Combining experience and innovation, DeakinCo. uses the latest in learning and development technologies to future-proof your business. We design solutions that encompass your organisation’s existing skills, while developing the right mix for the future in a continuous learning journey.

Identify and build your skills

It can be difficult for an organisation to accurately measure a workforce’s skills. Wanting to use science rather than guess work, DeakinCo. developed a model that assesses and recognises skills at various levels.

We work with you and your organisation to apply our Professional Practice credentials to your team, whereby employees are awarded a university credential upon meeting specific criteria. This helps you benchmark skills and knowledge across the board, and enables you to harness people’s strengths while reskilling them in a relevant, certified and cost-effective way.

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Individual learning solutions

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we offer consultancy services and develop learning that aligns with your organisational strategy and culture, drawing on the most relevant research and practice.

Tailored framework

We work with you to design a solution using the research-based 70:20:10 framework to include experiential, social and formal learning opportunities.

Recognised qualifications

As a registered training organisation, we provide tailored, nationally recognised vocational courses, as well as pathways to Deakin qualifications.

Engaging content

We believe in delivering programs with content above and beyond the industry standard, including our comprehensive financial services program.

Innovative and measured learning

Using the latest developments in education technology helps us improve the data and information we gather, which means better solutions for you. This includes:

  • experience API (xAPI) to track performance data and measure learning impact
  • speech technology to validate user identities online
  • digital learning software to better analyse and personalise learning
  • job profiling software to predict future skill sets and labour market trends
  • management applications to enhance coaching conversations
  • capability and performance assessment applications.

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We have been providing award-winning learning and development solutions to organisations across Australia for more than 25 years.