Deakin Business School dual degree programs

A dual degree with an international experience

Studying a dual degree means you can obtain two degrees in the same duration as a single degree.* The Deakin Business School offers three dual degrees that are run in partnership with international universities.

With these degrees, you'll experience two different ways of teaching and learning, and have the chance to explore another country and culture. As well as all this, you’ll have a competitive edge in the workplace both nationally and internationally.

Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)/Bachelor of Sport Management (B.S.M.)

Deakin University and Ohio University have partnered to offer you an amazing opportunity to earn two bachelor’s degrees for only one additional year of study. After completing the first 2 years of the Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) at Deakin, students then spend two trimesters at Ohio University (B.S.M.), before returning to Deakin for their final year of studies. You’ll gain invaluable international experience, complete internship requirements, and establish an international network of professional contacts in the sport industry.

Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) – Deakin University

Make your mark behind the scenes in the dynamic sport industry through Deakin's Bachelor of Business (Sport Management). You'll develop the skills required to manage sport organisations, coordinate sporting competitions and major events, and work in community-based sporting programs.

When you join the longest-running sport management course in Australia, you'll gain access to unique opportunities with leading clubs and organisations. Our partnerships with the Geelong Football Club, Deakin Melbourne Boomers and Netball Victoria will open the door to many exciting placement experiences

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Bachelor of Sport Management (B.S.M) – Ohio University

The undergraduate sport management program at Ohio University will give you the academic preparation and practical training required for success in the sport industry.

Ohio University is proudly the first university in the world to teach a sport management academic program (1966). With over 55 years history, Ohio have a wealth of experienced academics and industry connections. In 2021, 85% of sport management graduates experienced positive outcomes such as employment or continuing education within six months.

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Course structure

Institution Trimester Unit name
Deakin T1 (March to June) MMS100 Sport Organisation
MAA103 Accounting for Decision Making
MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance
MMM132 Management
Deakin T2 (July to October) MAE101 Economic Principles
MMS201 Sport in Society
MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals
MWL101 Personal Insight
Deakin T1 (March to June) MIS171 Business Analytics
MMS202 Managing High Performance Sport
Level 2 or 3 Elective
Level 2 or 3 Elective
Deakin T2 (July to October) MLC101 Law for Commerce
MMS313 Sport Leadership & Governance
Level 2 or 3 Elective
Level 2 or 3 Elective
Ohio Spring Semester (January to May) ENG1510 Writing and Rhetoric 1
BA1100 Introduction to Business and Ethical Reasoning
Pillars Elective: Natural Science
BRICKS Elective: choice of ANTH 1010, ANTH 2700, GEOG 1310, or SOC 2700 to satisfy Foundations: Intercultural Explorations and Arches: Connected World Requirements
SASM1010 Introduction to Sport Management
SASM3400 Sport Data Strategy and Innovation
Ohio Fall Semester (August to December) Pillars: Humanities Arts Elective
Pillars: Humanities Texts and Contexts elective
SASM400 Diversity and Inclusion in Sport
SASM4500 Bobcat Sport Consulting
SASM4450 Sport Ticket Sales and Revenue Streams
Arches: Natural World Elective
SASM2920 The Sport Experience or SASM3910 Internship

Internship Experience in Summer – minor baseball league team
Deakin T1 (March to June) MMS307 Sport Facility & Event Management
MLC310 Sport and the Law
Level 2 or 3 Elective
Level 2 or 3 Elective
Deakin T2 (July to October) MMS308 Sport Marketing
MMS306 Sport Practicum
Level 2 or 3 Elective
Level 2 or 3 Elective

Master of Business Analytics/TEMA Innovation and Digital Management

Study at Deakin and spend two trimesters in France, at Neoma Business School. Neoma is one of France’s leading business schools and holds triple accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA).

Develop a deep understanding of business analytics as well as the ability to efficiently lead analytics-based projects and manage teams in an international environment.

This program offers the best of practical learning as well as developing your research capabilities. A six-month internship will provide rich experience in the European business environment, and you will complete a research thesis to gain insight into a pressing industry topic.

Master of Business Analytics – Deakin University

This course introduces you to a range of internationally-recognised business intelligence and analytics tools and has a very strong practical focus. You’ll learn how decision-making problems in business can be solved using modern modelling and solution techniques.
Deakin’s business analytics program has been developed in partnership with industry needs. These are drawn from course partners including IBM, Microsoft, SAS, Altis Consulting, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PBT Group and PwC.

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TEMA Innovation and Digital Management – Neoma Business School

This course is one of a suite of masters level qualifications from Neoma Business School that blend thinking and practice in management, creativity and digital technology to develop agile and creative managers who are ready for startups and innovative digital environments.

Taught entirely in English, the Innovation and Digital Management course develops skills in four key areas of professional practice:

  • designing and steering innovation
  • managing technological and digital projects in information systems
  • steering and coordinating multi-disciplinary and international project teams
  • digital transformation: designing and implementing the digital transformation of organisations.

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Course structure

InstitutionTrimester Unit name
Deakin T1 (March to June) MIS781- Business Intelligence & Database
MIS770 – Foundation Skills in Data Analysis
MIS775 – Decision Modelling for Business Analytics
Neoma/Deakin Semester 1 (T2 equivalent - July to October) Digital business strategy
Project management methodologies
Business analytics
Supply chain optimization
Change management in the IT environment

MIS771 – Descriptive Analytics and Visualization via Cloud
Neoma/Deakin Semester 2 (T1 equivalent - January to June) Internship

MIS772 – Predictive Analytics via Cloud
Deakin T2 (July to October) MIS780 – Advanced AI
MIS779 – Decision Analytics in Practice
MIS784 – Marketing Analytics
Deakin/Neoma T3 (November to February) TEMA Thesis (written thesis and oral presentation) via Cloud

Master of Commerce/Master in International Strategic Management

Become a business leader by completing two degrees from Deakin and Lund University in Sweden.

Lund University is consistently ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. Home to over 40,000 students, the university provides education in engineering, science, law, social sciences, economics and management.

The Master of Commerce/Master of International Strategic Management is a powerful dual qualification in business that delivers comprehensive and applied knowledge in core business concepts and practices.

With strong industry relevance, the degree is built on an innovative, technology-driven learning platform that provides you with the necessary digital competencies to discover, discuss and solve complex business problems. Its international perspective also gives you the opportunity to explore the impact of ethics, culture and globalisation on contemporary business issues.

Master of Commerce – Deakin University

This program delivers a solid cross-section of business disciplines that allows you to complete a specialisation in areas such as accounting, business analytics, finance, marketing or international trade and business.

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Master’s in International Strategic Management – Lund University

The Master’s in International Strategic Management is a one-year program for graduates of business administration, interested in how to analyse, formulate and implement strategies and to become a senior organisational leader.

Find out more about Lund's Master's in International Strategic Management

This dual degree comprises:

  • 6 core units – Deakin
  • 4 core units – Lund
  • 2 elective units – Deakin
  • 4 specialisation units – Deakin.

Course structure

Institution Trimester Unit name
Deakin T1 (March to June) Accounting
Business Communication for Managers
Economics for Managers
Deakin T2 (July to October) Elective
Specified core unit
Specialisation unit
Specialisation unit
Lund Spring Trimester (January to June) Corporate Finance and Value Management
Degree Project in Strategic Management
Management of Innovations
Research Methods
Deakin T2 (July to October) Building Success in Commerce
Specified core unit
Specialisation unit
Specialisation unit

How to apply

Please contact us if you're interested in undertaking a dual degree with the Deakin Business School. We're happy to answer any questions you have and help you with your application.

+61 3 9246 8989


*Dual Degree with Ohio University extends total course duration by 1 year