The future of work is exciting and challenging. Technology and culture are rapidly changing the way we work now, and the jobs we’ll do in the future.

DeakinCo. delivers purpose-built learning, development and measurement solutions to help organisations prepare their workforce for the future.

What DeakinCo. can do for your workforce

Where do we learn the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the future of work? 
It’s in the workplace where we develop and hone our capabilities.

DeakinCo. specialises in designing professional development programs and bespoke training solutions to revolutionise how organisations recognise, reward and develop their people.

As part of Deakin University, DeakinCo. has the necessary skills, expertise and resources to offer businesses solutions that can recognise, refine and reward learning at work.

What makes us different?

Applying design thinking

We know every workplace and its challenges are unique. We design every solution by considering the needs of the organisation, and ensuring we deliver the outcomes needed.


Starting with the problem, we engage in constructive dialogue by openly discussing your culture, your needs, and identify capability and performance gaps.


Positive change comes from motivated learners. That’s why we place the learner at the centre of every performance solution. If you’re inspired about the future of work and enhancing workplace capability, then let’s work and learn together.

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