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Dr Tebeje Molla Mekonnen



Research Fellow, DECRA


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 2013


Dr. Tebeje Molla (Mekonnen) is a Research Fellow (ARC-DECRA) in the School of Education at Deakin University. Tebeje holds degrees in history education (Bahir Dar University, 2004), curriculum (Addis Ababa University, 2007), sociology of education (Aarhus University, 2009) and sociology (Monash University, 2013).

Tebeje has established a research program that focuses on understanding educational inequality and policy responses at systemic (national) and institutional (universities and schools) levels.

Tebeje has extensive experience in undertaking large-scale research projects. As a research fellow and a CI, he participated in a number of nationally funded projects that examined different aspects of educational disadvantage and equity instruments. He has also received internal funding support from Deakin University to investigate equity issues in higher education as well as in the early childhood education and care sector.

Tebeje has published in high-impact international journals in his field. He also writes newspaper commentaries on Ethiopian politics and occasionally appears on the media (e.g. SBS Amharic) to discuss current affairs in relation to African communities in Australia.

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Biography summary

Dr Tebeje Molla's research focuses on education policy, social inclusion, educational justice, research training policy, and teacher professional learning. Theoretically, his work is informed by critical sociology and a capability approach to social justice and human development.

On completing his postdoctoral fellowship, Tebeje has been awarded Australian Research Council's Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA, 2019-2021). His DECRA project explores higher education participation of refugee-background African youth in Australia.

Research interests

  • Education policy analysis 
  • Educational justice
  • Social inclusion and education 
  • Educational experiences of refugee-background African youth
  • Graduate research training and employability
  • Teacher professional learning

Teaching interests

  • Education policy
  • Sociology of education
  • Sociology
  • Qualitative research method

Units taught

EDX704 Research Paper

EDX706 Minor Thesis


1. Positioning the Role of Teacher Librarians in the Brisbane Hearings of the 2010 House of Representatives Committee Inquiry; completed, 2019

2. Educational Experiences of South Sudanese Heritage Students

Knowledge areas

  • Education policy
  • Equity in education
  • Teacher professional learning
  • Graduate research training and employability


Tebeje's areas of expertise include policy analysis, equity research in education, critical social research, research graduate employability, and teacher professional learning.
  • Africa
  • Education
  • Higher education
  • Policy
  • Refugees
  • Youth/young people's issues


Tebeje has presented his work at annual educational/sociological conferences including:

  • AARE: Australian Association for Research in Education
  • BERA: British Educational Research Association
  • ECER: European Conference on Educational Research
  • ICES: International and Comparative Education Society (USA)
  • TASA: The Australian Sociological Association
  • TIES: The Inclusive Education Summit

Professional activities

Tebeje is a member of the Refugee Council of Australia’s Education Special Interest Group. He is currently a co-convenor of AARE’s CALD SIG, and serves as a member of expert groups in ARC projects. He is also a member of the College of Reviewers (CoR) for the Higher Education Research and Development journal. In addition, Tebeje reviews manuscripts submitted to the following journals:

  • Critical Studies in Education
  • Higher Education
  • Discourse
  • Studies in Higher Education
  • European Educational Research Journal
  • Policy Futures in Education
  • Global Public Policy
  • Review of African Political Economy

Research groups

Research for Educational Impact (REDI)


Discovery Early  Career Award, DECRA (ARC, 2019)

Endeavour Research Leadership Award (DET, 2019)


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Enhancing Higher Education Participation of African Refugee Youth

Dr Tebeje Molla Mekonnen

ARC DECRA - Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

  • 2020: $131,612
  • 2019: $110,668

Other Public Sector Funding

COVID-19 Online Learning Landscapes and CALDMR students: Opportunities and Challenges

Dr Lisa Hartely, A/Prof Loshini Naidoo, Dr Rachel Burke, Dr Tebeje Molla Mekonnen, Dr Clemence Due, Dr Joel Anderson, Dr Teresa De Fazio, Carolina Morison, Dr William Mude, A/Prof Ravinder Sidhu

  • 2020: $3,046


No completed student supervisions to report