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Lecturer, Human Physiology


Faculty of Health


School of Exer & Nutr Sciences


Melbourne Burwood Campus


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Nutrient intake, meal timing and sleep in elite male Australian football players

E Falkenberg, B Aisbett, M Lastella, S Roberts, D Condo

(2021), Vol. 24, pp. 7-12, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, C1

journal article

The sleep of elite australian rules footballers during preseason: A comparison of men and women

S Roberts, E Falkenberg, A Stevens, B Aisbett, M Lastella, D Condo

(2021), Vol. 16, pp. 641-646, International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Champaign, Ill., C1

journal article

Monitoring stress and allostatic load in first responders and tactical operators using heart rate variability: a systematic review

S Corrigan, S Roberts, S Warmington, J Drain, L Main

(2021), Vol. 21, pp. 1-16, BMC Public Health, London, Eng., C1

journal article

The Relationship Between Psychological Stress and Anxiety with Gastrointestinal Symptoms Before and During a 56 km Ultramarathon Running Race

C Urwin, L Main, A Mikocka-Walus, D Skvarc, S Roberts, D Condo, A Carr, L Convit, W Jardine, S Rahman, R Snipe

(2021), Vol. 7, Sports Medicine - Open, C1

journal article

Sleep duration and quality are associated with nutrient intake in elite female athletes

D Condo, M Lastella, B Aisbett, A Stevens, S Roberts

(2021), Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, C1

journal article

Physical Activity, Sedentary Time and Sleep in Cystic Fibrosis Youth: A Bi‐Directional Relationship?

Melitta McNarry, Daniel Stevens, Michelle Stone, Spencer Roberts, Sarah Hall, Kelly Mackintosh

(2020), Pediatric Pulmonology, Hoboken, NJ, C1

journal article

Effects of training and competition on the sleep of elite athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Spencer Roberts, Wei-Peng Teo, Stuart Warmington

(2019), Vol. 53, pp. 1-11, British journal of sports medicine, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Extended sleep maintains endurance performance better than normal or restricted sleep

Spencer Roberts, Wei-Peng Teo, Brad Aisbett, Stuart Warmington

(2019), Vol. 51, pp. 2516-2523, Medicine & science in sports & exercise, Philadelphia, Pa., C1

journal article

Effects of total sleep deprivation on endurance cycling performance and heart rate indices used for monitoring athlete readiness

Spencer Roberts, Wei-Peng Teo, Brad Aisbett, Stuart Warmington

(2019), Vol. 37, pp. 2691-2701, Journal of sports sciences, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

Light exercise heart rate on-kinetics: a comparison of data fitted with sigmoidal and exponential functions and the impact of fitness and exercise intensity

K Trounson, S Roberts, A Balloch, S Warmington

(2017), Vol. 5, Physiological reports, Bethesda, Md., C1

journal article

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Investigation of novel factors that potentially contribute to pre-competition sleep disturbance and gastrointestinal symptoms during an ultra-marathon race

Dr Rhiannon Snipe, Dr Dominique Condo, Dr Amelia Carr, Dr Luana Main, Dr Spencer Roberts

  • 2019: $4,493


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