Student Emergency Assistance Fund

The Student Emergency Assistance Fund supports students facing significant financial distress due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the current economic downturn. Your contribution will go directly to the program and allow students to focus on their studies.

The Deakin University Community Bank will be matching any new donation of $100 or more, up to the value of $20,000. This means your gift will have double the impact in supporting Deakin students.

Delivering hope for Deakin students

The massive economic downturn in 2020 has left thousands of Deakin students facing unprecedented financial distress. As studies have moved online, some students are struggling to access appropriate equipment, with many now facing serious food and housing insecurity.

The safety and wellbeing of our community has always been our top priority and Deakin is doing everything possible to provide immediate support for those of our students in dire need. It has never been so important for us to pull together to support each other and our students, particularly the most vulnerable within our community.

As part of a range of responses, Deakin has launched the Student Emergency Assistance Fund. This fund supports students who are facing significant financial distress, with emergency grants of up to A$500. Thousands of students have been supported this year and, with an overwhelming need still very apparent, this need is outstripping the size of the fund.

In this time of crisis we continue to see the absolute best of our community. The Deakin family has again come together in many inspiring ways. One generous alumnus has made a gift of A$100,000 to the fund; the Deakin University Student Union (DUSA) has stepped forward to donate the same, and Deakin University Community Bank has given A$50,000. With many more Deakin staff, alumni and friends coming forward with donations large and small to help grow the fund, our community is changing the course of hundreds of student lives at Deakin.

Matching your gift

The Deakin University Community Bank has committed  to match any gift of $100 or more, up to $20,000, to the fund before 31 December. In this way, your generous donation will have double the impact in supporting our students.

Thank you! Oh wow, I was blown over when I read this email! I can't even begin to explain what a difference this makes. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can make this work.

Grant recipient of the Student Emergency Assistance Fund

Deakin’s fund has reduced the pressure felt by a lot of students during this unprecedented year, and has ensured that they have the time and energy to focus on their education instead of stressing about supporting themselves.

Emily Sagolj

President, Deakin University Student Association

It is our pleasure to be able to support students when they need it most. Making a meaningful difference within the Deakin community is the reason that Deakin University Community Bank was established. Together with our customers, we have been able to help students in hardship continue their education.

Rosanna Miguel

Relationship Manager, Deakin University Community Bank

How can you help?

A simple and powerful way for you to help our students in critical need is to give to Deakin’s Student Emergency Assistance Fund. It takes just a minute to pledge your support of the fund, with 100% of your tax-deductible donation going to this vital program. Every dollar you give helps.

We could not be more grateful for the powerful life-changing impact our community is making. Whether you're a new donor, a regular supporter of the University or have chosen to leave a legacy, you are united by your choice to support Deakin students. Together we are making a difference.