Deakin Hallmarks

Deakin Hallmarks are Deakin University awards that recognise students' outstanding achievement at course level. 

Deakin Hallmarks are prestigious University awards that recognise students' outstanding achievement, at course level, of capabilities that are key to employment success. Each Hallmark warrants the achievement of a single Graduate Learning Outcome:

  • Communication
  • Digital literacy
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Self-management
  • Global citizenship.

Hallmarks have been developed through consultation between faculties and relevant employers, industry or professional bodies to ensure they signify outstanding achievement as valued and judged in professional life.

More information about Deakin Hallmarks is available to Deakin staff

How are Deakin Hallmarks awarded?

Each Hallmark is associated with criteria and standards. To apply, students must submit evidence that addresses the criteria and meets the standard, similar to applying for a job.

Deakin Hallmarks are distinct from assessment tasks associated with units. Students may include assessment artefacts as part of their evidence, as well as achievements beyond their coursework.

Evidence will be assessed by a panel of experts, including faculty and industry representatives.

What value do Hallmarks have?

Deakin Hallmarks offer students the opportunity to differentiate themselves to employers; evidencing and articulating your capabilities is vital to gaining opportunities.

Recipients of Deakin Hallmarks receive a digital credential that can be shared publicly through social media and professional platforms like LinkedIn. The digital credential links to data that verifies the criteria and standards of assessment, and the identity of the assessment panel and industry partners who endorse the award.

The achievement is also recorded on the statement of academic achievement at graduation.

Who can achieve a Deakin Hallmark?

Students who are well advanced in their course are encouraged to apply for any hallmarks available in their course. Students who are enrolled in double degrees or double majors can apply for hallmarks in each degree or major.

What happens if you're not successful?

Students who apply for but are not awarded a Hallmark will be given constructive feedback on their evidence. They can re-apply for the same Hallmark once more.

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