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The role of antenatal and postnatal maternal bonding in infant development: a systematic review and meta?analysis

Genevieve Le Bas, George Youssef, Jacqui Macdonald, Larissa Rossen, Samantha Teague, Emily Kothe, Jennifer McIntosh, Craig Olsson, Delyse Hutchinson

(2020), Vol. 29, pp. 3-20, Social development, Chichester, Eng., C1


Attachment and child behaviour and emotional problems in autism spectrum disorder with intellectual disability

S Teague, L Newman, B Tonge, K Gray

(2020), Vol. 33, pp. 475-487, Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, London, Eng., C1


Adolescent care-orientation and positive development in young adulthood

Delyse Hutchinson, George Youssef, Adrienne Buhagiar, Samantha Teague, Jacqui Macdonald, Primrose Letcher, Chris Greenwood, Jennifer Mcintosh, John Toumbourou, William Hallam, Helen Skouteris, Ann Sanson, C Olsson

(2019), Vol. 64, pp. 63-69, Journal of adolescent health, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Machine learning in mental health: a scoping review of methods and applications

Adrian Shatte, Delyse Hutchinson, Samantha Teague

(2019), Vol. 49, pp. 1426-1448, Psychological medicine, Cambridge, Eng., C1


Prenatal alcohol exposure and infant gross motor development: a prospective cohort study

Delyse Hutchinson, George Youssef, Clare McCormack, Judy Wilson, Steve Allsop, Jake Najman, Elizabeth Elliott, Lucinda Burns, Sue Jacobs, Ingrid Honan, Larissa Rossen, Hannah Fiedler, Samantha Teague, Joanne Ryan, Craig Olsson, Richard Mattick

(2019), Vol. 19, BMC pediatrics, London, Eng., C1


Cohort profile: the Triple B Pregnancy Cohort Study: a longitudinal study of the relationship between alcohol, tobacco and other substance use during pregnancy and the health and well-being of Australian children and families

D Hutchinson, J Wilson, S Allsop, E Elliott, J Najman, L Burns, A Bartu, S Jacobs, I Honan, C McCormack, L Rossen, H Fiedler, C Stone, S Khor, J Ryan, G Youssef, C Olsson, R Mattick, Triple B Research Consortium

(2018), Vol. 47, pp. 26-27m, International Journal of Epidemiology, Oxford, Eng., C1


Caregiver mental health, parenting practices, and perceptions of child attachment in children with autism spectrum disorder

S Teague, L Newman, B Tonge, K Gray, MHYPeDD team

(2018), Vol. 48, pp. 2642-2652, Journal of autism and developmental disorders, New York, N.Y., C1-1


Retention strategies in longitudinal cohort studies: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Samantha Teague, George Youssef, Jacqui Macdonald, Emma Sciberras, Adrian Shatte, Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Chris Greenwood, Jennifer McIntosh, Craig Olsson, Delyse Hutchinson, SEED Lifecourse Sciences Theme

(2018), Vol. 18, pp. 1-22, BMC medical research methodology, London, Eng., C1


Exploring the transition to fatherhood: feasibility study using social media and machine learning

S Teague, Adrian Shatte

(2018), Vol. 1, pp. 1-13, JMIR pediatrics and parenting, Toronto, Ont., C1


Weight in the first year of life: associations with maternal prepregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain-findings from a longitudinal pregnancy cohort

S McPhie, H Skouteris, R Mattick, J Wilson, I Honan, S Allsop, L Burns, E Elliott, S Teague, C Olsson, D Hutchinson

(2017), Vol. 34, pp. 774-779, American journal of perinatology, New York, N.Y., C1


Attachment in children with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review

S Teague, K Gray, B Tonge, L Newman

(2017), Vol. 35, pp. 35-50, Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Philadelphia, Pa., C1-1


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