Nicol Drive South Extension, Waurn Ponds Campus

Deakin is extending its internal campus road network to provide access to new zones as part of the Geelong Future Economy Precinct.

Project summary



Completion date

December 2018

Project manager

Mariska Cornelius
+61 3 524 79268

Project details

Nicol Drive South is being extended by 700m beyond Waurn Ponds Estate, towards the west.

The extension will include new section of roadway to service the proposed Renewable Energy Microgrid, fencing, landscaping, and a gravel pedestrian pathway connecting Waurn Ponds Estate to other areas of campus.

The works will take place between September and December 2018.

Where and why we need it

Nicol Drive South currently terminates at the Waurn Ponds Estate.

The Nicol Drive South extension will provide access to the Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Zone in the South Western quadrant of the campus, and service the proposed Renewable Energy Microgrid as part of the Geelong Future Economy Precinct.

The project will provide a new entry into Waurn Ponds Estate, as well a new pedestrian pathway connected Waurn Ponds Estate to other pathways in the campus network.

Campus impact

Nicol Drive South

The works will require the use of heavy plant and equipment however given its distanced location from the campus core, noise disruption is expected to be minimal. Heavy construction traffic will access the site via Nicol Drive South. This may cause some noise and traffic delays in the area.

Local environment

Some sections of the gravel running track and external loop pathway around Nicol Drive South and Waurn Ponds Estate will be closed during the project, with redirections in place.

Planning approval has been provided for removal of exotic vegetation in the immediate area. The project will include landscaping to replace lost vegetation, including 70 new trees.

Waurn Ponds Estate

A temporary modified entry road into the Waurn Ponds Estate car park will be in place while the road extension and new permanent entry are constructed.

The overflow car park for Waurn Ponds Estate events will also be temporary relocated.

Appropriate signage and traffic management controls will be in place to manage these changes and minimise disruption.