Dr Julie Freeman



Senior Lecturer, Communication


Faculty of Arts and Education


School of Comm & Creative Arts


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Research interests

Rural and regional communities

Local news and journalism

Internet connectivity and digital inclusion

Local government

Civic participation and engagement

Digital government / democracy

Units taught

ACC100: Communication in Everyday Life

AIX117: Professional Writing for Work

ACO411: Communication Concepts

Professional activities

Faculty of Arts & Education Human Ethics Advisory Group

Deakin University Human Research Ethics Committee

Faculty of Arts & Education Teaching & Learning Committee

Communication Course Team (A325, A331, A333, A334, A451) 

Research groups

Rural News, Networks and Imaginaries Research Cluster


Dean’s Commendation for Dedication to and Excellence in Teaching (Faculty of Arts, Monash University, 2010) 


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Examining the Social, Civic, and Political Impact of Local Newspaper Closure in Outback Australia

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journal article

Power Struggles in a Small Town Community: The Intersection of Rural Environmental Protest, Politics, and Hyperlocal News Media

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journal article

Technological literacy and interrupted internet access

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journal article

Differentiating distance in local and hyperlocal news

J Freeman

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journal article

Intersections between connectivity and digital inclusion in rural communities

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journal article

Communication life line? ABC emergency broadcasting in rural/regional Australia

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journal article

Energy and communication infrastructure for disaster resilience in rural and regional Australia

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Making inroads: a critical examination of the ABC's commitment to local news

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journal article

Broadband connectivity for rural community and agricultural development

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journal article

Deakin University submission to the Senate Select Committee on the future of public interest journalism

L Waller, K Hess, J Freeman, M Ricketson

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research report/technical paper

Digital civic participation in Australian local governments: everyday practices and opportunities for engagement

J Freeman

(2016), Vol. 15, pp. 195-218, Social media and local governments: theory and practice, Cham, Switzerland, B1-1

book chapter

The Importance of Broadband for Socio-Economic Development: A Perspective from Rural Australia

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journal article

The multi-layers of digital exclusion in rural Australia

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Evolving local e-government: a cohesive policy approach

J Freeman

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book chapter

Local e-government and citizen participation: case studies from Australia and Italy

J Freeman

(2013), pp. 235-258, e-government success around the world: cases, empirical studies, and practical recommendations, Hershey, Pa., B1-1

book chapter

E-government in the context of monitory democracy: Public participation and democratic reform

J Freeman

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journal article

Public connection with local government: desires and frustrations of articulating local issues

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E-government and monitory democracy: Iceland's crowdsourced constitution

J Freeman

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Driving Australia's digital future?: Online engagement and the national digital economy strategy

J Freeman

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journal article

E-government engagement and the digital divide

J Freeman

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Balancing the digital democratic deficit? E-Government

J Freeman, B Hutchins

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journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

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Associate Supervisor

Marco Magasic

Thesis entitled: Mining for News: Examining the impacts of a local newspaper¿s closure in the Australian town of Lightning Ridge

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication and Creative Arts