Sport management 

CSR's research in this theme covers sport governance in national and state sport organisations, sport strategy and organisation theory. We also examine corporate social responsibility and sustainability – particularly in relation to environmental management, such as water use in sports.

Our work in sports marketing focuses on consumer behaviour, with specific interest in the ongoing research on AFL season ticket holder management.

We also focus on social media, sponsorship and branding.


This theme is dominated by sport governance research, but also involves sport strategy and organisation theory. 

Our research examines governance in national and state sport organisations in a federal model and focuses on:

  • the role of volunteer directors
  • strategic capability of boards 
  • how boards in a federated sport network work together. 

Collaborative governance is a growing research focus, as is the potential for a uniform structure to guide the future governance of sport.


This research area focuses on consumer behaviour, with specific interest surrounding the ongoing research on AFL season ticket holder management, retention and prediction of behaviours. 

We also examine value exchange and relationships between sport organisations and consumers. 

Further research focuses on member behaviour at the Peninsula Aquatic and Recreation Centre, with potential for expansion to other leisure centres. 

Social media related research is also an area of increasing attention, as is sponsorship and branding.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

A strong theme emerging is corporate social responsibility and in particular, sustainability and the environment, with water management as an example in Australia. 

Corporate social responsibility in professional sport and links to the community has been a growing trend. Another strong emerging research theme relates to sustainability and analysing what natural resources are used by sport organisations, especially within professional sport and sport stadia.