise be developed to aid and foster sustainable planning processes and guide the future growth of a small coastal Australian city?

M Herron, J Rollo, M Luther

(2013), pp. 429-437, ANZAScA 2013 : Proceedings of the 47th International Architectural Science Association Conference : Cutting Edge, Hong Kong, E1


South west Victoria 2012-2050 : are the settlements sustainable?

J Herron, J Herron, D Jones, D Jones, J Rollo, J Rollo

(2013), pp. 1-14, ISOCARP 2013 : Proceedings of the 49th Frontiers of Planning Congress, Brisbane, Qld., E1


Coastal planning, education and the Australian context

M Herron, J Rollo

(2012), pp. 50-61, ANZAPS 2012 : Proceedings of the Australian & New Zealand Association of Planning Schools Conference, Bendigo, Vic., E1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Land Use scenario Modelling and Analysis for the Anglesea Future Study Area

AsPr Phillip Roos, Dr Murray Herron, Prof David Jones, Mr Josh Zeunert

Department of Environment Land Water and Planning

  • 2018: $6,000
  • 2017: $4,000


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