Study Middle Eastern history, culture and society, and develop communication skills in modern Arabic. As a graduate you'll find employment in a wide range of settings, including government departments, major corporations and multicultural associations.

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Career opportunities

Graduates can find employment in the following fields:

  • education sector
  • federal defence agencies
  • government departments
  • immigration departments
  • intelligence agencies
  • major corporations
  • management consultancies
  • media organisations
  • multicultural associations
  • research and translation services.


Undergraduate (your first degree)

An undergraduate degree is generally completed between two to four years, depending on the pattern of study and any recognition of prior learning you may have. Associate degrees, bachelor and bachelor with honours are all undergraduate degrees.


Higher Degrees by Research (supervised research)

Research degrees are research based master’s or PhD programs that focus on a single area of expertise. They provide students the opportunity to carry out highly specialised research under expert supervision.

Award-winning professors

Study under Associate Professor Abdel-Hakeem Kasem, a multi-award winning teacher who lectures in Arabic language and culture studies.

Research with us

If you've got a unique take on how the Arabic language can further benefit cross-cultural partnerships or add insight into another field of study, a higher degree by research could be for you.

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Flexible study, no matter your course

In addition to our language Diplomas, languages can be studied as a major or minor sequence within the Bachelor of Arts and as a major within the Bachelor of International Studies and Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar). On top of this, a language may be able to be studied across many of Deakin’s other courses.

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