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Dr Van-Hau Trieu



Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Business and Law


Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Queensland, 2016
Master of Information Management & Systems, Monash University, 2010

+61 3 924 46878


Van-Hau Trieu is a Senior Lecturer (equivalent to an Assistant Professor) in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, Deakin Business School. Van-Hau undertakes research in two areas. The first area focuses on how effectively organisations use IT. For example, Van-Hau examines the conditions under which organisational resources can promote positive outcomes for effective use, improved decision-making performance, and business value. The second area focuses on the organisational and societal impacts of IT. For example, she investigates ways to improve the responsibilities and ethics in use of IT. Van-Hau 's work has appeared in MIS QuarterlyDecision Support Systems, and IT & People, among others. Over the years, Van-Hau has presented numerous research papers at international conferences including ICIS, ECIS, and PACIS. 

Van-Hau was the organising conference chair for Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) 2022 and has served repeatedly as a Track Chair for ACIS, and Associate Editor for ICIS, AOM and PACIS.

Van-Hau works with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and industries to establish linkages with their organisations. She has worked with research participants and partners from a range of professional, cultural, and educational backgrounds including Faculty Deans and Heads of Schools in academic workplaces, as well as Chief Information Officers, Executive Managers, and Directors from government and industry groups including multinational consulting firms and banks.

Before her PhD, Van-Hau worked in information systems development and consultant team in Tinhvan JSC, one of the leading IT organisations in Vietnam. She also had experience managing integrated e-library systems at Hanoi University Library Center. Van-Hau is a member of the Association for Information Systems, and the Academy of Management.

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Career highlights

Research interests

  • Responsible Use of IT
  • Effective Use of IT
  • Data Work
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

Master by Research/ PhD students who would like to work with me are requested to send me a copy of their CV and transcripts. Please do not list me as a potential supervisor without receiving my acceptance.


  • Member, Association for Information Systems (AIS)
  • Member, Australian Computer Society (ACS)
  • Member, Australian Association for Information Systems (AAIS) 
  • Member, Australian Information Security Association (AISA)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer, Information & Management (I&M)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer, Journal of Information Technology (JIT)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer, Journal of European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer, Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer, Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS)

Teaching interests

  • Responsible Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Theory in Information Systems Research


- 2023 AIS Early Career Award. The award recognises individuals in the early stages of their career who have already made outstanding research, teaching, and service contributions to the field of Information Systems.

- 2022 Deakin University: Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Research and Innovation.

- 2017 ACM SIGMIS Doctoral Dissertation Award (Also known as the ICIS Doctoral Dissertation Award). The ACM SIGMIS Doctoral Dissertation award is the top global award for dissertations in the information systems field.

- 2021 International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) Best Practice Award - International Students to Responsible Information Systems Professionals

- Outstanding Reviewer, Information & Management 2018

- Outstanding Reviewer, Journal of Business Research 2018


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journal article

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book chapter

Getting value from Business Intelligence systems: a review and research agenda

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A model of the production of representational fidelity: an investigation in the business intelligence system context

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Extending the theory of effective use: the impact of enterprise architecture maturity stages on the effective use of business intelligence systems

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Assessing website performance in the line of the IS Impact model

T Trieu

(2012), pp. 1-10, PACIS 2012 : Proceedings of the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, E1-1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

Educating workers and building union through technology.

Dr Van-Hau Trieu

The Union Education Foundation

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  • 2019: $6,132

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Socrates: Software Security with a focus on critical technologies.

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