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Prof Yin Paradies



Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in Race Relations


Faculty of Arts and Education


SHSS Arts & Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Certificate IV Assessment & Workplace Training, Royal Melb Inst. of Technology, 2010
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 2006
Master in Public Health, Univ. of California (Berkeley), 2004
Master of Medical Statistics, University of Newcastle, 2001
Bachelor of Science, Northern Territory University, 1999

Research interests

  • Health, social and economic effects of racism
  • Anti-racism theory, policy and practice
  • Race and intercultural relations
  • Indigenous knowledges and decoloniality

Teaching interests

  • Health, social and economic effects of racism
  • Anti-racism theory, policy and practice
  • Race and intercultural relations
  • Indigenous knowledges

Units taught

  • IND721 Standpoint Theory in Indigenous Research
  • IND722 Indigenous Research: Ways of Valuing and Being
  • IND723 Indigenous Research: Ways of Knowing and Doing
  • IND724 Indigenous Knowledge Modalities in Research
  • IND725 Theories and Debates in Indigenous Knowledges
  • IND726 Designing an Indigenous Research Project
  • IND727 Research Project A
  • IND728 Research Project B


Invited keynote presentations

1. Paradies Y. Aboriginal Australian and Traveller Mental Health - Addressing Racism and Discrimination. Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre, Dublin, Ireland, October 2020.

2. Elvidge E, Paradies Y. Addressing racism and enhancing cultural safety. Revisiting Aboriginal Wellbeing conference, Centre for Healthcare Knowledge & Innovation, Angourie, NSW, February 2020.

3. Paradies Y. Indigenous leadership. WATTLE women in leadership program, Melbourne, December 2019.

4. Paradies Y. Why Indigenous knowledges? Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Indigenous Knowledges event, RMIT, Melbourne, November 2019.

5. Paradies Y. The Lucky Country beyond 2020: Pathways for Achieving Equitable and Just Workplaces. Equal Employment Opportunity Network meeting, Melbourne, November 2019.

6. Paradies Y. Understanding and addressing racism in early years settings. VAEAI Victorian Koorie Early Years Conference, Melbourne, October 2019.

7. Paradies Y. Economic inclusion for health. HealthWest Forum: Economic Inclusion for Health. HealthWest Partnership, Melbourne, October 2019.

8. Paradies Y. Compassionate culturally competent healthcare for Indigenous people. Compassion in Mental Health, Bond University, Gold Coast, August 2019.

9. Priest N, Paradies Y. Anti-racism theory and practice with children and youth: learnings from recent Australian community-based studies. Racism and the health and wellbeing of children and youth - Understanding impacts, finding solutions, Melbourne, Jun 2014.

10. Paradies Y. Reconfiguring Anti-racism. Reconfiguring Anti-racism: Tolerance, Harmony, Inclusion or Justice?, Melbourne, Dec 2013.

11. Paradies Y. Racism, discrimination and the health of Indigenous peoples: what do we know? Heath Services, Racism and Indigenous Health: Gaining traction for systemic change, Adelaide, Nov 2013.

12. Paradies Y. Racism and poor mental health. 8th Annual Mental Health First Aid Instructor Conference, Melbourne, Oct 2013.

13. Paradies Y. Localities Embracing and Accepting Diversity, Research Policy Practice Exchange, Centre for Intervention and Prevention Science, Melbourne, May 2013.

14. Paradies Y. Racism, racial profiling and health. Public Forum: After the Race Discrimination Case, Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre, Melbourne, April 2013.

15. Paradies Y. Definitions, manifestations and impacts of racism for young Australians. Centre for Multicultural Youth Statewide Forum on Race Relations, Melbourne, April 2013.

16. Paradies Y. Understanding and addressing racism against Aboriginal Australians. The Seventh World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders, Perth, Oct 2012.

17. Paradies Y. Principles, strategies and nuances of anti-racism. Presented at Can We Talk? Owning Racism. Immigration Museum, Melbourne, Aug 2012.

18. Paradies Y. Towards anti-racism in Australia. Presented at Courage to Care Opening Exhibition. Weribee Westbourne Grammar School, Victoria, Aug 2012.

19. Paradies Y. Deakin University and the Department of Human Services 3rd Annual Peter Quail Oration: Addressing racism in Australia, Geelong, Mar 2009.

20. Paradies Y. The Social Determinants of Indigenous Health. Presented at the Inaugural Indigenous Health Summit, Melbourne, June 2008.

21. Paradies Y. Exploring the Health Effects of Racism for Indigenous people. Presented to the Rural Health Research Colloquium, Tamworth, May 2007.

22. Bailie R. and Paradies Y. Adapt or Die: Epidemiology and Indigenous Health Research. Presented to the Australasian Epidemiological Association Annual Scientific Meeting, Adelaide, SA, October 2004.

Media appearances

His research has generated considerable media attention including TV coverage on ABC When will Australia have a Black Prime Ministers (28/04/2019; 350,000 viewers), ABC the Drum (27/08/19), (Channel 10 News (23/02/11), SBS documentary Is Australia Racist? (26/02/17) as well as on radio: Health report (05/07/07), Australia Talks (27/02/07), Awaye program  (21/07/07), ABC Radio AM (07/04/03, 23/02/11), ABC news (07/04/03, 09/10/07, 22/04/08, 23/02/11), ABC World Today (25/03/10), ABC statewide drive Vic (23/02/11), ABC RN drive (02/04/2013, 28/01/14, 05/06/19), ABC Darwin (23/02/11, 09/03/12), ABC Brisbane Drive Radio (10/05/13), ABC Canberra Drive (09/08/2016, 09/11/2017), BBC World Service News and Current Affairs (25/03/10), SBS Radio (09/04/03, 28/09/09), SBS World News (05/06/11, 13/06/13), SBS Living Black (27/07/12, 20/03/14), FM Brisbane (11/07/08), Top FM (09/04/03, 19/06/06), HuffPost (28/10/19), National Indigenous Radio Service (09/04/03, 11/07/08, 26/11/09), National Indigenous TV (20/02/14), Koori Radio (09/02/10) and CAARMA (Central Australian) radio (19/06/06, 18/3/08, 23/02/11), 3CR (26/07/19), 3LO (02/08/09), 3AW (07/10/10, 23/02/11, 28/06/11, 06/04/16), 6PR Perth (28/06/11), Melbourne Talk Radio (28/06/2011), 2GB Sydney (23/02/11), 2SER Sydney (28/10/11, 10/08/16), Triple JJJ (07/10/10, 02/04/13) and 3BA FM Ballarat (24/02/11), Deakin Matters (26/11/12), ABC Goulburn Murray (27/11/12), 3GB (06/02/13), 702 ABC Sydney (30/05/13), Panorama news radio 90.7FM (27/05/13, 26/06/15) and National Indigenous Television (13/06/13), ABC WA Regional Drive Program (23/01/14), ABC Melbourne 774 (29/01/14), Geelong Pulse Drive (03/02/14), Radio Australia (05/02/14), Radio National All in The Mind (03/09/2017), Stop Everything! (01/02/2019), 5QTR FM (26/08/2018).

Prof. Paradies’ research has also been quoted in The New York Times (14/09/2017), The Age (14/03/08, p.3, 19/11/09, p. 11, 23/02/11 p. 9, 14/05/12, 01/06/13, 08/12/14, 27/08/19), The Guardian (14/03/19, 27/08/19), BuzzFeed (14/03/19), The Voice, p. 2,15 (20/11/12), The Australian (01/06/13, 14/06/13), The Canberra Times (26/04/08, p.4, 15/02/17), Herald Sun (12/09/07, 23/02/11 p. 17, 06/04/16) Koori Mail (05/07/06, p. 36), Sydney Morning Herald (06/02/10, 06/04/14), Ballarat Courier (23/02/11, 24/02/11, 25/02/11), Brimbank Weekly (01/03/11), Mx (21/05/13) as well as international media in the U.S., India and China. His four articles in the Conversation have been read over 20,000 times.


2011: Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science award

2011: University of Melbourne Early-career Researcher Award for Excellence in
Research Achievement

2010: VicHealth Annual Award for Advocacy

2007: Scholar of the Year at the National NAIDOC Awards

2007: Chairman's Special Commendation (Northern Territory Research and
Innovation Awards)

2003: American-Australian Fulbright Postgraduate Award

2002: Australia Day Councils Science and Technology Award and overall Young Achiever of the Year Award in the Northern Territory Young Australian of the Year Awards


Uink B, Bullen J, Bennett R, Martin G, Lin A, Woods J, Wright M, Paradies Y. Testing a new model for addressing covert racism faced by Indigenous youth (IN210100051 $584,000).

Miller P, Smith J, Livingston M, Guthridge S, Whyte C, Boffa J, Paradies Y, Griffiths K, Chikritzhs T, Room R, Mayshak R, Smith L, Stevens M, Paterson J, Ward J, Crane M, Thorn M, Scott D. Impacts of Banned Drinkers Register Re-introduction in Northern Territory (2019-2022). Australian Research Council linkage grant (LP180100701 $1,191,949).

Mansouri F, Akbarzadeh S, Barton G, Bliuc A, Dr Collins P, Dr Dellal H, Dr Denson N, Dunn K, Elias A, Gerrand V, Grossman M, Halafoff A, Harris A, Dr Johns A, Keddie A, Magee L, McGarty C, Paradies Y, Third A, Ungar M, Vergani M, Walton J, Whelan C (2019-2023). Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies (CRIS), Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria ($3,196,087).

Bamblett M, Salamone C, Pollet J, Watts L, Johnson G, Hunter S, Kelaher M, Paradies Y, Eades S, Wise S, La Brooy C, Luke J, Ewen S (2019-2020). Developing an Aboriginal health, wellbeing and safety research and evaluation framework. Department of Health and Human Services ($2,188,163).

Kelaher M, Paradies Y, Gee G, Ritte R, Nicholson J, Brown S, Hegarty K, Armstrong G, Waters L (2019-2023). Responding to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Aspirations to Foster Self-Determination and Social and Emotional Wellbeing. National Health and Medical Research Council Targeted call for research into Indigenous Social and Emotional Wellbeing (#1154619 $1,924,345).

Jamieson L, Paradies Y, Roberts R, Hedges J, Venner K, Mitchell A, Dunbar T, Warren C, Kularatna S, Smithers L (2019-2022). A motivational interviewing intervention to improve social and emotional well-being among Aboriginal children. National Health and Medical Research Council Targeted call for research into Indigenous Social and Emotional Wellbeing (#1153662 $898,097).

Paradies Y, Stead V, Balaton-Chrimes S (2018-2021). Beyond Recognition: Postcolonial Relationality Across Difference. Australian Research Council Discovery Indigenous grant. ($497,807).

Kelaher M, English D, Paradies Y, Kavanagh A. (2016-2017). Identifying critical success factors for mammographic screening for Indigenous women. Cancer Australia ($167,980).

Kelaher M, Kowal E, Savarirayan R, Garvey G, Baynam G, Dawkins H, Paradies Y, Pearson G, Jenkins M. (2015-19). Models and quality of genetic health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. NHMRC partnership grant #1114437 ($359,480).

Kelaher M, Kowal E, Savarirayan R, Garvey G, Baynam G, Dawkins H, Paradies Y, Pearson G. Models and quality of Genetic health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Lowitja Institute ($376,197).

Ogloff J, Shepherd S, Paradies Y, Pfeifer J. (2015). Criminology Research Grant, Swinburne University ($58,467).

Biddle N, Gray M, Hunt J, Bray R, Paradies Y, Priest N. The effectiveness of Narragunnawali: evaluating and supporting reconciliation in Schools (2015). Reconciliation Australia ($40,000).

Priest N, Dunn K, Paradies Y, Nelson J, Pedersen A, Curry P, Mouglalis E,  Stipanovic M, Thompson C Nissim R. Standing up to racism and racial bullying among Australian school students (2015-18). Australian Research Council (LP140100413), Deakin University ($760,000).

Liaw ST, Harris M, Jackson-Pulver L, Kelaher M, Furler J, Canalese R, Lau P, Wade V, Paradies Y. Improving Ways of Thinking and Ways of Doing Aboriginal and cross-cultural health in general practice 2014- 2017, National Health and Medical Research Council Project grant G132652 ($918,963).

Paradies Y. Understanding and addressing racism in Australia (2014-2017). Future Fellowship (FT130101148), Australian Research Council ($828,682).


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Funded Projects at Deakin

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Principal Supervisor

Amanuel Habtegiorgis

Thesis entitled: Measuring the Economic Consequences of Racial Discrimination in Australia

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Executive Supervisor

Jehonathan Ben

Thesis entitled: Ambivalent Motions: Eritreans Working Pursuits and Intercultural Connections in Melbourne

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences


David Leo Kelly

Thesis entitled: Activisms, Atmospheres and the Affective Life of Broome, Western Australia

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate Supervisor

Brandi Nichole Fox

Thesis entitled: Intercultural subjectivities of the everyday: A study of Australian school kids

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Suresh Joshi

Thesis entitled: Understanding health behaviour trajectories of immigrants in Australia: a longitudinal investigation

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences