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Repurposing a fracture risk calculator (FRAX) as a screening tool for women at risk for sarcopenia

J Pasco, M Mohebbi, M Tembo, K Kew, N Hyde, L Williams, M Kotowicz

(2020), Osteoporosis international, London, Eng., C1


Normative data for lean mass using FNIH criteria in an Australian setting

Julie Pasco, Kara Holloway-Kew, Monica Tembo, Sophia Sui, Kara Anderson, Pamela Rufus-Membere, Natalie Hyde, Lana Williams, Mark Kotowicz

(2019), Vol. 104, pp. 475-479, Calcified tissue international, New York, N.Y., C1


Maternal vitamin D in pregnancy and offspring bone measures in childhood: the Vitamin D in Pregnancy study

Natalie Hyde, Sharon Brennan-Olsen, Mohammadreza Mohebbi, John Wark, Sarah Hosking, Julie Pasco

(2019), Vol. 124, pp. 126-131, Bone, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Reference ranges for trabecular bone score in Australian men and women: a cross-sectional study

Kara Anderson, Kara Holloway, Didier Hans, Mark Kotowicz, Natalie Hyde, Julie Pasco

(2019), Vol. 3, pp. 1-6, JBMR plus, Chichester, Eng., C1


How well do the FRAX (Australia) and Garvan calculators predict incident fractures? Data from the Geelong Osteoporosis Study

K Holloway-Kew, Y Zhang, A Betson, K Anderson, D Hans, N Hyde, G Nicholson, N Pocock, M Kotowicz, J Pasco

(2019), pp. 1-11, Osteoporosis international, London, Eng., C1


Quantifying use of a health virtual community of practice for general practitioners' continuing professional development: A novel methodology and pilot evaluation

A Murad, N Hyde, S Chang, R Lederman, R Bosua, M Pirotta, R Audehm, C Yates, A Briggs, A Gorelik, C Chiang, J Wark

(2019), Vol. 21, Journal of Medical Internet Research, C1


Trabecular bone score in men and women with impaired fasting glucose and diabetes

K Holloway, L De Abreu, D Hans, M Kotowicz, M Sajjad, N Hyde, J Pasco

(2018), Vol. 102, pp. 32-40, Calcified tissue international, New York, N.Y., C1


Associations between asthma status and radiologically confirmed fracture in children: a data-linkage study

E Degabriele, K Holloway, J Pasco, N Hyde, P Vuillermin, L Williams, S Brennan-Olsen

(2018), Vol. 54, pp. 855-860, Journal of paediatrics and child health, Chichester, Eng., C1


Sports participation and fracture in older Australian men

Kara Holloway-Kew, David Moloney, Gosia Bucki-Smith, Natalie Hyde, Sharon Brennan-Olsen, Elizabeth Timney, Amelia Dobbins, Julie Pasco

(2018), Vol. 13, pp. 1-9, Archives of Osteoporosis, Berlin, Germany, C1


Vitamin D during pregnancy and offspring body composition: a prospective cohort study

N Hyde, S Brennan-Olsen, J Wark, S Hosking, K Holloway-Kew, J Pasco

(2018), Vol. 13, pp. 514-521, Pediatricobesity, chichester, England, C1


Maternal nutrition during pregnancy: intake of nutrients important for bone health

N Hyde, S Brennan-Olsen, K Bennett, D Moloney, J Pasco

(2017), Vol. 21, pp. 845-851, Maternal and child health journal, New York, N.Y., C1


Maternal dietary nutrient intake during pregnancy and offspring linear growth and bone: the vitamin D in pregnancy cohort study

N Hyde, S Brennan-Olsen, J Wark, S Hosking, J Pasco

(2017), Vol. 100, pp. 47-54, Calcified tissue international, New York, N.Y., C1


Musculoskeletal decline and mortality: prospective data from the Geelong Osteoporosis Study

J Pasco, M Mohebbi, K Holloway, S Brennan-Olsen, N Hyde, M Kotowicz

(2017), Vol. 8, pp. 482-489, Journal of cachexia, sarcopenia and muscle, Chichester, Eng., C1


Maternal vitamin D and offspring trabecular bone score

N Hyde, S Brennan-Olsen, J Wark, S Hosking, K Holloway, J Pasco

(2017), Vol. 28, pp. 3407-3414, Osteoporosis international, Berlin, Germany, C1


Prediction of major osteoporotic and hip fractures in Australian men using FRAX scores adjusted with trabecular bone score

K Holloway, Mohammadreza Mohebbi, Amelia Betson, Didier Hans, Natalie Hyde, Sharon Brennan-Olsen, Mark Kotowicz, Julie Pasco

(2017), Vol. 29, pp. 101-108, Osteoporosis international, London, Eng., C1


DNA methylation and the social gradient of osteoporotic fracture: A conceptual model

S Brennan-Olsen, R Page, M Berk, J Riancho, W Leslie, S Wilson, K Saban, L Janusek, J Pasco, J Hodge, S Quirk, N Hyde, S Hosking, L Williams

(2016), Vol. 84, pp. 204-212, Bone, C1


Low lean tissue mass and physical performance as markers of sarcopenia in older men and women

J Pasco, S Brennan-Olsen, K Holloway, N Hyde, M Kotowicz

(2016), Vol. 5, pp. 1-4, Journal of gerontology and geriatric research, Los Angeles, Calif., C1


Recommendations for dietary calcium intake and bone health: the role of health literacy

S Hosking, J Pasco, N Hyde, L Williams, S Brennan-Olsen

(2016), Vol. 6, pp. 1-3, Journal of nutrition & food sciences, Los Angeles, Calif., C1-1


Carpal and scaphoid fracture incidence in south-eastern Australia: an epidemiologic study

K Holloway, D Moloney, S Brennan-Olsen, M Kotowicz, G Bucki-Smith, A Morse, E Timney, A Dobbins, N Hyde, J Pasco

(2015), Vol. 10, pp. 1-6, Archives of Osteoporosis, New York, N.Y., C1


Prevalence of cardiovascular and metabolic events in patients prescribed clozapine: a retrospective observational, clinical cohort study

N Hyde, S Dodd, K Venugopal, Purdie, M Berk, A O'Neil

(2015), Vol. 10, pp. 125-131, Current drug safety, San Francisco, Calif., C1


The Epidemiology of Incident Fracture from Cradle to Senescence

J Pasco, S Lane, S Brennan-Olsen, K Holloway, E Timney, G Bucki-Smith, A Morse, A Dobbins, L Williams, N Hyde, M Kotowicz

(2015), Vol. 97, pp. 568-576, Calcified Tissue International, C1


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Gestational diabetes and offspring bone health in childhood

Ms Natalie Hyde, Prof Julie Pasco, Prof Peter Vuillermin, Prof Richard Page

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