Dr Marzieh Parhizkar



Research Fellow, Short Fibres


Instit for Frontier Materials


Instit for Frontier Materials


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2015


Biography summary

  • PhD in Materials Engineering (Deakin University, Australia –2012)
  • MSc in Textile Engineering-Textile Chemistry and Fibre Science (Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran –2007)
  • BSc in Textile Engineering-Textile Chemistry (Yazd University, Iran –2004)

Career highlights

2012 – Present: Associate Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia
2008 – 2012: PhD Candidate (DUIRS Award), Deakin University, Australia

Research interests

  • Colour-emotion
  • Photochromism
  • Sol-gel processing
  • Nanofibre production

Knowledge areas

Dr. Parhizkar has studied the effect of colour on emotions and its application to the textile industry during her MSc. During her PhD, she worked on the application of photochromism, i.e. colour-change in response to light, to textiles using the sol-gel technique to produce garments for such applications as UV protection. Her postdoctoral work has been focused on nanofibre production technologies and the surface modification and characterisation of nanofibres.


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Norbornene chaotropic salts as low molecular mass ionic organogelators (LMIOGs)

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journal article

Metal ion type significantly affects the morphology but not the activity of lipase-metal-phosphate nanoflowers

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journal article

Photochromic fabrics with improved optical performance

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Influence of non-hydrolysable groups in silane precursor on pore dimension and photochromic properties of sol-gel silica embedded with a spirooxazine dye

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journal article

Photochromic fibers and fabrics

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book chapter

Photostability and durability properties of photochromic organosilica coating on fabric

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journal article

A Novel Method to Investigate the Polystyrene Nanofiber Formation During Electrospinning Process

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

Production of a pilot manufacturing plant for the manufacture of short nanofibres

A/Prof Alessandra Sutti, Dr Marzieh Parhizkar, A/Prof Paul Collins

Cytomatrix Grant - Research

  • 2014: $210,906
  • 2013: $33,182

Other Funding Sources

Bio-based materials for next generation textile treatments.

A/Prof Alessandra Sutti, Dr Surya Subianto, Dr Amol Patil, Dr Nathan Thompson, Dr Marzieh Parhizkar

Innovative Manfacturing CRC Limited

  • 2022: $183,989
  • 2021: $15,130

Textile dyeing via Atmospheric plasma coating.

Dr Frank Chen, A/Prof Alessandra Sutti, A/Prof Weiwei Lei, Dr Surya Subianto, Dr Amol Patil, Dr Marzieh Parhizkar

Innovative Manfacturing CRC Limited

  • 2022: $190,906
  • 2021: $8,749

Sustainable Functional Metallised Textiles

A/Prof Alessandra Sutti, Dr Santiago Corujeira Gallo, Dr Surya Subianto, Dr Amol Patil, Dr Marzieh Parhizkar, Dr Nathan Thompson

Innovative Manfacturing CRC Limited

  • 2022: $198,896


Associate Supervisor

Keiran Pringle

Thesis entitled: An Investigation into Short Polymer Fibre Production in Fluid Systems

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Institute for Frontier Materials