Workplace learning

The chance to experience the workforce while you're still studying is invaluable. We've got heaps of industry contacts and a wide range of internship, work placement and work-integrated learning programs, so you can get a head start in your field.

Benefits of workplace learning

 Getting the chance to work in industry while you’re still studying will help you to:

  • apply and consolidate knowledge gained in your course
  • gain credit towards your degree
  • bridge the gap between theory and practice in your field
  • experience workplace and industry culture
  • explore career options relevant to your discipline
  • develop professional work practices and networks
  • be work ready when you finish your studies
  • have an edge in the job-seeking market.

I was so excited that I would get the chance to complete an internship, because I got to apply the skills that I had learned during my studies.



Types of workplace learning


Interns@Deakin is a work-experience program run by DeakinTALENT which provides students with the opportunity to undertake professional work experience within the University.

The skills and experiences you develop in a professional work environment are extremely important as you search for that future graduate role – so why not study and complete an internship at Deakin?

Find out more and apply for the program through the DeakinTALENT website and please direct enquiries to:

International internships

Depending on your course, you may also have the chance to undertake an international internship. These are usually intensive and can be done on your own or as part of a team.

Learn more about international internship opportunities

There are also workplace learning programs within individual faculties and courses, such as:

  • work-integrated learning (WIL)
  • community-based volunteering
  • industry-based learning (IBL)
  • practicum placement
  • professional practice.

We can offer you flexibility for how and when you’ll get real workplace experience in your field.

There are programs where you can work a couple of hours a week over a trimester (or year), programs where you do an intensive, full-time four-week placement, and programs with other time commitments to fit into your schedule.

Deakin University work placement program

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Work-integrated learning units

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Financial assistance for workplace learning

Deakin is keen for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in workplace learning programs. 

To help achieve this, we have Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) government funding for our work placement program, and the WIL Financial Support Scheme for the WIL program. 

The HEPPP funding aims to help domestic undergraduate students who:

  • are from low socio-economic backgrounds
  • have a disability or disabilities
  • are from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island backgrounds
  • are from rural and remote areas
  • are from a non-English speaking background
  • are women in non-traditional areas of study.

Find out more about HEPPP

Students are eligible for the WIL Financial Support Scheme if they are:

  • a domestic undergraduate student enrolled in a WIL unit 
  • experiencing financial hardship
  • experiencing other forms of hardship.

Find out more about the WIL Financial Support Scheme