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Faculty of Health


School of Exer & Nutr Sciences


Melbourne Burwood Campus


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The effectiveness of interventions during the first 1,000 days to improve energy balance-related behaviors or prevent overweight/obesity in children from socio-economically disadvantaged families of high-income countries: a systematic review

S Lioret, F Harrar, D Boccia, K Hesketh, K Kuswara, C Van Baaren, S Maritano, M Charles, B Heude, R Laws

(2023), Vol. 24, Obesity Reviews, England, C1

journal article

Perinatal support for breastfeeding using mHealth: A mixed methods feasibility study of the My Baby Now app

Rachel Laws, Heilok Cheng, Chris Rossiter, Konsita Kuswara, Brittany Markides, Donna Size, Patricia Corcoran, Kok‐Leong Ong, Elizabeth Denney‐Wilson

(2023), Vol. 19, pp. 1-16, Maternal and Child Nutrition, London, Eng., C1

journal article

The contribution of Australian fathers in getting food on the table among families with young children

K Kuswara, H Vidgen, P Love, R Laws, K Campbell

(2023), pp. 1-10, Public Health Nutrition, Cambridge, Eng., C1

journal article

Maternal diet quality and associations with plasma lipid profiles and pregnancy-related cardiometabolic health

P van der Pligt, K Kuswara, S McNaughton, G Abbott, S Islam, K Huynh, P Meikle, A Mousa, S Ellery

(2023), Vol. 62, pp. 3369-3381, European Journal of Nutrition, C1

journal article

Associations of adherence to the DASH diet and Mediterranean diet with maternal c-reactive protein levels during pregnancy

Paige van der Pligt, Sara Ebrahimi, Konsita Kuswara, Gavin Abbott, Sarah McNaughton, Sheikh Islam, Stacey Ellery

(2023), Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Inequities in obesity: Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse, and disability perspectives

R Kelly, K Hatzikiriakidis, K Kuswara

(2022), Vol. 32, pp. 3232225-, Public health research & practice, Australia, C1

journal article

Breastfeeding and emerging motherhood identity: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of first time Chinese Australian mothers' breastfeeding experiences

K Kuswara, T Knight, K Campbell, K Hesketh, M Zheng, K Bolton, R Laws

(2021), Vol. 34, pp. e292-e301, Women and Birth, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Navigating infant feeding supports after migration: Perspectives of Arabic and Chinese mothers and health professionals in Australia

S Marshall, S Taki, P Love, M Kearney, N Tam, M Sabry, K Kuswara, Y Laird, L Wen, C Rissel

(2021), Vol. 34, pp. e346-e356, Women and Birth, Netherlands, C1

journal article

How to change young children's physical activity and sedentary behavior: Mechanisms of behavior change in the infant cluster randomized controlled trial

K Hesketh, K Kuswara, G Abbott, J Salmon, J Hnatiuk, K Campbell

(2021), Vol. 8, Children, Switzerland, C1

journal article

A systematic review of lifestyle patterns and their association with adiposity in children aged 5-12 years

N D'Souza, K Kuswara, M Zheng, R Leech, K Downing, S Lioret, K Campbell, K Hesketh

(2020), Vol. 21, Obesity Reviews, England, C1

journal article

Patterns and predictors of exclusive breastfeeding in Chinese Australian mothers: A cross sectional study

K Kuswara, K Campbell, K Hesketh, M Zheng, R Laws

(2020), Vol. 15, International Breastfeeding Journal, England, C1

journal article

Differences between mothers and fathers of young children in their use of the internet to support healthy family lifestyle behaviors: Cross-sectional study

R Laws, A Walsh, K Hesketh1, K Downing, K Kuswara, K Campbell

(2019), Vol. 21, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Canada, C1

journal article

Differences in infant feeding practices between Chinese-born and Australian-born mothers living in Australia: A cross-sectional study

K Bolton, P Kremer, K Hesketh, R Laws, K Kuswara, K Campbell

(2018), Vol. 18, BMC Pediatrics, England, C1

journal article

The infant feeding practices of Chinese immigrant mothers in Australia: A qualitative exploration

K Kuswara, R Laws, P Kremer, K Hesketh, K Campbell

(2016), Vol. 105, pp. 375-384, Appetite, England, C1

journal article

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