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Electronic Surveillance and Australian Journalism: Surveillance Normalization and Emergent Norms of Information Security

D Harkin, M Mann

(2023), pp. 1-20, Digital Journalism, London, Eng., C1

journal article

AI, Governance and Ethics: Global Perspectives.

Angela Daly, Thilo Hagendorff, Li Hui, Monique Mann, Vidushi Marda, Ben Wagner, Wayne Wei Wang

(2022), pp. 182-201, Constitutional challenges in the algorithmic society, Cambridge, Eng., B1

book chapter

Making the Invisible Visible: A Science and Society View of Developing Non-invasive Thermal Technology

N Amini, M Mann, C Hempton, T King, J Loy

(2022), Vol. 15, pp. 251-269, The Science behind the COVID Pandemic and Healthcare Technology Solutions, Berlin, Germany, B1

book chapter

Policing Cryptomarkets and the Digital War on Drugs

James Martin, Ian Warren, Monique Mann

(2022), pp. 111-131, Drug Law Enforcement, Policing and Harm Reduction Ending the Stalemate, London, Eng., B1

book chapter

Ecocide isn't ethical: Political ecology and capitalist AI ethics

Sy Taffel, Laura Bedford, Monique Mann

(2022), Vol. 46, pp. 58-68, Economies of Virtue: The Circulation of ‘Ethics’ in AI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, B1

book chapter

A post-capitalocentric critique of digital technology and environmental harm: new directions at the intersection of digital and green criminology

Laura Bedford, Monique Mann, Reece Walters, Marcus Foth

(2022), Vol. 11, pp. 1-15, International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, Brisbane, Qld., C1

journal article

Economies of Virtue: The Circulation of 'Ethics' in Big Tech

T Phan, J Goldenfein, M Mann, D Kuch

(2022), Vol. 31, pp. 121-135, Science as Culture, C1

journal article

Smart Parenting? The Internet of Things, Children's Privacy, and Data Justice

M Mann, M Wilson, I Warren

(2022), Vol. 30, pp. 204-231, International Journal of Children's Rights, Leiden, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Consumer IoT and its under-regulation: Findings from an Australian study

D Harkin, M Mann, I Warren

(2022), Vol. 14, pp. 96-113, Policy and Internet, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Tech money in civil society: whose interests do digital rights organisations represent?

Jake Goldenfein, Monique Mann

(2022), pp. 1-35, Cultural Studies, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Between surveillance and technological solutionism: A critique of privacy-preserving apps for COVID-19 contact-tracing

Monique Mann, Peta Mitchell, Marcus Foth

(2022), pp. 1-53, New Media and Society, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Securing Australian Journalism From Surveillance

Diarmaid Harkin, Monique Mann

(2022), Geelong, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

Economies of Virtue - The Circulation of 'Ethics' in AI

Thao Phan, Jake Goldenfein, Declan Kuch, Monique Mann

(2022), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, A7

edited book

From automation to autonomy: Technological sovereignty for better data care in smart cities

M Foth, I Anastasiu, M Mann, P Mitchell

(2021), pp. 319-343, Automating Cities: Design, Construction, Operation and Future Impact, Berlin, Germany, B1

book chapter

Discrimination in Predictive Policing: The (Dangerous) Myth of Impartiality and the Need for STS Analysis

Simon Egbert, Monique Mann

(2021), pp. 25-46, Automating Crime Prevention, Surveillance, and Military Operations, Cham, Switzerland, B1

book chapter

AI Ethics Needs Good Data

Angela Daly, S Devitt, Monique Mann

(2021), pp. 103-121, AI for Everyone? Critical Perspectives, London, Eng., B1

book chapter

3D printing, policing and crime

A Daly, M Mann, P Squires, R Walters

(2021), Vol. 31, pp. 37-51, Policing and Society, C1

journal article

Striking a balance: Legislative expansions for electronic communications surveillance

Monique Mann, Angus Murray

(2021), pp. 44-51, Precedent, Sydney, N.S.W., C1

journal article

Enhancing Consumer Awareness of Privacy and the Internet of Things

Ian Warren, M Mann, D Harkin

(2021), Sydney, N.S.W., A6

research report/technical paper

Policing and politicising organised crime

Monique Mann

(2020), Abingdon, Eng., A1


Technological Politics of Automated Welfare Surveillance: Social (and Data) Justice through Critical Qualitative Inquiry

Monique Mann

(2020), Vol. 1, pp. 1-12, Global Perspectives, Oakland, California, C1

journal article

#BlockSidewalk to Barcelona: technological sovereignty and the social license to operate smart cities

Monique Mann, Peta Mitchell, Marcus Foth, Irina Anastasiu

(2020), Vol. 71, pp. 1103-1115, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Lawful illegality: Authorizing extraterritorial police surveillance

I Warren, M Mann, A Molnar

(2020), Vol. 18, pp. 357-369, Surveillance and Society, C1

journal article

Regulatory arbitrage and transnational surveillance: australia's extraterritorial assistance to access encrypted communications

M Mann, A Daly, A Molnar

(2020), Vol. 9, pp. 1-20, Internet Policy Review, C1

journal article

A capitalocentric review of technology for sustainable development: The case for more-than-human design. Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch).

Marcus Foth, Monique Mann, Laura Bedford, Walter Frieuw, Reece Walters

(2020), Melville, South Africa, A6

research report/technical paper

Australian Identity-Matching Services Bill

Jake Goldenfein, Monique Mann

(2020), pp. 44-51, Regulating Biometrics: Global Approaches and Open Questions, New York, A6

research report/technical paper

Crimmigration in border security? Sorting crossing through biometric identification at Australia's international airports

Peter Chambers, Monique Mann

(2019), pp. 381-404, Crimmigration in Australia law, politics, and society, Singapore, B1

book chapter

(Big) Data and the North-in-South: Australia's informational imperialism and digital colonialism

M Mann, A Daly

(2019), Vol. 20, pp. 379-395, Television and New Media, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Challenging algorithmic profiling: The limits of data protection and anti-discrimination in responding to emergent discrimination

M Mann, T Matzner

(2019), Vol. 6, Big Data and Society, C1

journal article

International implications of the telecommunications and other legislation amendment (Assistance and Access) Act 2018

Monique Mann, Dylan Ford

(2019), Sydney, N.S.W., A6

research report/technical paper

Social (in)security and social (in)justice: Automation in the Australian welfare system

Monique Mann

(2019), [Unknown], A6

research report/technical paper

Good Data

Angela Daly, S Devitt, Monique Mann

(2019), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, A7-1

edited book

Biometrics, crime and security

M Smith, M Mann, G Urbas

(2018), London, Eng., A1-1


The digital and legal divide: Silk Road, transnational online policing and Southern criminology

M Mann, I Warren

(2018), Vol. 1, pp. 245-260, The Palgrave handbook of criminology and the global south, Cham, Switzerland, B1

book chapter

The legal geographies of transnational cyber-prosecutions: extradition, human rights and forum shifting

M Mann, I Warren, S Kennedy

(2018), Vol. 19, pp. 107-124, Global Crime, C1

journal article

The limits of (digital) constitutionalism: exploring the privacy-security (im)balance in Australia

M Mann, A Daly, M Wilson, N Suzor

(2018), Vol. 80, pp. 369-384, International communication gazette, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

New public management and the 'business' of policing organised crime in Australia

M Mann

(2017), Vol. 17, pp. 382-400, Criminology and criminal justice, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Automated facial recognition technology: recent developments and approaches to oversight

Monique Mann, Marcus Smith

(2017), Vol. 40, pp. 121-145, University of New South Wales law journal, Sydney, N.S.W., C1-1

journal article

Recent developments in DNA evidence

M Smith, M Mann

(2015), pp. 1-7, Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice, Canberra, A. C. T., C1-1

journal article

There is 'hope for you yet': the female drug offender in sentencing discourse

M Mann, H Menih, C Smith

(2014), Vol. 47, pp. 355-373, Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

The Missing Link of Crime Analysis: A Systematic Approach to Testing Competing Hypotheses

M Townsley, M Mann, K Garrett

(2011), Vol. 5, pp. 158-171, Policing, Oxford, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Regulating the Internet of Things to Protect Consumer Privacy

Dr Ian Warren, Dr Monique Mann, Dr Diarmaid Harkin, Lauren Solomon

Aust Communications Consumer Action Network

  • 2020: $20,097
  • 2019: $38,098

Industry and Other Funding

Defining Communication in a Digital Era: What Best Protects Consumers

Dr Monique Mann, Dr Ian Warren

Aust Communications Consumer Action Network

  • 2024: $15,000
  • 2023: $30,000

Other Funding Sources

Economies of virtue: the circulation of ethics in AI and digital cultures

Dr Monique Mann, Dr Thao Phan, Prof Emma Kowal

Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia ASSA Workshop Program grants

  • 2021: $8,941


Associate Supervisor

Sally Kennedy

Thesis entitled: Extradition, transnational justice and domestic judicial decisions: A comparative analysis

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences