Deakin Law Clinic

Deakin Law Clinic is a community legal service offering free legal advice and assistance to people experiencing disadvantage in their access to justice, or whose matters are conducted in the public interest.

If you require legal assistance and would like to book an appointment to see us, please get in touch.

Based in the Melbourne CBD, Deakin Law Clinic aims to provide legal advice, assistance and information to the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and to also educate the broader community in relation to their legal rights and access to justice issues.

Educating tomorrow's lawyers

Excellence requires practice, and experiential learning – learning by doing – and Deakin Law Clinics provide this opportunity to Deakin law students in their final years of study.

Deakin Law Clinic is a teaching law firm that provides legal placement for advanced students of Deakin Law School. Under the supervision of qualified legal practitioners, we offer opportunities for students to build the legal skills that underpin their academic training.

Our students analyse complex legal problems and develop critical skills for a career in the law, including analytical, drafting, oral communication and problem-solving skills.

How to get practical legal experience while you study

Based in the Melbourne CBD, Deakin Law Clinic is a law firm that gives students the chance to practice law with real clients.

Areas of legal assistance

Deakin Law Clinic provides legal advice and assistance to eligible clients through the following clinics.

Civil and Commercial Law Clinic

This clinic covers cases related to commercial law, immigration law, administrative law and Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) matters.

Criminal Law Clinic

The clinic provides services to clients who have been charged with summary or indictable offences, and undertakes appeal work in appropriate cases.

Employment Law Clinic

A clinic created to help employees, small businesses and other workers navigate the employment law system.

Family Law Clinic

This clinic assists with matters concerning marriage, divorce, parenting arrangements and property settlements.

Venture Law Clinic

Dedicated to providing legal information to start-ups and entrepreneurs, this service covers issues around contracts, intellectual property, corporate structuring and more.