Psychology Staff

Head of School
Tooley, Gregory Head of School
Associate Heads of School
McGillivray, Jane Associate Head of School (Professional Programs)
Mussap, Alexander Deputy Head of School
Richardson, Ben Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning)
Skouteris, Helen Associate Head of School (Research)
Walker, Arlene Associate Head of School (Rural and Regional Development)
Cummins, Robert Emeritus Professor
Day, Andrew Professor
McIntosh, Jennifer Professor of Attachment Studies
Mellor, David Associate Dean (International)
Miller, Peter Professor of Psychology
Olsson, Craig Professor
Powell, Martine Personal Chair
Ricciardelli, Lina Professor
Rinehart, Nicole Professor of Psychology (Clinical)
Speight, Jane Chair, Behavioural and Social Research in Diabetes
Thomson, Don Professor
Toumbourou, John Chair in Health Psychology
Associate Professors
Austin, David Associate Professor
Dowling, Nicki Associate Professor
Enticott, Peter Associate Professor
Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Matthew Associate Professor
O'Shea, MelissaAssociate Professor
King, Ross Associate Professor
Knight, Tess Associate Professor
Staiger, Petra Associate Professor
Stokes, Mark Associate Professor
Sutherland-Smith, Wendy Associate Professor
Senior Lecturers
Albrecht, Simon Senior Lecturer
Broadbent, Jaclyn Senior Lecturer
Byrne, Linda Senior Lecturer
Casey, Sharon Senior Lecturer
Gurtman, Clint Senior Lecturer
Hall, Kate Senior Lecturer
Hooley, Merrilyn Senior Lecturer
Hooper, Sandra Senior Lecturer
Hutchinson, Delyse Senior Lecturer
Hyde, Christian Senior Lecturer
Kambouropoulos, Nicolas Senior Lecturer
Karantzas, Gery Senior Lecturer
Lum, Jarrad Senior Lecturer
Moulding, Richard Senior Lecturer
Sharman, Stefanie Senior Lecturer
Sheen, Jade Senior Lecturer
Anglim, Jeromy Lecturer
Bereznicki, Hannah Lecturer
Burrows, Kimberlee Lecturer
Caballero, Cathy Lecturer
Diehm, Rebecca Lecturer
Dudley, Amanda Lecturer
Evans, Sherryn Lecturer
Evans, Subhadra Lecturer
Fuelscher, Ian Lecturer
Gould, Emma Lecturer
Guadagno, Belinda Lecturer
Hayden, Melissa Lecturer
Horwood, Sharon Lecturer
Hyder, Shannon Lecturer
Klettke, Bianca Lecturer
Kothe, Emily Lecturer
Koukounas, Eric Lecturer
Macdonald, Jacqui Lecturer
McPhie, Skye Lecturer
Rogers, Mark Lecturer
Satyen, Lata Lecturer
Sciberras Emma Lecturer
Shaw, Nicole Lecturer
Sturre, Vanessa Lecturer
Vidler, Suzanne Lecturer
Ward, Catherine Lecturer
Youssef, George Lecturer
Zhou, Jin Teaching Scholar
Zinkiewicz, Lucy Lecturer
Associate Lecturers
Andrews, Catherine Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Bekkali, Soukayna Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Clark, Gillian Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Do, Michael Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Elliott, Leigh Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Fernandez, Lara Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Ling, Mathew Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Mills, Jacqueline Associate Lecturer in Psychology
Clinic Staff
Bliss, Nikki Visitor
Gee, Donna Louise Visitor
Langbein, Amy Visitor
Mildred, Helen Clinical/Academic Psychologist
Weddell, Marianne Visitor
Senior Research Staff
Browne, Jessica Senior Research Fellow
Hazelton, Lois Senior Research Fellow
Rowland, Bosco Senior Research Fellow
Research Staff
Albein-Urios, Natalia Health Research Postdoctoral Fellow
Bauld, Catherine Research Fellow Grade 2
Coomber, Kerri Health Research Postdoctoral Fellow
Cooney, Heidi Research Assistant
Crosbie, Jenny Research Fellow
Deery, Alana Research Project Coordinator
Donnelly, Amber Community Relations Officer
Green, Jessica Research Fellow
Hall, Jessica Research Fellow (Grade 1)
Hallam, Bill Research Fellow In Positive Development
Halliday, Jennifer Associate Research Fellow
Hartley-Clark, Linda Associate Research Fellow
Hendrieckx, Christel Research Fellow Grade 2
Kirkovski, Melissa Research Fellow
Leung, Rachel Doctoral Research Fellow
Loughnan, Christopher Senior Project Officer (Collaboration & Research Support)
Merkouris, Stephanie Associate Research Fellow
O'Connor, Mandy Research Fellow Grade 1
Papadopoulos, Nicole Research Fellow Grade 1
Sivaratnam, Carmel Research Fellow
Trawley, Steven Research Fellow Grade 2
Ventura, Adriana Research Fellow Grade 2
Woerner, Jacqueline Research Fellow Grade 2
Honorary Staff
Alesi, Rita Honorary Fellow
Best, Christopher Honorary Fellow
Birgden, Astrid Honorary Associate Professor
Bittar, Richard Honorary Clinical Professor
Crisp, Simon Honorary Fellow
Duns, Stephen Honorary Fellow
Feenstra, Frances Honorary Fellow
Hart, Peter Honorary Professor
Jefferys, Don Honorary Professor
Lau, Anna Honorary Fellow
Macmillan, Malcolm Honorary Professor
McCredie, Gina Honorary Fellow
McMahon, Rosie Honorary Fellow
Rodda, Simone Honorary Fellow
Tye, Susannah Honorary Fellow
Waterman, Barry Honorary Fellow
Watt-McMahon, Kelly Honorary Fellow
Webber, Lynne Honorary Associate Professor
Weinberg, Melissa Honorary Fellow
Wood, Elliot Honorary Fellow
Zarris, Peter Honorary Fellow
School Executive Officer
Brown, ShaunSchool Executive Officer
Professional Staff
Barisic, Luke Senior Technical Officer
Bennett, Renee Academic Support Officer
Garcia, Maria Campus Administrative Officer
Haselroither, Beatrice Administrative Officer (Finance)
James, Ann-Marie Administrative Officer
Matthews, Karlie Professional Programs Officer
Mc Phee, Emma Administrative Assistant
Muthiah Maria Senior School Administrative Officer
O, Eric Online Resources Developer
Sagar, Juliet Senior Finance and Administrative Officer (Research)
Shatte, Adrian Web Application Developer
Shinkfield, Bianca Project and Executive Officer
Sia, Abigail Student Administration Officer
Spiridis, Sofia Finance & HR Support Officer
Tirtawidjaja, Sonnya Student Administration Officer
Woods, Katharine  Research and Project Officer
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