Student access and equity

We welcome learners from diverse backgrounds who enrich our community. We work with partners, both local and international, to facilitate non-traditional and flexible pathways into a Deakin education and support our students throughout their learning journey.

Creating accessible education for all

Our goal to expand access to education is underpinned by our values and Deakin’s guiding strategic plan. Our programs and activities aim to nurture students from the very start of their university journey through to graduation.

Deakin’s strategy Deakin 2030: Ideas to Impact further strives to enable greater access to higher education for aspiring, talented students from all backgrounds. Additionally, our Education and Employability Guiding Plan prioritises a student experience that optimises entry and participation for diverse learners and will provide tailored support to promote student success.

Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program

Our equity initiatives are funded by the Australian Government's Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) and aim to build on Deakin’s inclusive and welcoming culture. We promote access to higher education and encourage pathways into undergraduate courses for students who have a low socio-economic status, or are from a regional, remote or Indigenous background. Our HEPPP projects are designed in collaboration with teams of academic and professional staff. Deakin’s HEPPP-funded activities include services such as self-directed learning, library help, peer support communities and tailored one-on-one assistance.

HEPPP at Deakin is a mix of established evidence-based programs and innovative new projects. We have a range of activities that help nurture prospective students from the very start of their university journey. Our initiatives include:

  • Highlighting pathways to higher education for low socio-economic, regional, rural, remote and Indigenous students, parents, carers, schools and communities through school-based activities.
  • Promoting all our possible entry schemes to students from under-represented backgrounds who want to pursue higher education.
  • Raising awareness and participation in academic, personal and financial support opportunities for students that assist in retention through their degree.
  • Employability programs that prepare students for success in their chosen career through workshops, mentoring, cadetships and internships.
Deakin Engagement and Access Program

Deakin Engagement and Access Program

University should be an opportunity available to everyone. The Deakin Engagement and Access Program (DEAP) works with students to break down socio-economic barriers in accessing education, and helps to build aspiration and confidence to support them in making decisions about their future educational and career pathways.

Special Entry Access Scheme

Special Entry Access Scheme

If something happens during your studies that changes your circumstances or makes it difficult to complete your studies, special consideration is available to acknowledge the obstacles you’ve overcome while preparing for uni. VTAC’s Special Entry Access Scheme adjusts your rank based on your level of consideration and allows you to still achieve your study goals despite the challenges you’ve faced.

Indigenous Access Scheme

The Indigenous Access Scheme recognises the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and looks beyond their ATAR and academic results to provide them an offer to study at Deakin. We consider all the skills, experience and community work that make students unique, and support them every step of the way.

Find out more about the Indigenous Access Scheme

Deakin Regional Access Scheme

No matter where you live, you can be rewarded for your hard work sooner with the Deakin Regional Access Scheme. We look beyond your ATAR at the skills, experience and achievements that make you unique and prepare you for university, meaning you could receive an early, conditional offer sooner than your peers.

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