Dr Joshua Wood



Lecturer in Psychology


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 45652


Dr Joshua Wood is a Lecturer in the Master of Psychology (Organisational), in the School of Psychology. His research focuses on personality in relation to three major themes: (a) the fundamentals of personality, including structure, cross-cultural comparisons, and response biases, (b) use in staff selection and development, and (c) health, safety, and well-being behaviours and outcomes. He has published in leading journals such as Psychological Bulletin and European Journal of Personality.

As a registered psychologist and industry-engaged researcher, Joshua's applied work focuses on HR and organisational psychology consulting. He has considerable experience designing and delivering evidence-based organisational interventions to achieve measurable improvements for clients. Joshua's psychology practice has focused on personality and cognitive ability in relation to staff selection and development, particularly as an aid to leadership coaching.

He finished a PhD focused on personality and psychometric assessments for staff selection in 2021, and a Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology in 2004.

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Well‐being during the coronavirus pandemic: The effect of big five personality and COVID‐19 beliefs and behaviors

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journal article

Less Evaluative Measures of Personality in Job Applicant Contexts: The Effect on Socially Desirable Responding and Criterion Validity

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journal article

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journal article

Effect of job applicant faking and cognitive ability on self-other agreement and criterion validity of personality assessments

J Wood, J Anglim, S Horwood

(2022), Vol. 30, pp. 378-391, International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Personality and intelligence: A meta-analysis.

Jeromy Anglim, Patrick Dunlop, Serena Wee, Sharon Horwood, Joshua Wood, Andrew Marty

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journal article

Predicting Psychological and Subjective Well-Being From Personality: A Meta-Analysis

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journal article

Ubiquitous Personality-Trait Concepts in 13 Diverse and Isolated Languages: A Cluster-Classification Approach

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(2020), Vol. 34, pp. 164-179, European Journal of Personality, England, C1

journal article

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