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Faculty of Health


School of Nursing & Midwifery


Geelong Waterfront Campus

+61 3 522 78347

Biography summary

Monica has been a Lecturer in Nursing at Deakin University Waterfront campus since 2009. Prior to her appointment she was the Vascular Access Coordinator for Barwon Health Renal Services in Geelong and worked in Renal dialysis for 11 years after a 5 year stint in Paediatrics in Western Australia and the United Kingdom. She was the Victorian representative on the executive committee of the Nephrology Educators Network from 2007 to 2016 with a year as co-chair in 2017, where she led teams to build Vascular Access and Buttonhole Cannulation E-learning modules. She is a founding member of Renal Access Nurses Network, is on the Editorial Board of the  Renal Society of Australasia Journal, Journal of Vascular Access (Europe) and  Vascular Access. Monica was the inaugural editor of 'Vascular Access', the official journal of the Australian Vascular Access Society(2015/2016). She is also a member of the Renal Society of Australasia Scientific Committee and RSA Education Committee. She has completed her honours and Master of Nursing and is currently undertaking her PhD in the area of Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) use for haemodialysis cannulation. Her research interests are in renal vascular access and education.

Research interests

Monica's research focus is around renal vascular access, point of care ultraosund,  education and E-learning. 

Teaching interests

Chronic Illness


Health Assessment

Clinical Skills


Knowledge areas

Renal Vascular Access

Renal Access Coordinator

Chronic Illness


Renal Education

Point of care ultrasound (POCUS)



RSA Federal nomination award: as recognition by her peers for outstanding contribution to the Renal Society of Australia



  • Deakin School of Nursing and Midwifery Research Scholarship Award


  • RSA Federal nomination award: as recognition by her peers for outstanding contribution to the Renal Society of Australia


  • Commendation for Excellence in Teaching
  • Certificate of merit (3rd prize in poster section). EDTNA/ERCA International Conference, Dublin, Ireland. 
  • Best Abstract Award- Renal Society of Australasia


  • Best Presentation - Vascular 2007 Conference, Melbourne.
  • Birgit Munroe Scholarship- Renal Society of Australasia


  •  Vascular Access Preceptorship Grant-Renal Society of Australasia- Amgen Australia. 


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