Global Education Program

Get a wider perspective on teaching by participating in our Global Education Program.

You’ll have the opportunity to travel and work in the Northern Territory or a selection of overseas destinations. Broaden your horizons and develop your skills in intercultural education.

To ensure the ongoing safety of the University community, Deakin’s Global Education Program is currently paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to provide our Education students with the opportunity to participate in our global program once again when interstate and international travel is safe to do so.

Discover a world of opportunities

Whether you choose to immerse yourself in an Indigenous community or take your early teaching skills abroad, the Global Education Program (GEP) is one of the highlights of a Deakin education degree.

The program offers pre-service teachers a diverse range of experiences. In recent years the GEP included placements in the Northern Territory, Nepal, Switzerland, Chile and Vanuatu. These locations can change year to year.

How can a GEP be taken?

The GEP can be taken as either one of the following:

  • a replacement for one of the regular teaching practicums in your studies
  • a component in the elective unit EEG302 – Place, Culture and Teaching in a Global Context.

Is a GEP right for me?

There's a huge upside to getting involved in a GEP. Professionally, it's an opportunity to engage in diverse educational settings that challenge you to teach taking into account cultural influences and geographical variations.

Personally it can change your view of the community you live and work in, while expanding your understanding of the world.

Am I eligible to participate?

Students must be enrolled in one of these courses:

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Health and Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Arts / Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Bachelor of Science / Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Master of Teaching (Primary)
  • Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Master of Applied Learning and Teaching (Secondary)

Eligibility for a GEP is restricted to students who have successfully completed a local practicum and are in at least the third year of their four year undergraduate degree.

Students within one of the above Master of Teaching degrees are eligible to undertake the GEP in their first year.

Applications open in March each year.

What will a GEP cost?

Your GEP price includes economy-class airfare, accommodation and on-ground transport. Costs vary by destination and length of placement, which is generally anywhere between three and five weeks in duration.

You may be eligible for a variety of funding programs to help financially support you in undertaking a GEP.

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