Why do a credential?

Are you looking to take the next step in your career and want a cost- and time-effective way to stand out from others? Deakin’s Professional Practice credentials recognise the skills and knowledge you’ve developed through learning, work and experience.

How do credentials work?

Professional Practice credentials are versatile and can be used:

  • to evidence your employability skills to current or future employers
  • for recognition of prior learning towards a range of Master's courses
  • in Master's courses designed to incorporate credentials

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How much experience do I need?

Credentials are available to candidates at all levels of experience, from workers without a degree to advanced professionals with deep specialised knowledge.

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We'll support your success

Our staff on the credential support desk are available to answer any questions you have about the credentialling process.

We also have online resources such as candidate guides and instructional videos, which include information on how to collect evidence and write your reflective testimony.

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What will I get out of a credential?

Feedback from successful candidates tells us that credentials help the bearer to be more confident about the capabilities they have acquired through their work and career experience. Credentials also signal to employers and industry that you have proof of your capabilities, including those key skills that are not always easy to test and measure.

When you're awarded a credential, you'll be issued a digital badge confirming you have a specific capability. This badge has metadata that includes a description of the credential and the criteria you’ve satisfied.  You can share your credential on your CV and LinkedIn to better highlight your skills and expertise and how they might apply to current and future roles.

Credit towards future study

In addition to growing and recognising your skills, credentials earned at the master's-aligned level can earn you credit towards postgraduate study at Deakin.

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