At Deakin University, we strive for an embedded and transparent approach to sustainability. We focus on 'what matters most' across our environmental, financial and social sustainability performance.

Sustainability is fundamentally about doing the right thing and it's what our students, our staff, our partners and our communities expect of us.

Professor Jane den Hollander

Deakin Vice-Chancellor

Sustainability reporting

We're very proud to have taken the lead in the sector for sustainability reporting. Our 2013 Sustainability Report saw Deakin become the first university globally to produce a report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines.

We continue to be a leader in sustainability reporting as seen in our latest report.

PDF Sustainability Report 2015 -3.8 MB

Embedding sustainability

Deakin is committed to embedding sustainability in everything we do, with consideration of environmental, financial and social aspects of sustainability.

The sustainability principles that guide our decisions and practices include:

  • embedding sustainability into our decision making
  • identifying, measuring and monitoring our environmental, financial and social sustainability performance
  • implementing actions that provide enhanced sustainability outcomes 
  • fostering engagement, participation and a culture of sustainability within the University’s community
  • promoting social justice and equity
  • shaping lifelong sustainable behaviours of staff and students
  • providing opportunity and ease for sustainable choices
  • building resilience through preparing to respond effectively to incidents or disruptions.

Sustainability in practice

Design and use of Deakin's built environment

Our aim is to design, construct and operate our built environment to the best practical environmental standards with a commitment to constructing new buildings to the equivalent of a five-star Green Star rating.

Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) principles have been incorporated in all new buildings at Deakin for some years, with several of these buildings being recognised as outstanding demonstrations of environmentally and socially conscious buildings.

Recycling and waste

Our commitment is to embed waste management practices that encourage the Deakin community to reduce, re-use and recycle and to avoid disposal to landfill.


Deakin aims to minimise disruption to the natural ecosystems of each campus by embedding biodiversity principles in building standards and campus experience standards.

Carbon emissions

Deakin is committed to monitoring carbon emissions and seeking to understand current and future impacts of climate change and implementing initiatives where viable.

Energy and resource use

Deakin is committed to measuring and monitoring the use of resources. Energy use – especially the optimisation of building performance – is a particular focus, as is water security.

Embedding social justice and equity into decision making

Deakin aims to embed a culture and the necessary frameworks that ensure social justice and equity are core considerations when planning and making decisions.

Sustainable transport

Deakin works hard to provide accessible, sustainable transport options to, from and between campuses. Providing sustainable transport options contributes positively to the reduction of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as well as the reduction of traffic congestion on and around campuses.

Sustainable procurement

Deakin aims to ensure that procurement practices align with the University’s sustainability principles by considering social procurement and supply chain integrity. Deakin recognises it has an implicit role in furthering sustainable development through its procurement of goods and services.

Blue Moon

The Blue Moon strategy's aim is to reduce unnecessary intercampus travel by leveraging Deakin's advanced video-conferencing and other digital capabilities. When Deakin students and staff use car travel ‘once in a blue moon', our carbon footprint is reduced significantly.

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