Getting started at Deakin

Congratulations on your appointment, and welcome to Deakin University!

After you've signed your contract, but before you officially begin working with us, you may have questions you'd like answered. We've put together a general, short guide to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions by new staff.

Before you start

Do I have a staff ID, and do I need one? 

All Deakin staff are assigned an ID number.

You may have been assigned an ID number prior to commencement, and if you’ve worked at Deakin previously your ID number should be the same as before.

You may be asked for your ID number to verify your identity (e.g. by the IT helpdesk). It is also printed on your Deakin card.

How do I get an email address?

On commencement you'll be provided with a username and temporary password, which will give you access to email.

Your Deakin login credentials (username and password) will allow you to access most Deakin online systems including email. If you need it prior to commencement, contact your manager to arrange systems and IT access.

I need to provide evidence of my qualifications. How do I do this?

Your letter of offer says that presenting evidence of your qualifications (if applicable) is part of the terms and conditions of your employment. There are a number of nominees who can sight these and scan/photocopy them for your HR records. Alternatively, you can visit HR to have them scanned/copied there.

Learn more about submitting evidence of your qualifications

Will I be required to work at other campuses beside my own?

Being a multi-campus university, there may well be times that you need to visit a campus that isn’t your primary location.

However, we try to limit travel to situations where you really need to be in the same place at the same time. We have excellent technology to help us to work together effectively from different locations, including Skype for Business and bookable videoconferencing facilities.

Your manager will advise you if regular inter-campus travel is a requirement of your role. Most staff are eligible to access Deakin University fleet vehicles for travel on University business.

Find out more about Deakin University fleet vehicles

Find out more about video-conferencing facilities

What is recognition of prior service?

The University recognises service from a selection of other organisations for the purpose of calculating sick leave and long service leave entitlements.

To see if you're eligible, check the procedure. If you're eligible, register your details with the Human Resources Division.

What is Deakin Central?

Deakin Central is the starting point for students for questions about their Deakin studies. It's also where staff can learn more about car parking and obtain a staff ID card (Deakin Card).

Where can I find out more about superannuation?

UniSuper is the superannuation fund of choice for Deakin University.

You might find it beneficial to speak to UniSuper’s on-campus consultants about your membership. They can:

  • provide information about your membership and the options available
  • explain how to set up access to MemberOnline, your online account
  • outline and direct you to other services and tools provided by UniSuper
  • give you general information about your account, and
  • help answer general questions about our forms or paperwork.

Book a free appointment to see a UniSuper Consultant, on campus or in the Melbourne CBD

Learn more about superannuation at Deakin

Can I salary sacrifice at Deakin?

Yes, you can salary package a car through our novated lease provider, NLC, and there are a few other items that you can pay for by a direct deduction from your salary, which may or may not be a pre-tax payment. This applies to the workplace giving program, corporate mobile phone program and gym membership.

Find out more about salary packaging

Learn more about the workplace giving program

Learn more about the personal mobile phone plan

Find out more about gym membership at Deakin

Your first day

Who do I report to?

If you’re unsure about this, it’s best to sort it out in advance by asking your manager (if you’re not sure of their name, their position title will be on your letter of offer).

If for some reason you really don’t know who your manager is, it’s best to try to contact the person who offered you the role by phone. If you need help you can call Human Resources (HR).

Find your HR contacts (XLSX, 11.1KB)

Where do I park and do I have to pay for it?

Depending on your work location there are numerous car parks available for staff. There are maps available that will assist you in determining the most appropriate car park for you.

To park on campus you must pay for parking. There are options available that allow you to pay for parking on a daily basis, or you can buy a permit for a longer period.

Learn more about parking

How do I get there by public transport?

There are various options depending on your campus location.

Learn more about getting to our campuses via public transport

What are the dress standards for my role?

Professional attire is always required in the workplace, but your manager will advise you of any specific dress standards for your role. For example, your role may require you to wear protective clothing, a uniform, or allow you to wear casual clothes on certain days. If you’re unsure about what to wear to work, ask your supervisor.

What does induction at Deakin involve?

Depending on your role there may be three components to your Deakin induction: a local induction, a short online induction module and an interactive induction session.

Local induction

After you've arrived in your new work area, you’ll need to quickly become familiar with it. You’ll be introduced to colleagues, the facilities, tools and work practices as soon as possible. Your supervisor will ensure this happens in order to make your commencement with Deakin as smooth as possible. Your local induction will give you a greater understanding of the goings-on in your specific area, who does what, and who you are likely to be working closely with. 

You will be required to have a staff ID card (Deakin Card), which will gain you access into the buildings/departments appropriate to your role. Your supervisor will assist you with this through Deakin Central, and also help you if you need keys for offices/cabinets etc. You will also need your username or Deakin Card to access photocopiers. You can copy and print locally wherever you're based. Your local induction will also cover relevant occupational health and safety information. This should occur in the first week or two. 

The purpose of the local induction is to familiarise you with your local work area, give you information that is specific to your work area, and access to the tools you need to do your job.

Online induction

In the first few days, you should complete the online compliance training modules – one of them will be an induction module. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the portal, where you'll see which online compliance training modules you are required to complete and by when.

The purpose of the online induction is to give all Deakin staff the same essential information about their terms and conditions of employment. It contains information that applies to all staff as opposed to area-specific or role-specific information.

Learn more about compliance training (authentication required)

Interactive induction

All fixed-term and continuing staff should attend an Interactive induction session to meet a member of the University Executive and other new staff.

These two-hour sessions are held regularly at the Burwood and Geelong campuses (Waurn Ponds and Waterfront), and give you the opportunity to find out more about Deakin and to meet other new staff like yourself. Your supervisor will advise you how to enrol through DeakinPeople.

Find out more about DeakinPeople and other Deakin applications

Pay, salary and performance

When are pay days and how do I see my payslip?

Pay days are fortnightly on a Thursday. They're displayed on the HR Division Calendar at 'My income' through the DeakinSync for staff.

Learn more about your pay (Deakin login required)

To view your payslip you need to login to DeakinPeople. On the DeakinSync homepage click on 'DeakinPeople' at the top of the screen.

How do the salary increments work?

Whether you’re an academic or professional staff member, each classification (pay grade) has a number of increments, or steps. A staff member who performs satisfactorily in their role will receive an annual salary increment on the anniversary of their appointment until they reach the top of their classification.

Learn more about classifications, pay rates and increments via Deakin's Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 1.1MB)


Your probation period (if applicable) is stated in your letter of offer. There is quite a difference in the duration of the probation periods between Academic and Professional staff so ensure you are aware of your own situation.

Learn more about academic staff probation

Learn more about professional staff probation

Performance appraisal

To understand how you're performing and receive feedback and development support, Deakin has a performance appraisal program called DeakinAchieve, which takes place over a 12-month period with three formal stages:

  • Stage one – plan and set objectives.
  • Stage two – mid-year discussion.
  • Stage three – end-of-year review.

What other staff benefits can we offer you at Deakin?

Deakin offers a wide range of staff benefits, including ones that relate to salary, work/life balance and staff development. 

Learn more about Deakin's staff benefits