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Individual, social, and life course risk factors for experiencing interpersonal violence among autistic people of varying gender identities: A mixed methods systematic review

K Cooke, K Ridgway, L Pecora, E Westrupp, D Hedley, M Hooley, M Stokes

(2024), Vol. 111, pp. 1-46, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

An Evaluation of Education-Based Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Without Intellectual Disability: a Systematic Review

C Macmillan, L Pecora, K Ridgway, M Hooley, M Thomson, S Dymond, E Donaldson, G Mesibov, M Stokes

(2023), Vol. 10, pp. 220-238, Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, C1

journal article

Gay, lesbian, and gender nonconforming individuals with autism

Mark Stokes, Laura Pecora, Jeroen Dewinter, Kirstin Greaves-Lord, Anna van der Miesen, Merrilyn Hooley

(2022), pp. 1467-1490, Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Berlin, Germany, B1

book chapter

Sexuality and Gender Issues in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

L Pecora, M Hooley, L Sperry, G Mesibov, M Stokes

(2020), Vol. 29, pp. 543-556, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, C1

journal article

Gender identity, sexual orientation and adverse sexual experiences in autistic females

L Pecora, G Hancock, M Hooley, D Demmer, T Attwood, G Mesibov, M Stokes

(2020), Vol. 11, Molecular Autism, C1

journal article

As Diverse as the Spectrum Itself: Trends in Sexuality, Gender and Autism

G Sala, L Pecora, M Hooley, M Stokes

(2020), Vol. 7, pp. 59-68, Current Developmental Disorders Reports, C1

journal article

Characterising the Sexuality and Sexual Experiences of Autistic Females

L Pecora, G Hancock, G Mesibov, M Stokes

(2019), Vol. 49, pp. 4834-4846, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, C1

journal article

Principals' and Teachers' Reports of Successful Teaching Strategies With Children With High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

M Stokes, M Thomson, C Macmillan, L Pecora, S Dymond, E Donaldson

(2017), Vol. 32, pp. 192-208, Canadian Journal of School Psychology, C1

journal article

Sexuality in High-Functioning Autism: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

L Pecora, G Mesibov, M Stokes

(2016), Vol. 46, pp. 3519-3556, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, C1

journal article

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